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Countertop microwave convection ovens are combination appliances that give added versatility to your everyday cooking – without requiring any kind of kitchen redesign or renovation. That’s because these combo machines are designed to fit on just about any counter or table top and plug into any standard 110 volt outlet. So you can prepare a more diverse range of culinary delights in the same space a standard countertop microwave oven would occupy.

Delicious Food Made Easier

Specifically, what a microwave convection combo does is give you the best of both worlds; speed and convenience as well as better-tasting food. You have the microwave for quick cooking or reheating a variety of dishes in an energy-efficient way. But you also gain the ability to enjoy traditional oven-cooked foods via convection – which cooks food evenly and to a beautiful, crispy finish. In some cases, you’ll want to use each of these primary functions

It’s The Best Of Both Worlds

Plenty of countertop microwave convection users swear by the usefulness and convenience of these handy kitchen appliances. While most kitchens are equipped with both a microwave and traditional oven of some kind, owning a microwave that also serves as a convection oven makes life a little bit easier for busy people.

Microwaves ovens are commonly used to reheat leftovers – or the warm up a snack or cup of coffee or tea. But they have many other uses as well – especially with any appliance that comes with pre-programmed settings to cook various foods. But when you add in convection cooking capability – you take that microwave appliance capability to a whole new level. You’ll find that a lot of foods simply taste better when cooked in a convection oven.

Benefits of a Countertop Microwave/Convection Oven

There are several advantages of these combo units – including the following:

1. Having a microwave and convection oven in one saves you space. This is particularly helpful in any small kitchen with limited room.

2. It can save you money. You get the benefit of completely different operations from the same device. So you only need to buy one of these instead of a microwave plus traditional oven in order to attain unlimited kitchen capability.

3. A microwave convection oven helps you heat up food that comes out tasting great – and in less time.

4. It’s more energy efficient than you using a traditional oven that has to be preheated before cooking.

You can use these combination countertop microwave convection ovens for many different things including: defrosting frozen food, baking desserts like muffins and cookies and even for making popcorn at the push of a button.

Food Cooks Thoroughly – And Tastes Better

A microwave oven cooks food from the inside out. But a convection oven uses forced hot air circulated around the food to cook it thoroughly – often giving foods a crispy coating on the outside makes it extra delicious.

A countertop microwave convection oven delivers both cooking functions. It’s designed to have plenty of air circulating around it not to be installed inside of any cabinet. That’s a basic fundamental – but it’s important to understand. These units are intended to sit on a counter or table top with space for venting.

Who Is Best Suited For A Countertop Convection/Microwave Oven?

Anyone with a smaller kitchen or limited cooking space would find a combination oven useful and practical. This includes houses, apartments, condominiums, cottages, trailers and RV’s. As long as you have an area on your counter to house this appliance – you can enjoy its advantages. In a large kitchen, finding available space is rarely a problem. But a larger kitchen can also accommodate separate appliances more easily.

Measure Your Available Space

Be sure to take the spacing requirements into account before purchasing a microwave convection oven. Sizes of these appliances can vary in terms of capacity – typically, these combo ovens are around 1 to 2 cubic feet in size.

For everyday kitchen use – it’s tough to beat a countertop microwave convection oven. You’ll get dual functionality from the same amount of space and this alone can free up more space for other uses. But these appliances have some weight to them, so you’ll want to find a spot on your counter and leave oven there.

There are plenty of brands of microwave/convection ovens available in the marketplace. But making the right choice without knowing what to expect can be a confusing and frustrating experience. That’s why we’re here. We’ve evaluated the best of the best countertop microwave convection ovens and now we’re going to unveil our top picks to simplify your search.

#1: Toshiba Countertop 1.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Microwave Oven With Convection

Buy the Toshiba Countertop 1.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Microwave Oven With Convection from Amazon now

Here’s a clever cooking device that is built for durability. It’s been used in not just homes across the country and around the world – but in specific environments like office kitchenettes – as well as teacher’s lounges – where it gets considerable use five days a week. All indications are that this 1.5 cubic foot Toshiba oven is up to the task.

It’s a compact unit which means it won’t take up a ton of space (compared to having separate appliances). So you can put this microwave/convection just about anywhere. That’s what makes it such a practical solution for many.

It’s become a popular countertop microwave convection oven – scoring a solid 4.3 out of 5 available stars – from well over 4000 actual buyer reviews. That’s a strong show of support from folks who’ve actually put their money on the line – and this oven through its paces.

When you use both appliances in combination, you’ll be able to cook food faster and yet have it come out tasting far better than food cooked in a standard microwave alone. The convection oven browns and crisps your food, making it much more appealing and tasty.

Overall, this combo oven measures overall 21.77 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep by 12.99 inches high. And actual inside dimensions are as follows: 15.5 inches wide by 15.35 inches deep by 10.2 inches in height. As for the weight of this thing – it comes in at 44.8 pounds.
It uses 1000 Watts of power and plugs into a standard 120 V outlet. We do recommend using this (or any other microwave oven) on its own circuit.

This Toshiba microwave/convection unit is finished in a black stainless steel look that is quite appealing to the eye and would surely look nice in most kitchens.

Since it combines both microwave and convection cooking capability into one appliance – you can not only reheat leftovers, but defrost, bake and even auto-roast your favorite foods from preset menu selections. These pre-programmed buttons make it easy to cook all kinds of vegetables, bake frozen pizza and a whole lot more. And this combo oven can operate in an eco-friendly, power saving mode.

A grill rack, turntable and small instruction manual are all included. With four different auto-bake menus and 4 auto-roast menus to choose from – it’s real easy to use. The sensor function is equipped with 13 different selections and automatically calculates defrosting time by the weight of the food. This microwave comes with 10 different power levels. There’s also warm/hold function and express cook buttons (for 1 to 6 minutes) as well as a memory function.

One cool feature we loved is the option to mute the buzzer by turning the sound off. This comes in handy particularly if you have young kids at home and you don’t want to wake them. It also comes with a child safety lock – another important feature.

Also featured is a warm/hold function – to keep your food at the perfect temperature – while you prepare an accompanying side dish on the stove top. This model also has a one-touch popcorn button, so making perfect popcorn is just a touch away.

Unlike many competing models, this one has a bright LED light inside and a large glass turntable that is 13.6 inches in diameter. Of course, it also has the usual clock and kitchen timer too. The interior is made of stainless steel and is both scratch and rust resistant – an added bonus. Just a few wipes with a damp cloth regularly should be enough to keep this microwave convection oven in top shape.

It’s a great device to have in addition to any other appliances in your kitchen – especially when you’re hosting dinner parties, or during the holidays when you have extended family over to visit. This makes it way easier than just having a single oven and stove top to work with.

– 1.5 cubic foot capacity provides plenty of space
– Modern stylistic design looks nice (would be a great addition to any kitchen)
– Good quality appliance and reasonable price means you’re getting good value
– Convection oven crisp foods nicely (baked potatoes come out perfect crispy on the outside fluffy in the middle and frozen pizza comes out with a nicely crisped bottom and fresh-baked like toppings)
– Ships out well packaged and protected
– Build quality is right up there (plus it’s not over-engineered with a bunch of extras that would rarely get used anyway)
– Cooks everything to perfection
– Solid and reliable microwave convection oven that operates quietly
– Easy to operate
– Stainless steel interior ensures easier maintenance
– Convenient (you can bake desserts and treats without using a large oven and heating up the whole kitchen)
– Finished chime ring sounds a whole lot nicer than a bell or buzzer (it rings multiple times in case you’re in another room)
– Cooks perfect pizza and bakes delicious cakes and muffins
– One of the more economical options available
– Bright LED lights inside make it easy to see what you’re cooking
– Has plenty of cooking power

– Included turntable needs to be able to turn freely and therefore limits the size of pan you can use inside (instead of one large pan, you may have to use two smaller ones for large dishes)
– You may have to adjust the time and temperature to your liking
– Inside space is more square than rectangular and may be a little small on the inside for some
– Unresponsive customer support
– One touch start can easily (and accidentally) be activated by bumping into it unless the device is far back from the edge of the counter
– Inside light is not that bright
– There’s a definitely a learning curve and experimental phase involve (instructions for auto functions seem confusing and more involved than need be)
– Owner’s manual is lacking

#2: Panasonic Home Chef (4 in 1) Microwave Oven With Convection 1.2 Cubic Foot Capacity

Buy the Panasonic Home Chef (4 in 1) Microwave Oven With Convection 1.2 Cubic Foot Capacity from Amazon now

Now here’s a stellar combination countertop microwave/convection oven. This one has earned a 4.4 rating (out of 5 possible stars) – from nearly 1400 actual buyers. With this many customers reporting back with mostly positive experiences, it’s typically an indication of a solid product. Our own research confirms this.

Yes, this 4 in 1appliance has more to offer. It’s a countertop device that’s a microwave, convection oven, air fryer, and broiler – all rolled in one. This means you can get healthier fried food (from your air fryer and convection cooking using little or no oil) Plus, you get the convenience of microwave cooking as well as broiling to create the perfect, golden brown finish on dishes like casseroles and lasagna.

You can use this device as your main oven – or as a secondary appliance – depending on your situation. Convection functionality works up to 425°F so it’s perfect for baking and roasting. The broiler feature is ideal for toasting, crisping or browning as desired.

This one uses 1000 Watts of power and is fully capable of defrosting, reheating, cooking, and warming. It also comes equipped with smart technology – something not a lot of models currently offer.

Overall capacity is 22 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 13.4 inches high. Interior dimensions measure approximately 15 inches wide by 15 1/4 inches deep by 9 inches high. The turntable inside is a large 14.2 inches in diameter – so it’s plenty big to accommodate a large 9 x 13 inch baking dish. There’s an air fryer basket that sits above the glass turntable. Via the compatible app, there are hundreds of recipes available to help you get the most out of your new Panasonic 4 in 1.

You can place this microwave/convection oven on your countertop or table – or even build it into your cabinets – with the optional trim kit. If you choose this option make sure you follow directions and allow adequate space around the appliance. This is very important because the oven needs plenty of air circulating around it.

What’s In The Box?
Microwave oven
Wire rack
Air fry basket
Enamel tray
Quick recipe guide

This Panasonic countertop model comes with six cooking options. You can include these two combinations: microwave and convection plus microwave and broil – to get the results you want. It’s a healthy alternative to deep frying or pan frying and using excessive amounts of oil.

The “microwave and broil” function is perfect for casseroles – so you get that nice golden brown top while it gets cooked throughout. The “microwave and convection” option is best for pizza wings fries and other frozen foods where some crispness on the outside enhances the taste.

You can enjoy crispy bites to your fries, chicken wings, nuggets, cauliflower bites, or even tofu. You can get grill-like results from the broiler itself. Toast comes out perfectly and evenly toasted. The convection oven can be used to bake beautiful cookies, cakes, brownies and other desserts. The microwave can warm, defrost, cook and reheat a wide variety of foods and it is surprisingly easy to do – thanks to the included 20 automatic presets.

Although smaller than some others, this countertop microwave convection oven can accommodate a whole chicken. It features a stainless steel interior, so it’s easy to clean by simply wiping it after use.

There’s a built-in “genius sensor” that automatically detects your food and reheats it optimally. For quick reheating, even defrosting, keeping your food warm, easy melting (think butter or chocolate) and consistent cooking – you just can’t beat this microwave/convection combo.

With the accompanying app. you have quick easy access to delicious recipes of all kinds. This model also comes equipped with a child safety lock and you can turn on silent mode, so it won’t wake a sleeping child.

The window is slightly shaded although you can easily see what you’re cooking inside the oven.

– Sleek stylish design
– Microwave broiler combination works really well and adds plenty of value
– Bright, easy to read clock
– Seems heavy duty and a quality build
– Reheats food quickly and is ideal for nachos and that melted cheesy goodness
– Space saving design means it occupies a small footprint on your counter
– Makes every day cooking easy and fun
– Air fryer and convection cooking helps reduce the consumption of oils and fats
– Baking is quicker and easier than a regular oven using the preset menu
– You don’t have to wait around to pre-heat up a big oven and clean-up is a breeze
– Cooks quickly
– Has a lot more features than a basic microwave (for practically the same price)
– Automatic reheat is incredibly simple and reheats food to perfection
– User interface is intuitive and easy to understand
– Comes with a great cookbook

– Interior light is a little on the dim side
– Exterior really shows those fingerprints
– Can be loud in use (pretty much like most microwaves)
– Controls can seem confusing to those who are less than tech-savvy
– Should be cleaned after any air frying or broiling

#3: Emerson 1.2 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven and Grill

Buy the Emerson 1.2 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven and Grill from Amazon now

Grill lovers everywhere should take note of this countertop combination microwave. It’s not a convection oven or air fryer – but it is a microwave and grill combination that looks promising. In fact, this unit scores is an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars – from almost 1800 actual buyer reviews. These numbers alone warrant a closer look and most grill fans will like this option.

Overall dimensions of this model from Emerson measure 20.6 inches wide by 17.3 inches deep by 12.8 inches high. It weighs in at around 36 pounds – a little lighter than many of the microwaves we researched.

Since this microwave unit comes with grilling capability, you can get that beautiful golden grilled finish on all your favorites. What’s different is that the element is mounted to the inside top of the microwave – so it’s the opposite of standard grills. This model also comes with nine pre-programmed settings for such things as: popcorn, potatoes, frozen pizza, frozen vegetables, dinner plates, chicken, beef pork – and beverages too.

Emerson’s 1.2 ft.³ microwave boasts 1100 Watts of power and comes outfitted with a 12.4 inch (removable) turntable inside. It features 11 different power levels, plus LED display and touch control. Visually, the design of this microwave/grill combo is quite attractive with its brushed stainless steel finish.

There’s an automatic time and weight defrost option that can come in handy when all you want is something to eat and you don’t want to have to bother calculating the right time and temperature. The digital display is easy to read and it comes equipped with a child safety lock to keep those little ones out of harms way.

– Surprisingly spacious on the inside
– Comes with an easy to open door with handle (no more slammed microwave doors)
– Delvers fast and efficient cooking
– Offers really good value for the money
– Sharp looking countertop microwave with grill
– Digital display is nicely laid out and easy to understand
– Grill feature is excellent (it’s nice to have the broiler option and adds to the variety of meals you can prepare in this countertop unit)
– Well made microwave
– Easy to use
– It’s a functional kitchen tool and not a novelty (there’s no dumb “your meal is ready” scrolling text message)
– It is noisy but that’s a good thing so you can hear it from another room in your house
– Has more features than you’ll find on some more expensive microwaves
– Good amount of power (it’s small but mighty)
– Great option for minimalist living (ideal for tiny homes, cottages, campers, RVs and dorm rooms)

– Has some strange settings on the clock (press the clock button once and it sets the time – press it twice and it sets the kitchen timer)
– You can’t place anything on top of this microwave (since the broiler element is at the top – it can get warm to the touch)
– Noisier than some other units
– Poor customer service (an unfortunate reality with consumer electronics these days)
– Owner’s manual could be a lot better (no instructions provided for using the broiler element)
Controls can be a little difficult to read – especially in a dimly-lit kitchen
– Front panel is not back-lit so it’s difficult to see at night
– Would be nice to turn off the beeping sound

#4: Toshiba Multifunctional 1 Cubic Foot Microwave and Convection Oven

Buy the Toshiba Multifunctional 1 Cubic Foot Microwave and Convection Oven from Amazon now

This model from Toshiba currently scores a respectable 4.4 out of 5 stars – from just under 600 buyer reviews. Overall dimensions are as follows: 20.5 inches long by 20 inches wide by 12.8 inches high. And this Toshiba microwave/convection oven weighs in at about 40.8 pounds.

It’s a versatile combination appliance that takes your microwave experience far above the ordinary. That’s because not only is it a microwave – it’s also a grill, convection oven, air fryer and low temperature cooker. So it’s as useful and versatile in the kitchen as it gets.

Air fryer and convection cooking capability allows you to minimize oil and get almost the same delicious crispy texture on your food. Although the capacity is somewhat limited at one cubic foot – you can still manage to roast a whole chicken in this thing.

This device uses 1000 Watts of power and has 10 different power settings. It also features a large LED digital display, plus easy to turn knobs and a touch control panel – so it’s very user-friendly. It sports the classic black stainless steel finish that fits well in just about any kitchen.

What’s In The Box?
Toshiba 1 cubic foot microwave
Grill rack
Grilling tray
Owner’s manual

You get the best of both worlds here. That means quick cooking thanks to the powerful microwave feature – while the convection fan distributes heated air evenly to deliver a perfectly-done meal every time.

One great advantage of this countertop microwave and convection oven is the “low temperature” cooking feature. This is perfect for dehydrating fruit or fermenting your own yogurt – or even raising dough for baking. It’s also ideal for keeping food warm – yet not too hot.

This model comes with 25 easy preset menus, including 10 air fry menus, 4 low temperature menus and allowed 11 popular food settings for the microwave.

This Toshiba uses 1800 Watts of power and is energy efficient. Maximum temperature for baking is 425°F while the lowest temperature for low-temperature cooking is 100°F.
It’s got a bright LED light on the interior, so you can see the food you’re cooking inside at all times.

– Can do many different things and all modes of this microwave work very well
– Preheating functions shows a progress bar (so you know at all times where you are in the process)
– Good quality countertop microwave and convection oven
– It’s multifunctional, making this a versatile kitchen appliance
– Looks sharp with the black stainless steel finish and LED lights
– Easy to clean (simply wipe it down with a damp cloth)
– Dependable appliance
– You don’t have to heat up the whole house in order to cook what you want
– Convenient for a couple or small family
– Energy efficient oven
– Perfect size for a standard counter
– Comes with simple instructions located on the door frame (this is quite handy)
– Beautifully packaged (although it’s a heavy and large box)
– Well structured owners manual with good explanations (but this was always not the case with this brand or model as indicated by early buyer feedback)
– Operates quietly

– Ships out in a large, heavy box that is going to require two people to move
– Interior light is not quite bright enough to see how things are coming along inside the oven
– Can take a long time to reach the proper temperature
– Lacks a recipe book
– Smaller capacity microwave convection at only 1.0 cubic feet
– Small lettering is difficult for some to read
– No clear directions on how to operate it

#5: Breville 1.1 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave (Brushed Stainless Steel Finish)

breville convection microwave

Buy the Breville 1.1 Cubic Foot Convection Microwave from Best Buy now

This small wonder surprised us at just how good it actually is. Surprisingly, it does not appear to be as popular as some of the other countertop microwave convection ovens. But it does score an impressive 4.5 stars (out of 5) – with close to 300 actual buyers reporting. As for overall size, the Breville is 20.43 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 12.44 inches high. Interior dimensions measure 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 9 inches high. This combination appliance is a little bit lighter than most, weighing in at 25.6 pounds. And the cord length is longer at 44 inches, which is a little bit better than the standard, 36 inch cord.

This combo unit features an interior turntable that is 12.4 inches in diameter and it uses 1400 Watts of power in convection cooking mode, 1200 Watts in microwave mode and 1100 Watts while grilling. It plugs into any standard 120 Volt outlet and we recommend making it a dedicated outlet and circuit.

For safety, this Breville combination unit comes equipped with a childproof lock as well as 11 quick presets. Like most of the other countertop models, it is not recommended that you install this microwave any other way – like mounted inside a cabinet – for example.

Essentially, this is a three-in-one oven – microwave, convection and air fryer. The convection function allows for both baking and roasting and is our favorite mode. But one thing convection oven is not great at is toasting bread. If that’s something that’s important to you – this probably won’t be your top choice.

Quick menu options include popcorn, hard vegetables, soft vegetables, rice, bacon, cookies, cake, milk chocolate, softened butter, pizza, nuggets, fries, chicken, meat and fish. That’s a wide array of selections that are push-button easy.

It’s exceptionally easy to use. Just choose the button you want – microwave, grill, air fryer, or convection oven. Then enter the time and temperature desired and you’ve started the process. Now let the oven do the rest. While your food is cooking, you can clearly see on the screen whatever functions are deployed at the moment.

– Versatile and powerful
– One touch presets make this super easy to use
– Stylish and elegant-looking design
– Advanced technological features make this a valuable addition to the kitchen
– Solid build-quality from a well-established brand name
– Has a premium look and feel to it
– Features a door that actually closes softly (a rarity in the microwave space)
– Delivers fast and even cooking
– Built-in computer automatically determines the best cooking times and temperatures based on selected prompts
– Multiple-function machine saves much-needed counter space and helps avoid using an energy consuming oven
– Large digital display makes it easy to read and understand
– Cooks vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower to crispy perfection (it’s a great way to get the kids to eat more nutritious foods like these)
– Shortcuts panel on the inside of the front door is very helpful
– You can increase or decrease the volume of the beeping sound (very useful)
– Quiet while operating

– Deeper than a standard microwave
– May be too complex for some (you’ll have to read the manual) with lots of functions, modes and settings
– Would be nice if Breville included a printed recipe book or recipe (they do offer recipes on their website – but it would be handy if they were included in print form)
– Internal light is somewhat dim
Would be nice if the actual temperature was displayed on the LCD panel

The Verdict

Once you’ve use a countertop microwave convection oven and familiarized yourself with its functionality – you’ll never want to go back to a standard microwave ever again. These things make it so convenient to reheat, bake, roast or broil to perfection that it’s a joy to own and use on an almost daily basis.

Now that we’ve unveiled the best of these combo units – it’s time to recommend out top picks. Our favorite is the Panasonic Home Chef 4 in 1. It does it all – exceptionally well and the price is affordable. But truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with any of these five.

A close runner-up to our top pick is the Toshiba 1.5 Capacity

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