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If you are anything like us, we always have a packet (or 2) of chicken nuggets in our freezer, as a go to for when we want a quick and easy snack, or meal.

air fryer frozen chicken nuggetsNow, as you would know, cooking them in the oven is great, and they turn out well, but that is 20 minutes to cook, plus pre-heating the oven, so over half an hour when you are just SO hungry NOW.

I’ve tried microwaving frozen chicken nuggets, but not something I recommend, they turn out soft and soggy, not how nuggets are meant to be, at all.

I now cook frozen chicken nuggets in my airfryer, 12 minutes, no pre-heating, and ready to eat!  Not only ready in a fraction of the time, but crispy on the outside, just how they are meant to be.  You wouldn’t know they hadn’t been cooked in the oven, they turn out so well!

There are many different brands of nuggets out there, just as there are many brands of air fryers, so try a test batch first, just so you can get them perfect.


You can find the printable version of the recipe below.

Place frozen chicken nuggets in the basket in the air fryer. Spread them out so they are not touching.

Air Fry for 6 minutes at 400F, flip over and then cook for a further 6 minutes.  The nuggets should now be golden, and slightly crispy on the outside.

Serve up, and don’t forget your favorite dipping sauce.

What are the best dipping sauces?

Everyone has their favorites.  In our house we have:

  • Tomato ketchup
  • Blue cheese sauce
  • Sweet chilli sauce

or alternatively try these dips:


airfryer frozen chicken nuggets

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Chef Trudy
Ready in just 12 minutes, air fryer chicken nuggets are the ultimate snack for any party, or just because you can
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings
Calories 480 kcal


  • Air Fryer


  • 18 Chicken nuggets


  • Place frozen chicken nuggets in the basket in the air fryer. Spread them out so they are not touching.
    frozen chicken nuggets in air fryer
  • Air fry for 6 minutes at 400F, flip over and cook for a further 6 minutes
  • Serve up, and don't forget the dipping sauce


Tips and Notes

  1. We used a 7.5 quart, 1700w air fryer to make these chicken nuggets.
  2. We didn't pre-heat our Air Fryer, if you do, or if you have cooked one batch already, you will need to reduce the cooking time a little.
  3. We didn't use any oil, as the nuggets already come with a little oil in them.
  4. We didn't thaw the frozen chicken nuggets, we cooked them straight from the freezer.
  5. Don't forget to not over-crowd your air fryer.  Leave a little space between the nuggets.
  6. Make sure you flip the nuggets over, half way through cooking.  Use utensils suitable for non-stick so you don't damage your air fryer.
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