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Your search for a quality set of pots and pans speaks volumes about you. You’re not merely looking for just any cookware set. Instead, you’re searching for quality and a well put together mix of cooking vessels that you can use in your kitchen for years to come. And that has led you to All Clad Cookware.

Settling on All Clad stainless steel or oven safe nonstick cookware is a positive step forward. But choosing a specific set of All Clad Cookware from this brand’s numerous offerings – for you and your family – can be difficult – even confusing, given the variety of packages available today.

All Clad Cookware Buyer’s Guide

That’s why we’re here. Our mission is to break it all down for you. On this page, we will give you the best available options, based on days of thorough investigation on this popular brand of cookware. As part of our research project, we came across a wide variety of individual pots and pans, as well as complete sets. Picking up a complete set (something we recommend doing) always provides the best value. So in this article, we will identify what we consider to be the best of the best – among the numerous All Clad cookware sets on the market these days.

All Clad cookware is one of the top rated brands. It’s a well-known name that has provided good quality pots and pans for decades. What follows are the best available sets currently available.

#1: All Clad Essentials Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10 Piece Cookware Set


What’s In The Box?
8.5 inch frying pan
10.5 inch frying pan
2.5 quart sauce pan with lid
4 quart sauté pan with lid
7 quart stockpot with lid and insert
13 inch by 13 inch square pan
Two silicone trivets (to safely stack cookware)



Pros & Cons

  • Good value for the money
  • Quality product that performs well consistently
  • Will inspire you to cook with pride (and to a higher standard)
  • Well thought out set that includes everything you’ll need – even a multipurpose insert that can be used as a steamer or strainer
  • Silicone trivets included are a nice bonus
  • There’s no plastic or rubber to worry about damaging your All Clad oven safe cookware (you can start your dish on the stove and finish it in the oven)
  • Easy to clean (food often rinses right off or wipes clean with paper towel)
  • Stackable (when cushioning is used)
  • Pans seem resilient and warp resistant
  • Food cooks evenly and Eggs flip with ease
  • Handles on each side make it easy to handle when loaded with food
  • Love how they feel in your hands (there’s nothing flimsy about this cookware set)
  • A little more expensive – but well worth it
  • Cooks food quickly and efficiently
  • Perfect sizes for every day cooking
  • Stylish, durable and high-quality (it looks pretty cool)
  • Allows you to cook with less fat
  • Square pan doesn’t come with a lid
  • Bottoms of these pans can become discolored on a gas range (this happens with lots of other brands too)
  • Nonstick pans don’t last as long as other cookware – like stainless steel, for example
  • A little pricey for nonstick
  • Not suitable for induction stove tops
  • Finish can begin to come off after several months of use
  • Handles can get quite hot particularly when cooking with a smaller pot (keep an oven mitt or pot holder handy at all times)
  • Since it’s nonstick, the interior finish can scratch relatively easily

This package of pots and pans are made from heavy gauge, hard-anodized aluminum that has been coated with three layers of a durable PFOA, lead, cadmium, and PFAS-free nonstick finish.

This set of nonstick is compatible with all stovetops. It’s safe to use in the oven up to 500°F, but with the lids in place, you need to limit the temperature to 350°F.

As with all nonstick surfaces you should only hand wash these pots and pans. Despite it being non-stick, All Clad has manufactured this set to be safely nestled in storage when you also use a pad, tea towel, or other spacer between each piece of cookware.

This set scores a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars – from nearly 800 actual customer reviews.

All Clad uses three layers of its nonstick coating to build up a significant layer – one that will probably last longer than other brands and won’t degrade easily or chip off. And these pots and pans are designed to be stacked neatly without taking up much storage space.

Since it’s nonstick – it’s easy to clean. Just be sure to hand wash these kitchen pans only – primarily to preserve and protect the nonstick coating and keeping your pans fully functional.

The basic essentials with any nonstick is to only use silicone, nylon, or wooded utensils, hand wash only, and limit temperatures to medium or below. Doing otherwise can quickly damage the finish, rendering your pan virtually useless.

Naturally, over time you’re going to accumulate some surface scratches. But if you can keep those to the minimum – you’ll get the most value from your nonstick cookware.

Lids come used interchangeably between pots and pans. This is proven to be a useful feature that many manufacturers overlook. Lids are not vented, making them perfect for healthy grains like brown rice.

There’s no plastic or rubber on the handles, so exercise caution when placing these in the oven. It’s always a good idea to use oven mitts or potholders.

#2: HA1 Collection from All Clad – 10 Piece Set Hard Anodized Nonstick

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3.5 quart sauce pan with lid
4 quart sauté pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Set can withstand routine cooking without serious scratching, chipping or flaking
  • High-quality, well constructed set that is worth every penny
  • Induction friendly
  • Excellent nonstick coating (better than several competitors)
  • Quick and easy to clean (often all you have to do is just wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any residue, then wash and rinse in hot water)
  • Reasonably good heat distribution for nonstick cookware (heats up very quickly)
  • Good option for home chefs who care about the quality of their cooking
  • Easy to cook with (even for kitchen newbies)
  • Shape and design of these pots seems to prevent them from boiling over
  • Nonstick coating can be used with very little oil or butter (so it’s a healthier option)
  • Lids are interchangeable (very handy)
  • Durable, heavy duty cookware constructed of quality materials
  • Stacks securely so they don’t tip when in storage
  • See-through lids are useful for keeping an eye on your food as it cooks
  • Attractive set of cookware that feels like it’s just the right weight
  • Good variety of sizes provided in this set
  • Since it is nonstick the finishes inside will eventually wear
  • Feels heavy in your hands (heavier than most nonstick cookware designed for the home)
  • A little expensive
  • Bottom of the pots and pans can scratch your sink
  • The rivets inside the pan can accumulate food particles, making it more challenging to clean
  • You may still notice wear and tear on the nonstick surface even when using softer utensils
  • Packaging is not the best
  • There’s no cover for the 12 inch pan
  • With a full pan, it may be difficult to lift with one hand
  • There is no steam release vent on the lids (useful for some dishes, not for others)
  • Handles can get quite hot
  • Some handles can have slightly sharp edges that can dig into your hand, making it uncomfortable to hold (a rare complaint that may now have been corrected by the manufacturer)

With a base made of stainless steel – these pots and pans are both durable and suitable for induction stoves – as well and every other type of stovetop. These pots and pans are also oven and broiler safe up to 500°F.

This hard anodized aluminum set provides fast and even heat distribution. It also comes with All Clad’s own three layer, safe to use, nonstick finish for quick food release and faster cleanups when all is said and done. If you find that your food is sticking, it may be a matter of using a little more oil.

But since these pans are nonstick, hand-washing is the recommended way to go. Oh and… when washing, it’s important to use a non-abrasive pad or soft cloth, liquid soap and hot water. That’s all that is necessary to make them sparkling clean again. Avoid placing these pots and pans in the dishwasher and never subject them to harsh utensils – especially of the metal variety.

People love this collection. It scores a stellar 4.7 out of 5 stars – from nearly 1200 customer reviews – an admirable rating.

With its hard anodized construction and stainless steel foundation, these pots and pans are far less likely to warp overtime. This HA 1 set is rounded out with durable, clear glass tempered lids. This helps keep moisture inside and allow you to view your cooking in progress.

Since there’s three layers of nonstick coating applied to each piece in the set – food tends to slide right off – without requiring excessive amounts of oil when you cook. So if you’re concerned about your family’s health, this package might be one to consider.

This 10 piece selection is perfect for many households and then it gives you a wide variety of functionality.

If any pot or pan is left on the heat for an extended period of time, always assume that the handle is hot. That’s certainly the case with this set. Use a pot holder or oven mitt. That way you won’t run the risk of burning your hand.

#3: All Clad D3 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set (10 Piece Set)

What’s in the box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
3 quart sauté pan with lid
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Performs superbly well (But if you’re not used to cooking with stainless steel, it may take some time to get comfortable to the point where you really appreciate what it can do)
  • Looks beautiful with a right shiny finish
  • Lasts forever
  • Brown’s meats perfectly, cooks veggies beautifully and deglazes easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Good balance and feel (the weight of these pots and pans feels just right)
  • Solid construction with riveted joints that should last forever (though it does require a little extra cleaning effort around those rivets)
  • Heats evenly and relatively quickly
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging the cooking surface since it’s NOT nonstick
  • High quality cookware (once you learn how to properly use this cookware you’ll discover how versatile and amazing it is)
  • Sturdy, comfortable to hold handles
  • Edges (especially where the handle meets the pan) may be sharp so exercise caution
  • Expensive cookware set
  • Requires more effort to clean then nonstick (a simple solution is to use Barkeepers Friend (a stainless steel cleaner that’s available in powder form)
  • These pots can quickly lose their brilliant sheen when placed in the dishwasher
  • Heavier than a lot of other (cheaper) cookware
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve, particularly if you’ve never used stainless steel pans before
  • Handles are high-quality, but the shape and design can seem a little weird

This popular cookware set from All Clad features a three layer bonded construction. This includes 18/10 stainless steel on the inside for even heat distribution, followed by an aluminum core for rapid heating. And the stainless steel exterior contributes to the durability and functionality of these pots and pans. With this combination of two metals, you get the best of both worlds – quick heating (from the aluminum core) and the stability, beauty and cooking superiority thanks to the stainless steel.

Since all the pots and pans in the package feature a stainless steel exterior, they can be used on virtually any stovetop – including induction. This means it also works well on gas, glass, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction stovetops.

Handles are made of stainless steel and are solidly riveted to the pans. The result is a safe and solid grip and a design that looks stylish and attractive.

If you’re ready to cook like a pro, you’ll want to take a serious look at this triple layered stainless steel set. With fast and even heat distribution – these are excellent pans for searing, sautéing and simmering.

Probably the biggest advantage of stainless steel cookware of this quality is that it’s going to last you a lifetime. In fact, all of All Clad’s stainless steel cookware is made in the USA, so rest assured, you’re getting quality goods that won’t warp or tarnish. And since it’s stainless steel, you can count on getting many years of service out of your cookware.

Although you can place these in a dishwasher with minimal harm, it’s always best to wash your pots and pans by hand with a soft sponge or cloth and mild detergent. The mirror polished surface of the D3 All Clad cookware set looks pristine – day after day.

This line of cookware has been made since the 70s and is one of the more popular this company offers.

With this set you can count on consistent results across the surface of your pans. And stainless steel offers natural stick resistance (although it’s not the same as nonstick). It doesn’t react with your food, so there’s no chance of it picking up a metallic taste.

With its multi layered construction, a thin layer of aluminum is exposed. For this reason alone, these pans should never be placed in the dishwasher. There’s an ingredient in most dishwashing detergent that is particularly harsh on aluminum and can produce a gray powdery residue that damages the look of your pots.

#4: All Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

What’s in the box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
3 quart sauté pan
1.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5.5 quart dutch oven with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Exceptional value and worth the money
  • – Ideal for the home chef who is serious about creating spectacular dishes
  • – Solid construction means these things will last a long time
  • – No warping and no hotspots
  • – Cooking is even and predictable (excellent temperature control)
  • – Heats up relatively quickly at lower settings
  • – Beautiful cookware you’ll want to show off
  • – Clever design for serious cooks
  • – Sturdy build quality that’s a comfortable weight to hold
  • – Excellent heat retention – perfect for searing
  • – Riveted handles seem very secure
  • – Since it is stainless steel – there are no chemical reactions to foods
  • – Induction friendly cookware
  • – Oven and broiler friendly
  • – Made in America and the quality shows
  • – Flat and level bottom provides good heat distribution
  • – Perfect balance to the handles (comfortable to hold making it easy to manage cooking)
  • – Tight fitting lids
  • – No drip edge (excellent for avoiding spills)
  • – Top level customer service
  • Handles are extra long (which can create challenges when storing multiple pots and pans)
  • – Handles extend low to the cook top – without any insulation
  • – Pots can be quite heavy when filled with food or liquids
  • – Flared rims (but it can still get a little messy)
  • – Not a good option if you’re lazy because they do require hand cleaning
  • – can become discolored
  • – Rivets provide easy space for food particles to gather (which makes cleanup more challenging)
  • – Expensive cookware set

You’ve just stumbled upon what some consider the ultimate set of pots and pans. This package features five-ply bonded construction (stainless steel inside and outside, with alternating layers of aluminum in the middle. The result is superior heat distribution, long lasting durability and pans that simply do not warp.

This set is beautiful to look at and a treat to cook with. It is available in both the polished stainless steel finish (as is the D3) plus the brushed stainless steel finish – a D5 exclusive.

Overall, the D5 stainless steel cookware set scores a stellar 4.7 out of 5 available stars – with nearly 900 actual buyers reporting. I’m sure it would score even higher if it weren’t for some reviewer’s who clearly don’t understand how to use stainless cookware – or the read instructions.

The entire set is compatible with all stove tops including: ceramic electric glass, gas, halogen, and induction. Heat resistant stainless steel handles are permanently secured with heavy duty stainless steel rivets. These handles are comfortable to hold and you know you have a solid grip on the pot whenever you pick one up. Since the rims are flared outward slightly, it’s easy to pour from each pot without dripping.

All Clad’s D5 collection takes cookware to the next level. With 8/10 stainless steel on the interior, you can count on even heat distribution. With dual layers of aluminum as part of the core – these pans heat up rapidly. Stainless steel layered in the middle reduces hotspots. With a stainless steel exterior, it’s perfect for induction (and any other) stovetops, plus adds to the durability and unmistakable beauty of this package. It’s something any buyer is likely to cherish. And what you’ll find with this set is virtually any food you prepare cooks evenly and comes out tasting great.

If you want to prepare better tasting meals, it only makes sense to outfit your kitchen with a good set of cookware. Having the tools to cook like a pro provides the necessary foundation.

What you’re getting with this set is a highly functional versatile and beautiful cookware set made with the quality it expect from an American made product.

Handles can and do heat up. So it’s always wise to exercise caution and use an oven mitt or pot holder. Preheat the pans and keep them at low to medium heat. Using excessive heat will cause any food to stick or burn – and stain the pans. And the best way to remove any stains and maintain a beautiful finish is to use Barkeeper’s friend periodically.

This set of pots and pans is completely nontoxic – since both the complete exterior and interior is made of stainless steel. Lids are made in matching stainless steel so they’re sturdy and provide a good seal to the pots.

#5: All Clad Stainless Steel Copper Core Five-ply Bonded 10 Piece Set

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quarts sauté pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Stunningly beautiful cookware
  • Well-made and heavy duty (you should never have to buy another set of cookware)
  • You can feel the quality of the product by picking up any piece in the set
  • Excellent packaging
  • Cleaning up is easy (even burned on butter, oil and food comes off quickly with a few minutes of soaking)
  • Heavy and solid construction (so you know this that is going to last)
  • Safe to use with any utensils
  • Efficient and even heat distribution that shows in the perfectly cooked meals you prepare
  • Handles stay cool during stove top cooking and providing excellent grip (use a potholder or silicone mitt whenever placing thee in the oven)
  • Heats up quickly
  • Some buyers report having received slightly damaged products
  • A little too heavy for some folks – especially when filled with contents
  • Thin handle design makes it more difficult to lift
  • Can be a challenge to clean
  • Due to the lengthy handles, these can be difficult to store
  • Expensive cookware set
  • Copper stripe can easily discolor
  • Not significantly different from the less expensive D3 set
  • If you’re not used to stainless steel and copper cooking, there’s a slight learning curve involved
  • Rivets are a little harder to clean around
  • You may want pick up additional pieces to complement this set (for example, a 12 inch skillet would be a nice addition)
  • Not for lazy home chefs
  • Not dishwasher safe (edges tend to wear and moisture can actually accumulate between layers)

This one from All Clad features a highly polished stainless steel exterior and interior which is stick resistant and allows for easy maintenance. It also comes with flared edges for easy, drip free pouring. The handles on this set are contoured with a comfortable grip. Lids are vented and made of stainless steel to match the cookware. It’s made in America and the quality shows.

With slightly less than 500 customers reporting, this copper core set of cookware scores a solid 4.7 out of 5 possible stars. Not bad at all.

This set features five layer construction with the middle layer made of copper. This material is amazingly fast at heating up and super responsive. What this means in the kitchen is that you have remarkable control over temperatures allowing for precision cooking of delicate dishes like fish and vegetables.

Two layers of aluminum also make up the middle core – with the outside and inside finish in beautiful stainless steel. It’s perfect for any stovetop including electric, gas, halogen, glass, ceramic and induction.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wash your cookware with a mild detergent – using only a soft sponge, cloth or brush – and never using the dishwasher. This is important because the exposed copper ring will definitely tarnish in the dishwasher. Typically you can bring that finish back but you’ll need to polish it every time. It’s better to stick with hand-washing and the occasional use of Barkeeper’s Friend for any lingering stains.
These are heavy duty pans that are simple to care for and give you terrific control. You won’t have to worry about warping with a solid set like this. And stainless steel doesn’t break down like nonstick surfaces do.

A hidden benefit of this set is that it will make you a better cook because it is both reliable and durable. And this set is sure to last you a lifetime.

Quality At Every Turn

There’s no doubt about it, All Clad manufactures quality products. But with that quality and dedication to detail also comes a significant price. They’re not cheap. Nor are they the most expensive consumer cookware. Most people understand and appreciate that better quality instruments are simply going to cost you more money. But if you’re looking for a budget set of cookware, you may be better off with something else – like this one – for example.

All clad began way back in the 1960s and have been producing their brand of cookware ever since. And over the years, the one thing that stands out right across their entire line is the quality that’s built-in. It starts with top-notch materials and intelligent product design. They look and feel like high end cookware – and perform superbly in the kitchen.

Differences Identified

Where the various pots and pans in the All Clad line differ is in the design, the number and selection of cookware in each stack, as well as in the way they perform.

Some cookware (like stainless steel) is made to last a lifetime. But other lines – we’re talking specifically about nonstick cookware – can never keep up to quality stainless steel or cast iron in terms of longevity. That’s just the way it is. As wonderful as it is to have a nonstick cooking surface to cook on, eventually the cooking surface breaks down. This happens no matter what the brand. Nonstick cookware by its very nature has a finite life that is significantly shorter than for example – solid stainless steel pots and pans.

Nonstick and Stainless

Interestingly, All Clad has grown to the point where they have product lines in virtually every niche market. In other words, they have some top-of-the-line clad cookware that is made up of five different layers of metal. But they also produce several lines of nonstick too.

Layered Cookware

All Clad cookware has become known for its bonded layer design. All of their pots and pans are fully clad – meaning the aluminum core interior runs throughout the vessel – rather than simply being a flat disc on the bottom of the pan. The advantage of this is that you get that even heat across the entire bottom, as well as the side walls.

All Clad Brushed vs. Polished

Among the most popular lines of All Clad stainless steel is the D3 and the D5 lines. All Clad’s D3 cookware has been around for years. The D5 line is a more recent takeoff of the D3, adding two additional layers to take a top performing pan and make it even better.

D3 consists of three separate layers bonded together and is available and polished stainless steel only. The D5 line features 5 layers and is available in polished or brushed finishes. Both function the exact same way, so it’s really just a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for All Clad induction cookware, you’ll be happy to know that both the D3 and the D5 lines are induction-friendly. Both versions can also with stand up to 600° in the oven, or under a broiler. Both lines are made in the United States and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

More About D3 and D5

Virtually all of this brand’s cookware is made up of multiple layers of metals (specifically stainless steel, aluminum, or copper) bonded together as one. The result is exceptionally strong pots and pans that also distribute and hold heat exceptionally well.

Each layer that goes into All Clad stainless steel cookware serves a particular purpose. For example, the inside surface of their stainless pans are made up of high-quality stainless steel that won’t corrode and is non-reactive. This means that you can prepare any dish – including acidic sauces – without damaging the stainless steel. Aluminum layers are responsible for the efficient distribution of heat right across the pan. Exterior surfaces add to the durability, functionality and aesthetics. Stainless steel is rock- solid and looks great in both brushed and polished finishes.

Both the D3 and D5 lines have flared rims, although the flare is more pronounced on the D5 line. D3 sauce pans have straighter edges. Flared rims add to the functionality of the cookware. Any food you’re preparing is easier to slide off from a flared rim, although with a full pan, it can be a little more challenging to contain the food vs. having a 90° sidewall.

The D5 collection is notably heavier and therefore slightly more difficult to handle. It also comes with heat resistant handles that are sturdier, thicker and feel more solid in your hands than that of the D3 line. But since the D3 line has two fewer layers, it’s a little faster to respond to changes in temperature.

Overall Benefits of All Clad Cookware

– Consistent heat distribution
– Steady heat retention
– Rugged durability
– Relatively fast response

The way these are constructed means that the more durable material (stainless steel) is often used both as the exterior of the pan – as well as the interior. But it’s the aluminum core that is= responsible for the even dispersion of heat.


The Verdict

All Clad cookware is a great choice for so many reasons. But the set that’s best for you depends on your cooking style and preferences. If like us, you prefer cooking with All Clad stainless steel, we heartily recommend the D3 set – or this D5 set. Choose between All Clad brushed or polished – whatever suits your fancy. Both are outstanding choices. On the other hand, if you prefer to go the nonstick route – you’ll be hard-pressed to find another set that performs as well as the HA1 Collection.

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