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air fryerIt’s one of the hottest new kitchen countertop appliances to come along in decades. We’re talking about the “air fryer”. For crispy, delicious fried foods that are actually much healthier for you and your family – you just can’t beat a reliable air fryer.
Manufacturers now offer several different models of air fryers, each varying somewhat in size, and cooking capacity. All of the same basic functions, though some models have added features like a rotisserie or dual cooking trays.

Benefits of Air Fryers

In general they make a terrific addition to any kitchen. These compact countertop units take up very little space, less electricity than conventional ovens and many of them, are very affordable.
Most importantly, air fryers make cooking great-tasting food more convenient, easier, and healthier than ever. And while this type of machine is referred to as an “air fryer” – it is essentially a compact convection oven. This means that they use rapidly circulating heated air to cook food efficiently. Now you can enjoy fried food without loads of grease and without feeling guilty.

What Kind of Kitchen Functions Can an Air Fryer Do?

Frying, baking, roasting, toasting, dehydrating, and reheating can all be handled effortlessly with an air fryer. But the one feature that has nearly universal appeal is the air fryer’s ability to give you that delicious crispy, crunchy outside coating on foods that are also cooked perfectly on the inside. French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, cauliflower bites all come out of the air fryer tasting as good – or better – than they would when cooked any other way including deep frying.

Preheating is optional. You can preheat your air fryer if you want to. But there’s really no need. Since these are small ovens, they heat up very fast and actually start cooking as soon as you set the desired temperature, load your food and start the timer.

Since the cooking area is small (relative to a standard oven) the heat source is highly-concentrated. Air fryers maintain this heat so are therefore able to cook foods faster. The built-in high-powered fan moves that hot air all around your food. Cooked the right way, it will often give you a deliciously crispy finish on a variety of foods.

What Can You Cook With an Air Fryer?

Answer: pretty much anything. You can cook chicken, steak, pork, and vegetables of all kinds. Oh and… don’t forget about fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries – even tofu and tempeh too. You can also use an air fryer to bake desserts.

It seems that air fryers are being snapped up in record numbers these days. The only other comparable appliance that comes to mind – in terms of popularity – is the Instant Pot.

How To Enjoy Crispy Deliciousness in a Much Healthier Way

Okay seriously… who doesn’t love crispy, fried food? It’s the perfect texture… the crunch… and the taste. But many of us are concerned about the added fat you get with any food that’s been deep-fried. That’s the beauty of air frying. You get the deliciousness of fried food and the unmistakable crunch – with very little – or no oil at all.

The secret of a good air fryer like is that they use rapid air technology. This means food inside the basket needs to be spaced out a little bit in order this hot air to circulate and cook each individual piece to perfection.
There’s no sense in overcrowding your air fryer to try and cook more food at once. Air circulation is the key – as it is with any convection oven. And since most air fryers are compact units – significantly smaller than a typical oven – you may have to do a couple of batches of whatever it is you’re cooking. Buying a larger capacity model can help. And food tends to cook much faster in an air fryer than it does in a conventional oven.

Good Value For Money

Chefman air fryers offer the same functionality and convenience of any other good brand out there. But compared to some of the well-established, big-name brands – Chefman air fryers are much more affordable option. Whichever model you choose, you’ll likely find that it’s quite convenient and versatile. In fact, it can often do the job of several different appliances.
Often the most budget-friendly models are typically those equipped with analog dials. Digital display models tend to cost a little bit more. But they are still quite affordable – like the Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer, for example.

Stylish Designs

Chefman air fryers feature stylish, contemporary designs and are easy to use, even for fist-timers – with simple knobs or digital buttons. All are affordable too. It’s simply a matter of choosing a model that will best meet your needs. Cleaning up afterwards is mostly effortless to do the nonstick coated racks and pans.

Which Air Fryer Should You Get?

Each Chefman air fryer we recommend is a good choice. But the one factor that trumps all others is capacity. It really is more about size than functionality. That’s because these air fryers all perform the same basic functions and deliver great tasting results.

Even the smallest Chefman air fryer on our list will perform multiple functions and give you crispy fries, perfect chicken wings and broccoli that tastes delicious. If this will be your first air fryer – a smaller model is a good one to go with.

If you want it all, opt for a Chefman air fryer that also has the dehydrator function and rotisserie spit. But if these are not features you’re likely to use – there’s no sense in paying for them.
All of these air fryers come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. And your purchase also gives you access to Club Chefman – for complete recipes and step-by-step videos.

Ready-Set- Air Fry

After un-boxing your new air fryer, take out the basket and tray and wash them thoroughly in a sink full of warm water and mild soap. Most air fryer baskets are coated with a nonstick layer that makes clean up after cooking that much easier. The downside is that this surface can get chipped or scratched if you’re not careful.

Set your air fryer on a countertop close to an electrical outlet. Plug it in and you’re ready to go. Next, remove the basket and place the food inside – taking time to space out the various pieces as best you can. Slide the basket back inside. Set the desired temperature and timer and the cooking process begins immediately.

Halfway through cooking, you should check on your food. In most cases, you’ll want to give the basket a good shake – or use silicone coated tongs – to flip the food over. Once flipped, slide the drawer back in and allow the cooking to complete the cycle. Once the timer sounds – your food should be ready to be enjoyed.

Plenty To Choose From

Chefman has expanded their range and now offers a variety of models – including the Chefman digital air fryer – and each version is a little different from the next. Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of this brand and it is reflected right across their lineup of air fryers. We’ve narrowed out list of the best of the best – the top six overall.
And while each model is a little bit different from the next, all provide air frying, baking, roasting, and warming capability. Some models offer rotisserie cooking (perfect for roasted chicken) and a food dehydrating feature (great for using up a wide selection of fruits).

If you’re unsure about size, it’s never a bad idea to choose a bigger air fryer than you think you’ll need. You won’t regret it because it will add to the variety and mix of food you can cook at any given time.

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