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If you’re looking for a reliable and well-made collection of pots and pans, Anolon Cookware is worth a serious and up-close look. First and foremost, all Anolon products are made of heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminum. This means the pans are not subjected to easy denting and warping that’s common among lesser brands and should server you well for several years.

Easy and Efficient Meals At home

With an interior that’s finished in a far better-than-average nonstick coating, Anolon is a solid choice for those of us who are busy and just want to be able to prepare good meals efficiently – without spending a lot of time nurturing the tools we use in the kitchen, the way cast iron demands. Instead, you can enjoy the convenience that nonstick pots and pans provide from a quality line like Anolon.

Solid Construction

Handles are made of stainless steel, topped with a handy silicone cover to provide a comfortable grip – without worrying about getting burned by inadvertently touching a handle that’s become scorching hot. Oh and… the lids on these pots and pans are made of tempered glass – so they’re shatter-resistant for safety. Glass lids are a wonderful advantage when you want to keep an eye on what’s cooking inside – without interrupting the cooking process. This way, you’ll know exactly your food is done the way you want it. And you’ll get it as efficiently as possible.

Superior Nonstick Pans

Anolon features a nonstick coating made by DuPont, called Autograph 2. It’s a far superior coating to the original nonstick finish known as Teflon that DuPont developed so many years ago. Autograph 2 is an advanced, three-layer nonstick coating that delivers a higher level of performance. But that’s not all. This nonstick coating is actually applied to both the interior and exterior of all the pots and pans in the Anolon lineup.

A nonstick interior is for obvious reasons; to provide quick and easy food release and clean-up. That’s the idea behind any nonstick pan – even the cheap ones. But in actual use, the Autograph 2 coating is far superior to many other nonstick pans we’ve seen. And having a nonstick coating on the outside makes it that much easier to wipe up any spills that pour over the side of your pans.

You won’t have to scrub anything. Actually, you should never scrub any nonstick surface, or you’re likely to cause significant and irreversible damage. This finish gives you a high-quality nonstick coating that makes cleaning that much easier.

“Autographed 2” is durable enough to withstand repeated use. And while the manufacturer suggests that you can use metal utensils – we recommend sticking to silicone or nylon utensils only. That way you’re sure to get maximum use value from your Anolon pans.

Safe To Use In The Oven – With Some Limitations

One thing to keep in mind is that although these pans are oven safe up to 400°F – you should avoid placing them under the broiler. The intense heat of the broiler directly on the pan can damage the finish.

Avoid the Dishwasher

You should never put your Anolon pots or pans in the dishwasher. Several buyers report having done so with no apparent damage.

However, it’s only a matter time until the nonstick coating exposed to a dishwasher begins to deteriorate. In our opinion – you’re playing with fire when you place any nonstick cookware in a dishwasher.

No nonstick pan is completely “dishwasher safe” despite other manufacturers claiming such in their marketing.

After a thorough analysis – we’ve selected the top five Anolon Cookware sets. Each is a complete package on its own. And none is better than our top overall pick – Anolon Advanced.

#1: Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized 11-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Buy the Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized 11-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set at Amazon now

Anolon Advanced scores an admirable 4.7 out of 5 available stars – from well over 1000 previous buyer reviews. That’s a solid rating from a statistically significant number of customers.

The Advanced line features hard-anodized aluminum construction for even and efficient heat distribution. This means your pans heat up quick and it spreads across the pan so your food cooks evenly.

Like other pots and pans in the Anolon lineup, this one is designed to outperform and outlast your stand standard nonstick cookware. You get the featured triple-layer nonstick finish which provides a higher degree of durability and easy food release. This line also features unique handles that provide a firm yet comfortable grip. It’s non-stick inside and outside, so not only does it release food well – cleanup is quick and easy too. Shatter-resistant tempered glass lids help keep the heat and steam inside for efficient stovetop cooking.

Of course it’s important to follow directions (and not necessarily any claims touted in a company’s marketing materials. That means you should only use your Anolon pans at low to medium heat. Medium heat should be the maximum heat for any nonstick pan.

Secondly, you should never ever use an aerosol cooking spray on your nonstick surface. Instead, opt for an oil mister. Aerosol sprays will damage your nonstick surface and they tend to buildup a grimy film that is impossible to safely remove.

This probably goes without saying, but we’ll mention it anyway. Never ever leave a pan unattended on a stove – especially with nothing in it. And it’s important to allow non-stick pans to cool before you wash them.

If you take good care of your Anolon pots and pans – you’re far more likely to be thrilled with the results.

This 11-piece set of Anolon advanced line of cookware features dual nonstick (interior and exterior) hard anodized construction for a more durable pan that lasts while providing even and consistent heat. It’s also oven safe up to 400°F.

What’s In The Box?
1.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid
8 inch French skillet
12 inch deep skillet with lid and helper handle
3 quart sauté pan with lid

It’s a complete set that will nicely outfit any kitchen. They are durable convenient stylish and they perform consistently as long as you take good care of them. We think it’s fair to say that Anolon Advanced provides versatility to the nth degree. Since these pots and pans are well-designed and well-made – you can count on them to provide an exceptional performance.

One thing that really stands out about this line of cookware it’s just how fast it heats up evenly – across the pan. These pots and pans clean up easily too – with the only exception being the area around the where the rivets connect the handle to the pan. That’s a problem with a lot of pans since food seems to get stuck there.

When you compare this advanced line up against other brands of nonstick – you’ll find that this one is a slightly higher level of quality and durability. Where are you might get a year or two out of run-of-the-mill nonstick cookware, properly cared for Anolon Advanced cookware can last several years – without a problem.

You’ll have to be careful stacking these because you can easily scratch or scuff the finish. It’s also important to only use proper utensils. You often see nonstick cookware marketed as being “metal utensil safe”. But hard metal utensils on a delicate nonstick coating are not the best option.

Due to the hard-anodized construction, these pans are not prone to warping. That’s not to say you cannot damage them when used improperly – like on high heat – or when you increase the heat too rapidly. Used as directed, these Anolon Advanced pots and pans should hold up and continue to work as they do when they’re brand new.

What you’ll notice about the Advanced line is that they have a weight to them – they feel substantial and solid in your hands. Even Good Housekeeping rated this line in the top 10 for all nonstick cookware on the market today.

It is always recommended that you wash these pans by hand since using a dishwasher will surely shorten the lifespan. These are well-made pans and you can even use them on a glass or ceramic stovetop. Unlike lesser quality pots and pans, the glass won’t scratch easily – unless you drag them across your stove’s surface.

Another thing we really like about the Advance line of cookware is that they tend to stay in place on the stove. That means you can stir ingredients into the pot while adding liquid with your other hand. So you don’t need three hands in order to manage.

Anolon Advanced cookware is a reliable and attractive option. They offer good value as long as you treat them well. That means using silicone utensils only and hand-washing. Wipe with a soft sponge or cloth. Even paper towel can do the job. But you definitely don’t want to use anything abrasive. Thoroughly clean and dry your pots and pans after cooking and cooling. Carefully store them and use as directed on low to medium heat.

If you’re looking for a single set of pots and pans than can manage virtually any kitchen task and do so wonderfully – this may be the set for you. The quality and variety of the food you can cook with these pots and pans is right up there with the biggest brand names.

Like most home chefs, you’ll probably find yourself relying on two or three pieces in the set more than the others. We all have our go-to favorites.

How well does this cookware hold up? Some previous customers purchased second set after 10 or 15 years worth of service. They wouldn’t be repeat buyers if they weren’t thrilled with how these pots and pans performed.

Of course, it’s important to approach buying nonstick cookware with reasonable expectations. All nonstick coatings eventually wear out.

– Heavy duty aluminum construction prevents hotspots while providing fast and even heat
– Stock pot is an excellent option for deep frying
– Feels incredibly sturdy – heavier weight and durable
– Handles are comfortable and easy to grip
– Lids firm fit the pans
– Pans clean up quickly
– Easy to cook in with virtually no sticking
– Excellent value for the money
– Solid enough to stay in place on the stove top
– Work well in the oven
– Seem to dry faster than other nonstick pans
– These make cooking a pleasure
– Good variety of sizes for pan-frying, warming, simmering, boiling, steaming
– Good quality nonstick cookware
– Nice thickness and sturdiness to them without being excessively heavy
– A good match for the home chef
– Can be wiped clean simply with paper towel
– Can cook eggs with very little butter or oil and they don’t stick
– Bronze color looks really nice

– Affordable
– Feels like a quality set of cookware that is almost restaurant quality

– It’s nonstick cookware (so you have to treat these with care)
– Packaging is subpar
– May be on the heavy side for every day cookware (for some people like those with arthritic hands)
They aren’t really stackable (you need to place tea towels or pads between each piece to protect the finish)
– The seal on the lids can be a little loose where it allows steam or food particles to get inside (which is difficult to clean)
– Glass lids fog up so you can’t see inside
– Outside can get scratched
– Not suitable for induction stoves
– Warranty does not cover warping

#2: Anolon Nouvelle Copper 11 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Buy Anolon Nouvelle Copper 11 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set at Amazon now

The Nouvelle line scores a respectable 4.6 out of 5 stars. But this rating comes from a relatively small number of customers (slightly over 200) suggesting this may be a newer design from the manufacturer.

Anolon Nouvelle cookware also features the Autograph 2 nonstick coating made by DuPont and is supposedly metal utensil safe. But we don’t recommend using any metal utensil on nonstick coatings. It may last you a while, but eventually you’ll get scratches and scrapes that will diminish your cooking experience.

This set features a full layer of copper on the bottom – sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. It’s the copper inside that makes these pots and pans suitable for an induction stove. What’s different is that the Nouvelle Copper cookware features flush-mounted rivets (where the handle connects to the pan) that are easy to clean.

What’s In The Box?
1.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauté pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid
8.5 inch skillet
12 inch skillet with lid

The DuPont autographed to nonstick coating provides a superior food release and quicker faster easier cleanups. Since the copper is inside of hard anodized aluminum these pans are quite tough and resilient according to the manufacture they are twice as hard as stainless steel.

You can place your Nouvelle pots and pans in the oven up to 400°. Any higher and you’re pushing it, which can cause damage to the cookware.

This 11 piece cookware set gives you a variety of kitchen essentials that adds a degree of class to end any kitchen. Nouvelle cookware is compatible with all stovetops including electric, gas, and induction.

Most stains are easily removed following standard nonstick practices. For exterior stains that are difficult to deal with, we recommend Barkeeper’s Friend. It’s specifically designed for stainless steel but it also does an admirable job on anodized aluminum exteriors. It’s important to note though that you should not use this product on nonstick surfaces.

If you want to go 100% non-stick in your kitchen, this would be a good set to get you there. It is quite durable for nonstick pots and pans. Several buyers report having owned their set for multiple years before needing to replace them. The thing is… it’s usually one or two pieces (the most commonly used ones) that wear out first. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace the entire set years down the line. In fact, the manufacturer of the finish itself recommends replacing nonstick cookware every 3 to 5 years of moderate usage. That’s something that some buyers are oblivious to as they expect their nonstick cookware to last forever, like cast-iron pans do.

– Sizes in this selection are perfect for a typical kitchen
– Lids are stainless steel and not glass (and therefore will probably last much longer)
– Lids fit snugly onto the pots and the handles don’t get too hot (but you should use an oven mitt, potholder, or tea towel)
– Copper bottoms efficiently conduct heat
– Flat rivets inside the pan or a huge plus
– Good quality set of cookware at a fair price
– Cleanup is quick and easy
– Excellent nonstick surface
– Have a good fit and feel to them (proper weight with comfortable handles)
– 8 quart stock pot is perfect for chilies, soups, stews, and curries
– 12 inch skillet is excellent for stir-frying (it even has rounded sides to make it that much easier)

– Lid handles can get hot
– A little on the heavy side for some
– Pans are shipped with a sticker placed on the nonstick coating inside (when you remove it – it leaves a noticeable mark requiring cleaning that could just as easily be avoided if the manufacturer didn’t use the stickers)
– Nonstick coating can come off prematurely (as it can with any nonstick cookware)
– Some are quite heavy (you may need to hold them closer to the pan in order to pick up)
– Can stain easily on the outside when ingredients spill over and the pan still hot)
– Warranty is of questionable value (since it’s at the manufacturer discretion)
– Pans can start showing their age before the two-year mark

#3: Anolon Nouvelle Stainless Steel Cookware – 10 Piece Set

Buy Anolon Nouvelle Stainless Steel Cookware – 10 Piece Set

For those (myself included) who love to use stainless steel cookware – this Anolon Nouvelle stainless set may be perfect. It features polished stainless steel construction – with a copper core – for optimum cooking performance and heat distribution. This package scores 4.3 out of 5 possible stars – from nearly 600 customer reviews.

It’s perfect for all stove tops – including induction. It features dual riveted handles that are flush mounted (so no food particles can accumulate around the rivets) and can clean up that much easier. Stainless steel lids that seal in the heat and steam help round out this selection.

What’s In The Box?

1 ¼ quart saucepan with lid
2 ½ quart saucepan with lid
6 ½ quart stock pot with lid
8 inch French skillet
10 1/2 inch French skillet
3 quart sauté pan with lid

With the solid copper core on these pans – you can count in an exceptional cooking experience. And the magnetized stainless steel ensures induction stove top suitability. The core is actually made up of five separate layers – with the copper core in the middle. There’s also a layer of aluminum that is added to the copper, followed by another layer of stainless steel on the exterior.

Lids are made of domed stainless steel and are deep-seated to provide a good seal. Since this one has no nonstick coating – it is truly dishwasher safe – providing you the ultimate in convenience. You can also place these pots and pans in an oven up to 500°F – that’s notably higher than you can safely accomplish with nonstick coated pans.

This is a beautiful looking cookware set. The stainless steel is easy to clean with nylon scrub pads. But you’re better off not leaving food in these pans for an extended period of time – particularly, acidic foods like marinara sauce.

Handles on the pans usually remain cool despite the fact that there is no silicone cover. This is of course provided you are using the right size burner for the pot and the handles aren’t directly over a hot burner. It’s always a good idea to use a pot holder – just in case.

It is recommended to use a small amount of oil butter or margarine before adding food to these pans to help avoid sticking.

– Elegant high-quality appearance to this set of pots and pans
– A dream to use in the kitchen
– Good value for the price
– Built solid like a tank
– Browns and fries foods to perfection
– All pieces in this set are very well-made and feel like they are heavy duty
– Great heat transfer even at a low heat setting (which translates in a better tasting food)
– Food doesn’t stick easily (even when making dishes that use grits, rice and sweet potatoes)
– Superior heat distribution
– Handles are solid so there’s nowhere for water to accumulate
– Durable and completely non-toxic (since it’s stainless steel)
– Clean up is easy
– Can make an ordinary cook into an excellent cook (if you learn how to properly cook with stainless steel, you’ll have no issues with this set)
– Food seems to taste noticeably better
– Handles are well-attached and secure

– Handles may be too bulky for some
– Handles seem excessive on the smaller pots (small pots can tip over when empty)
– Unresponsive customer service
– Seems to take longer for water to boil
– Cleaning is a bit more demanding than with nonstick cookware
– Pots and pans can become discolored, particularly from the flame on a gas stove

#4: Anolon TriPly Clad 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Buy Anolon TriPly Clad 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set at Amazon now

This one scores 4.6 out of 5 stars, though admittedly from a small sample of customers (just over 100). It is stainless steel cookware that’s durable and rugged – with three ply construction. Each of these pieces features a solid aluminum core set between layers of stainless steel providing efficient and even heat distribution

This set is also suitable for induction stoves – as well as every other type of stove in existence.
Comfortable to hold stainless steel handles are dual riveted for strength and the lids are deep-seated to provide a good seal. Oh and… those lids are designed to fit on either pots or pans and therefore, can be used interchangeably.

Like all cookware, you should monitor temperatures and in most cases – avoid using high heat. Overheating can cause your stainless steel to change in color. Use a little oil or butter and everything will come out delicious and perfect – including seared steaks and fried eggs.

Since it’s made of stainless steel, you can freely put these pots and pans in the dishwasher – without fear of ruining the finish. And they are also oven-safe up to 500°F – making them a little more practical in the oven than the nonstick coated variety.

What’s In The Box?
1 ½ quart sauce pan with cover
2 quart sauce pan with cover
3 ½ quart sauce pan sauce pot with cover
4 quart sauté pan with cover
8 quart stock pot with cover
8 ½ inch skillet
10 ¼ inch skillet

– This set is easier to clean then you think
– Cooking is quick and you can lower your temperature settings on your range
– Sides of the pot heat up well two
– Looks professional
– Creates a nice browning effect on a variety of foods
– Handles are double riveted for strength and designed for comfort
– Can easily last you a lifetime (which means terrific value)
– Pots and pans feel sturdy in your hands
– Handles are cool to the touch in most cases
– Size or volume is listed on the bottom of each piece (which is handy when you need to determine capacity before you begin)
– Makes you feel like a pro chef in your own home

– Would be even better if a larger size pan was included in the set
– Not a good option for anyone who has trouble lifting things
– Rivets are not flush mounted (so cleaning can become an issue)
– Would have been perfect if they included a steamer basket
– There’s a slight learning curve with stainless steel (if you’re used to only using nonstick)

#5: Anolon Accolade Hard Anodized 12 Piece Cookware Set

Buy Anolon Accolade Hard Anodized 12 Piece Cookware Set at Amazon now

This set is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum and that makes for a durable set of pots and pans. What’s different is that the Accolade line features a triple layer nonstick finish that is reinforced with a sapphire coating. And the nonstick coating is on both the inside and outside. These pots and pans are oven safe to 400°F and are suitable for all cook tops including: gas, electric and induction.
How does this package of pots and pans measure up? Well, it scores a solid 4.5 out of 5 possible stars – from about 60 customer reviews. That’s not a huge sampling. But a positive score like this certainly points in the right direction.

What this set offers is fast, efficient and even heating across the base of these pots and pans. Stainless steel handles are solidly held in place with flat rivets, so cleaning these pans is a breeze

What’s In The Box?
1 ¾ quart saucepan with cover
2 ½ quart saucepan with cover
5 quart sauce pan with cover
3 quart sauté pan with cover and helper handle
7 ½ quart covered stockpot
8 inch skillet
10 inch skillet

You’ll get the most out of this set when you use it at low to medium heat and avoid using cooking sprays. It’s always preferable (with nonstick pans) to use an oil mister, or a little bit of butter instead of a spray like “Pam”. Never leave an empty pan on a hot stove – especially when it’s nonstick. And always allow the pan to cool before washing and never use a dishwasher.

– Lids fit well and are interchangeable (use on both skillet and pot)
– Heats evenly and efficiently
– Feels heavy-duty and is an excellent cookware set
– Seem much more forgiving than other sets
– Attractive and functional (and at a lower price than other sets)
– Lids are effective, sturdy and attractive
– Exudes a feeling of quality and durability (it’s built to last and worth every penny)
– Thick bottom and walls allows for excellent heat conduction
– Can help make you a better cook (meals actually look and taste delicious)
– Pans are easy to clean
– Set comes with a good assortment of pots and pans
– Seems to last substantially longer than other sets
– Works on all stovetops

– Limited lifespan (it’s the nature of nonstick coated cookware)
– Contradictory information provided by manufacturer (one page says oven safe to 400°F and another states oven safe to 500°F)
– Lacks measurements on cookware
– Need pads between pieces when stacking (don’t let the coated surface touch anything else)
– Requires care when using so the nonstick coating remains intact

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a well-rounded set of pots and pans to outfit your kitchen – any one of our featured Anolon Cookware Sets would be a good fit. It really boils down to personal preference for you. But if you had to choose one standout set – it would undoubtedly be the Advanced Set

Anolon makes quality cookware that’s noticeably better than the average nonstick pans you see online and in local stores. When used as directed, they deliver a satisfying experience and excellent results the whole family loves. And nothing is more to a home chef than that.

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