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If you’re anything like me, you probably first heard about Blue Diamond Cookware from an infomercial running on late night or weekend cable TV. Ask anyone who has seen those ads in their entirety and chance are they would be both impressed and skeptical at the same time. When you see it in action – and all this kitchen cookware can supposedly do – it’s pretty impressive, despite the fact that some of the claims seem far-fetched.

How Does Blue Diamond Cookware Measure Up?

But just how good (or not) is a Blue Diamond cookware set in actual use? Do the infomercial claims actually hold up in reality – or is it mere advertising hype? That’s a good question and one we’re about to dive into in detail below.

Buy the Blue Diamond Cookware 14 Piece Set of Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick Pots and Pans at Amazon now

This set includes:
7 inch frying pan/ skillet
9.5 inch frying pan/ skillet
2.5 quart sauté pan with lid
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
Stainless steel steamer
3 multi purpose nylon cooking utensils (Spoon, Turner and Ladle)



Pros & Cons

  • Handles do not get too hot
  • Excellent set of cookware in a variety of sizes (everything you need in one)
  • Good quality pots and pans that are well-made (looks great too)
  • Quick and easy cleanup by hand (without scrubbing)
  • Practical and versatile since you can also put these in these pans in the oven
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Heats up quickly and with evenly distributed heat
  • Glass lids make it easy to see inside
  • Beautiful design
  • Retains its appearance longer than others
  • Over-easy eggs turn out perfectly
  • A wet paper towel is typically all that’s needed to wipe them clean
  • Several months in and nothing sticks (they are solid – haven’t scratched or chipped like cheap nonstick pans do)
  • Advertising claims are over the top and unnecessary
  • Pan itself is made of thin aluminum and can dent easily if dropped
  • Nonstick layer can get damaged – even when using what seem to be the correct utensils


First Impressions

From the outset, blue diamond products appear to be quite visually appealing. This brand of cookware set arrives securely packaged in a padded box. Upon closer inspection, these pots and pans look pretty impressive with their stunning midnight blue exterior, polished stainless steel handles and speckled nonstick interior. It looks like it should cost more than it does.

But then again, most products look pretty fantastic when they first arrive and you take in that first glimpse right out of the box. But what really counts – as far as pots and pans are concerned – is how effective they are when put to the test in the kitchen.

Appealing Attributes

One thing that makes the Blue Diamond finish better than some competitors is that it is toxin-free. This means there are no PFOA, PFAS, lead or cadmium in any of their pots and pans. And there is a complete line of blue diamond cookware – so you can add the kitchen functionality that meets your family’s needs.

Blue Diamond is best known for their “diamond-infused Thermalon coating”. Having a complete set enhances your cooking capability. These versatile pans offer several options in the kitchen including steaming, roasting, frying, sautéing, – even baking.

Television vs. the Real World

On television, Blue Diamond looks like it may be the most amazing kitchenware ever engineered. In reality, it’s a reliable brand of cookware that would make a worthwhile addition to most any home – as long as it is handled with care and gently cleaned and stored afterwards. Treating blue diamond nonstick cookware like that old stainless steel set you got from your mother years ago will have it looking old and warn and functioning poorly in no time.

Let’s take a closer look at what Blue Diamond claims in their ads. Here are a few of the statements we noted while recently watching the Blue Diamond infomercial:

“Blue diamond is infused with millions of diamonds”
“It’s so nonstick – it’s like cooking on air”
“Food simply slides out of the pan with ease” (this includes melted cheese and a candy apple coating)
“Blue Diamond pans won’t warp”
“Blue Diamond transfers heat four times faster than copper”
“Blue Diamond handles stay cool to the touch”
“Blue Diamond comes with a Lifetime Warranty”

In case you have missed the ad on TV – here it is:

This is meaningless advertising hype that is best overlooked.

For dramatic effect, the Blue Diamond infomercial shows one of their pans being struck hard by a hammer. Miraculously, that pan maintains its shape. But that wasn’t enough. In the same ad, Blue Diamond also takes a piece of sandpaper to the nonstick interior, claiming that their proprietary finish lasts 10 times longer.

In our view, both scenarios are just plain silly. We’re not sure why anybody would want to take a hammer to a cooking appliance of any kind. These pots and pans are made primarily of aluminum – so they really don’t stand a chance when being pounded by a hammer. And why would you ever want to do so anyway? And sandpaper belongs in your home workshop or garage – not in the kitchen.

Overlook The Hype and You’re Left with a Pretty Good Product

There’s no doubt, the infomercial makes Blue Diamond seem like pretty incredible cookware. But if you base your purchase decision based on the outrageous claims of their advertising alone, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

That’s not to say that Blue Diamond cookware set is not worth getting. It is. And in our view, they certainly don’t need to rely on overstated advertising messaging to attract customers. That’s because these products are solid on their own. As nonstick cookware – it does a darned good job. And if you follow the provided directions (rather than the advertising hype) chances are you will be among the thousands of customers who are quite satisfied with this purchase.

Although it may not live up to all the advertising claims (what nonstick cookware actually does?) Blue Diamond performs well in the home kitchen – where it matters most. All of these pans heat up quickly and evenly and provide both a smooth food release and easy cleanup when the cooking is done. They’re also affordable pots and pans and well within the reach of most households.

On the downside, many would agree that the advertising is over the top. And as for durability – the claims that it’s ten times stronger and more durable are a stretch. Another point to keep in mind is that Blue Diamond is not compatible with induction stove tops.

Helpful Kitchen Addition

Owning a decent quality set of nonstick cookware can be helpful for anybody who cooks at home. It makes preparing a variety of dishes – and cleaning up afterwards – that much easier. The best nonstick cookware should be simple to use, versatile and durable enough to provide solid value at an affordable price and Blue Diamond checks all of those boxes handily.

But we cannot emphasize this point enough; proper cleaning of your nonstick cookware is absolutely essential. That’s because when a nonstick pan is left with residue – it begins to lose its effectiveness. And then it becomes even harder to clean with repeated usage. After several months, microscopic food particles adhere to the nonstick surface, minimizing its slick, slide-off surface.

Pick Up This Secret Cleaning Solution

You may find it helpful – as many users of Blue Diamond products have – to keep a package of Barkeeper’s Friend handy. Should you experience a less effective non-stick pan, add Barkeeper’s Friend to a sink full of hot water and let your pan soak. This cleaning solution will break down the layers of food particles (without doing any damage) and help regain that nonstick surface.

Nonstick Offers Advantages

What’s great about nonstick pans and pots – and Blue Diamond cookware in particular – is that it’s very convenient for home cooks to use. Pans heat up fast – so there’s no downtime. You can cook healthier too by using far less oil or butter then you otherwise might. In some cases you may get away without using any oil at all when your pan is new. However the supplied directions suggest that you should use a small amount of oil or butter when cooking with Blue Diamond nonstick cookware. This is pretty much the case with any brand.

The biggest downside of nonstick cookware is that they don’t last forever. And the more you use them the sooner the nonstick coating breaks down. But when your nonstick cookware works the way it should – it’s a beautiful thing.

Care for Your Cookware

The best thing you can do is to be gentle to your Blue Diamond cookware. Treat it with care. That means limiting your nonstick pans on low heat to medium heat (at most) and only using silicone, nylon, or bamboo utensils. It also means not pouring cold water into a hot pan, washing gently by hand, and using warm water to wash. It’s also a good practice to wipe out your pans with a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any residue. And never put your pans in the dishwasher.

Nonstick pans in general have a limited lifespan as the thin coating (the part that makes them nonstick) begins to wear out. They are not like cast iron cookware that can be passed along multiple generations without any loss of quality. Being an informed consumer can help you avoid being disappointed down the line.

Obviously, the longer your pan lasts, the more value you’ll get from it. But you would be well advised to have reasonable expectations from the outset. You should be able to get anywhere from a 1 to 5 year lifespan from your Blue Diamond pans – even if you use them everyday.

Can You Use Blue Diamond In The Oven?

Like many other manufacturers of nonstick cookware, the blue diamond cookware line is sold as “oven safe” and in fact – this is true. Blue diamond states that you can safely broil in these pans at temperatures of up to 850°F. But most home ovens can only heat up about 500 degrees anyway – so under normal conditions, you won’t have to worry about putting this upper limit to the test.

What about the Dishwasher?

In their ads, Blue Diamond also claims that their pots and pans are “dishwasher safe”. Every other manufacturer of nonstick cookware makes the same claim. While it may be true – we strongly recommend light hand-washing only. This applies to any nonstick set you happen to buy – not just Blue Diamond.

Dishwashers can be hard on any nonstick coating – so you’ll want to be careful here. Other dishes or utensils can bang up against the nonstick finish, scratching or marring it. And once the surface begins to get damaged, it’s never quite the same again. You may be able to still use it, but it won’t be as nonstick as it was when new. Another thing to keep in mind is that a dishwasher can tarnish the outsides of your pots and pans. They can go from looking brand new to years old – after just a couple of washes. If you want to keep your cookware set looking shiny and new – over a longer time – avoid placing these pots and pans in the dishwasher.

Another thing to keep in mind when washing is to never place a hot pan in cold water. Always allow the pan to cool down before washing. You don’t want to cool it too rapidly because a dramatic change in temperature will cause the material to expand or contract accordingly. And this expansion and contraction does not occur evenly, causing it to warp. This dramatic shift in temperatures can also separate the nonstick finish from the aluminum base. Since these are completely different materials, they contract and expand at different rates.

More About the Brand

Blue diamond is owned by Anotech International and they distribute their products through The Cookware Company. This is the same firm that also markets and distributes Greenpan, Greenlife and several other brands of nonstick cookware.

Don’t expect to get a pan finished with gem-grade diamonds. Blue Diamond deploys synthetic diamonds and what actually is applied to their pans is more like diamond dust, rather than anything resembling a stone.

Aluminum Base

Blue Diamond pots and pans are built on an aluminum base, as is most nonstick cookware. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat so your pans will heat up fast and provide an evenly heated cooking surface. This is very important so your food cooks evenly at the same time – wherever it sits in the pan. Another (perhaps more obvious) advantage of aluminum is its extreme light weight – which makes it easy for anyone to lift and move around.

But because it is so light, extra caution should be exercised when handling these pots and pans. Dropping it from counter height to the floor can easily dent the outside, while weakening the nonstick coating inside.

Not For Induction

Blue Diamond pots and pans will work on a lot of stove tops – including electric, gas and ceramic. But they won’t work on induction stoves. That’s because it lacks the steel plate that’s fused into the aluminum base on other sets made for induction stovetops.

And because all Blue Diamond cookware sets are made from aluminum – avoiding high heat is a must. Excessive temperatures will cause these pans to warp giving you an unstable base and uneven cooking, while also damaging the nonstick interior surface.

Blue Diamond Cookware 14 Piece Set of Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick Pots and Pans

[amazon box=”B07HMGZSHJ” template=”horizontal” title=”Blue Diamond Ceramic Non-stick 14 pc Cookware Set” description=”14 pieces of pots, pans and utensils with durable glass lids for easy food monitoring.  For all stovetops except induction.”]

Among all the products available today, we chose this 14 piece set which is the top pick for most people who want a solid, all-around nonstick set. It’s got everything you need to prepare virtually any meal.

Each component (every pot and pan) features the Blue Diamond patented “diamond-infused” nonstick cooking surface. It’s a toxin-free and oven-safe nonstick surface. Stainless steel handles are firmly riveted in place to provide a secure connection to the pan and a solid grip that fits firmly in the chef’s hand.

Blue Diamond brand cookware is also available in 6, 9, 10 and 20 piece sets. But we found this 14 piece set to be the best fit for a typical home kitchen.

Overall, buyers are quite happy with this 14-piece Blue Diamond cookware set. With well over 4000 real buyers reporting – this set scores a stellar 4.5 out of five possible stars.

The Verdict

While this brand and many others like them make claims that seem outrageous, this Blue Diamond Cookware Set with 14 pieces actually works quite well. Advertising claims aside, we found that this brand does provide a quality cooking experience.

In the nonstick arena, it’s best to proceed with reasonable expectations. If you’re looking for a solid and reliable nonstick set of cookware something that could last you 1 to 5 years – then this blue diamond set is one we heartily recommend.

This Blue Diamond set is a safe purchase and a good entry level bundle of pots and pans for any family on a budget. If you have realistic expectations – and you take good care of your nonstick cookware – you will likely be a happier home chef.

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