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Looking for a durable set of nonstick pots and pans? Fact is the words “durable” and “nonstick” are not often a match. That’s because a lot of nonstick coatings are thinner than paper and they simply don’t last. But Ballarini Parma Cookware sets are vastly different from the majority of competing brands of nonstick pots and pans that have flooded the market.

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What’s In The Box?

8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
1.5 quart sauce pan
2.8 quart sauce pan with lid
2.9 quart sauté pan with lid
4.8 quart Dutch oven with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Lids in the set can be used interchangeably
  • Glass lids actually fit nicely on all cookware
  • Handles are coated with a polymer finish that does not get hot while cooking
  • Cleanup is quick and easy in most situations (simply wipe them out after each use and then use a soft cloth after the pan has cooled down)
  • These pots and pans seem to last well when properly cared for
  • Nonstick coating is actually guaranteed for two years (but some buyers have gotten as much as years of regular service from their Ballarini set)
  • Lids are made entirely of glass so there’s no metal rim around the outside and therefore nowhere for food particles to get stuck
  • You can cook tomato sauce without having to worry about a chemical reaction from the acid in the tomatoes
  • Made in Italy which is well-known for its quality and culinary excellence and standards
  • Food releases easily from these pans used (even burned on cheese doesn’t stick)
  • Good heat retention and distribution
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Healthier way to cook (since you only need a small bit of oil or butter)
  • Reasonably priced set of cookware
  • Requires less heat to cook and cooks more evenly than other nonstick pans we’ve used
  • Good heft to these pans and an excellent range of sizes in the set
  • Beautiful looking cookware set
  • Makes cooking fun again
  • You can cook virtually anything in these pans and it doesn’t get caked on
  • These pans don’t overheat like thinner pans do
  • Lids seem to prevent boiling water from spilling over
  • These pots and pans are heavier than other nonstick cookware
  • Largest pan does not come with a lid
  • Some customers report having received pans that were slightly deformed in shape (probably due to a faulty mold) and if the pans are slightly distorted, the lids will not form a tight seal
  • Thermo-point technology feature doesn’t seem to last as long as the pan does
  • Repeated use seems to wear down the nonstick coating (as is the case with all nonstick pans)
  • Does not work on induction stove tops
  • When used on a gas stove, it’s easy for the exterior to become discolored

Better Quality Direct From Italy

You could be a serious home chef and still not have heard of this brand. That’s because they don’t have the massive distribution that commonly-known “infomercial brands” do. But whether you are an absolute beginner or an accomplished foodie who takes great pride in your culinary creations – you should get to know more about Ballarini and their excellent cookware because it can make for more enjoyable kitchen experiences.

Although lesser known in the United States, the Ballarini brand is better known in Europe and has built a legion of fans in numerous countries. And after checking out these pots and pans thoroughly, we can see why consumers love them. The quality of their nonstick cookware is top level. Sure, all nonstick has a limited lifespan. But Ballarini pans and pots tend to last much longer while providing a smooth and easy food release.

One thing to note is that the parent company of Ballarini is JA Henkel – a well known and long-established producer of quality kitchen knives. Adding the Ballarini brand is a good match to Henkel’s level of quality.

Built To Deliver

Ballarini Parma cookware is made from forged aluminum which creates a strong and sturdy base for their cookware. Added on top of the aluminum is Ballarini’s unique speckled granite nonstick coating. This nonstick coating is applied in a triple-layer finish. It’s not just a coating for the interior of these pots and pans – but the exterior as well. The end result is a cool-looking, rugged and remarkably useful cookware set that any home chef would love to own and use regularly.

What sets Ballarini cookware apart is the nonstick coating made from titanium and granite. And since the pans are constructed of forged aluminum, they are excellent at distributing heat rapidly and evenly across the pans. All Ballarini Parma products are PFOA-free and corrosion-free too. The finish is much more durable than a lot of other nonstick brands we’ve seen. And these are really easy to clean – inside and outside. Obviously, because it features and nonstick coating – you have to take care when using, washing and storing these pots and pans.

Ballarini also applies what they call Thermo-point heat control technology. This is made visible with an indicator located on the handle, close to the pan. It’s a simple way of telling you that your pan has reached optimal temperature for cooking (red) or has cooled to the point where it can be safely cleaned (green).

Ballarini Parma cookware is designed and manufactured in Italy – a country known for its culinary excellence and quality products. That’s not something that should be taken lightly – especially in this day and age of mass production of consumer products at dirt-cheap prices with questionable standards of quality control.

Having The Right Tools Makes All The Difference

Owning a set of Ballarini Parma cookware can make your every day cooking easy, convenient and fun. And isn’t that the way it should be?

Put these pots and pans to use in your home kitchen and you’ll find that Ballarini’s proprietary speckled granite nonstick coating provides an effortless food release. And while it may be more durable than many other nonstick coating’s – none are made to last in definitely. All nonstick cookware has a limited lifespan. But you can expect a longer life from Ballarini nonstick pans than from a lot of others – as long as you take proper care of them.

Rugged and Reasonable

ballarini-parma-cookware-reviewWhat you’re getting with the Ballarini Parma cookware set is a solid combination of durability and performance when it counts – at a fair price. This set is available in two different colors – gray and granite. Both feature that speckled, granite-like look, but the gray version is a lighter tone.

This cookware looks stylish and attractive and although these pans are a little on the heavy side – they actually work quite well. Pans that are too light tend to get banged-up too easily anyway. So having a bit of heft to it is actually a plus – especially with a nonstick-coated pan.

Cookware You Can Count On

This line of cookware is built with a cold forged aluminum body. Aluminum is a superb conductor of heat, so not only do they heat up fast, the heat spreads evenly across the bottom of the pan for more reliable results on the stove. And aluminum is a cost-effective material as well, which helps keep this cookware at a reasonable price.

If you like the convenience of cooking with nonstick pans that perform well – there’s no better base material than forged aluminum.

You’ll reduce your oil and fat consumption with this set of nonstick cookware. Technically, nonstick pans don’t require any oil or butter. But we found that a little bit of oil or butter can go along way to producing excellent results consistently. Either way (with or without oil/butter) you’re going to significantly reduce your consumption of these unhealthy fats – which can only improve your health over time.

Another advantage of Ballarini Parma Cookware is that these nonstick pots and pans work great on most stovetops, including: electric, gas, glass and ceramic.

Protect Your Nonstick Cookware – Here’s How

As with all nonstick pots and pans, following some basic guidelines will help you get the most out of your set. Although nonstick cookware is often marketed as being “metal utensil safe”, we recommend only using silicone or nylon utensils. This can help extend the life of the nonstick coating. Similarly, avoid the dishwasher and only wash these pots and pans by hand using warm water and a soft cloth or brush. Do not use any soap as it may contain harsh chemicals that can damage any nonstick coating.

According to the manufacturer, this nonstick coating is longer lasting, scratch resistant and corrosion free. But that doesn’t mean it can be abused. All nonstick cookware should be treated with care. Be careful not to bang your utensils on the side of the pan as you might do with stainless steel cookware. Any such contact could potentially damage the nonstick coating.

Always allow the pan to cool down before cleaning. You may be tempted to pour cold water into a hot pan to hear that sizzling sound. But that’s never a good idea. That’s because the difference in temperature is what can cause a pan to warp – and that’s something you don’t want to happen. Not only will it not sit flat on your stove top, but it can cause the nonstick coating to separate from the pan. You can wipe the pan clean of any leftover debris with a clean cloth or paper towel, while the pan is still warm. But don’t pour in any water until it has cooled.

This cookware set is easy to maintain if you take care of it properly. And once you use these beautiful pans in your kitchen – you will want you to do exactly that to get more use out of them.

Comfortable Handles

Handles on the Ballarini pots and pans remain cool and comfortable to hold. Just be sure that the handles do not extend over an exposed burner as the heat can easily rise and make those handles uncomfortable to hold.

Ballarini Parma cookware is safe to use in the oven – but only up to 300°F. You don’t want to go any higher than that or you could permanently damage the handle.

It’s unusual that a set of cookware originates from Italy as most are now made in China. Unfortunately, Ballarini hasn’t yet perfected their packaging, with some customers reporting having received damaged goods. Shipping rash is real and can happen anywhere. As with any new purchase, it’s a good idea to fully inspect every component upon arrival. If something isn’t perfect when it reaches your home, contact the company and they will send a new replacement.

If you want to experience the Ballarini difference with a versatile and complete set of cookware, the one we highly recommend is this set…

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Not surprisingly, this 10 piece nonstick cookware bundle scores a stellar 4.5 out of 5 possible stars with just under 400 actual customers reporting. That’s an impressive rating and we expect the number of positive reviews to soar as this brand gains exposure in the North American marketplace.

All of these pots and pans cook evenly thanks to their forged aluminum body which efficiently and uniformly distributes heat. Titanium is combined with ceramic particles in a triple-layered coating, creating a Ballarini’s speckled finish that provides a stronger than average degree of scratch resistance.

Not only is this Ballarini Parma cookware set a joy to use – it looks fantastic too. You’ll probably want to show it off to your friends and family.

Ergonomic handles remain cool and provide a comfortable grip – giving you maximum control of your pans and pots at all times on the stovetop. You can place them in the oven too – up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire set looks stunning and allows you to cook with little to no oil. You’ll get superior browning on your foods that are sure to win compliments.

Since aluminum is lightweight you don’t have to worry about straining your arms to work with these pots and pans. Just a quick rinse with hot water and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth is all that’s necessary.

Never leave an empty pan exposed to the flame of a gas stove for too long, or you could damage your cookware. You just want to warm the pan up and then start cooking right away. If you notice that the exterior of your pans get marked up from the flame of a gas stove, the best way to clean it with a paste made from baking soda and vinegar – and a soft cloth. Another option is to use Barkeepers Friend.

One clear advantage this set offers is that you won’t have to worry about acidic sauces like marinara or arrabbiata damaging your cookware because these clean up so effortlessly.

As with any nonstick cookware it’s best not to stack these pots and pans. But if you need to stack them in order to save space when storing, be sure to place a tea towel or sheet of bubble wrap between each pan to protect the nonstick coating.

The Verdict

If you want a good quality, reliable set of nonstick cookware, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than this Ballarini Parma cookware set. If you like to cook with nonstick pans – you’ll love using this set and there’s a good chance it will outlast any other nonstick coated cookware you’ve every used.

Ballarini cookware offers a nice blend of convenience and performance that would make a nice addition to virtually any home kitchen. It’s a higher quality set at a reasonable price. Go ahead and buy with confidence. We highly recommend Ballarini Parma Cookware.

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