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Chefman are one of the best known names in air fryers, and many other small kitchen appliances.  We have spent some time researching their range for you, and have found what we believe are the best 5 on the market at the moment.  Depending on the size of your household, and the number of additional features you want to have, there is sure to be one of the air fryers which is right for you.

#1: Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer (with Rotisserie and Dehydrator)


– 8 digital presets for different functions
– 6 liter interior cooking capacity
– Overall size measures 15.6 inches x 15.6 inches x 18.2 inches
– Weighs in at about 5 pounds
– Uses 1700 Watts of power
– Plugs into a 120 V standard outlet
– All internal parts of are made of stainless steel


Pros & Cons

  • Built-in window allowing you to monitor your cooking
  • Allows you to cook virtually anything without having an oily mess
  • Great for reheating frozen food and it crisps-up just about any dish
  • Good size air fryer (can accommodate a plenty of food)
  • More versatility than with other air fryers
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Rotisserie is perfect for cooking a small chicken
  • With this one, you may not even need a conventional oven
  • Design allows for good air flow and even cooking (resulting in food that tastes amazing)
  • With dual racks, it’s easy to cook a complete meal at once
  • Temperature may not be perfectly accurate
  • As the basket is removed from the hot oven- it’s too hot to touch (best solution we found is to place a large wooden cutting board next to the air fryer to act as an insulator, so you don’t damage your countertop. It’s also easy to wipe clean afterwards.)
  • Top rack gets crispier (switch out the top and bottom racks halfway through)
  • Food crumbs and oil can get between the door and the frame when removing trays
  • Beeping sound when food is cooked can be annoying

[amazon box=”B07KWFC5Y7″ template=”horizontal” title=”Chefman 6.3 Quart Multi-Function Digit Air Fryer” description=”This airfryer is also a rotisserie, dehydrator and convection oven, if you are short of space in your kitchen this is the appliance that will do everything.  Large enough to cater for the family.”]

Let’s start off with one of the larger and most popular of all Chefman air fryers. It’s loaded in terms of features and functions, which means you can bake, fry, roast, warm, dehydrate, or rotisserie cook any dish you want. It’s a popular model and one that is generally loved by buyers. Nearly 7000 actual buyers voluntarily reviewed this Chefman air fryer and collectively give it a stellar 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. That’s a superb rating in the air fryer market.

With this model you can cook just about anything – including a whole chicken or cauliflower. You can make homemade fries that are just as crispy and delicious as your favorite takeout spot serves up. But your homemade version in this air fryer will be much better for you. Although you really don’t need to use any oil, using a little bit can help with certain dishes by giving it a little crispier texture.

An added benefit is that and air fryer like this tends cost less to operate than a conventional home oven. One cool thing about this model is that it has interior lighting that allows you to easily watch as your food cooks. Accessories include two airflow racks, rotisserie spit, rotating basket/ retrieval tool and drip tray. The interior components such as the drip tray and the basket are easily removable making cleanup a snap.

It is dishwasher safe. But one word of caution: dishwashers can damage nonstick coatings. So a safer option is to wash gently by hand. Either way, it’s an easy process.

#2: Chefman 6.5 Liter Air Fryer With Flat Basket, 60 Minute Timer and Automatic Shut Off


– 6.5 liter flat basket
– Digital design with 60 minute timer
– Auto switch off



Pros & Cons

  • Runs quietly (all you hear is a slight humming noise that’s sounds similar to a microwave)
  • Large cooking capacity perfect for families or cooking complete meals at once)
  • Produces wonderfully-tasting food including fries, chicken wings, breaded fish, crab cakes burgers, steak, pork chops, bacon nuggets, onion rings and a variety of vegetables including green or yellow beans and brussels sprouts)
  • Can accommodate a 7 pound rotisserie-roasted chicken. Chicken nuggets
  • Easily switch from Fahrenheit to Centigrade scale
  • Cooking is fast and even throughout (food tastes like it was both baked and fried – so you get the best of both worlds)
  • No oily aftertaste
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Controls are simple and straightforward
  • Cleanup is fairly easy
  • Attractive design looks great in any kitchen
  • Takes up a reasonably small footprint (given it’s cooking capacity)
  • Basket and inner tray are easily removable for cleaning
  • Large enough to cooks 10 small chicken wings at once
  • Only provides one level of cooking so it’s not as efficient as models with two layers
  • Nonstick coating can scratch and wear off
  • Not a lot of cooking instructions provided (but you can always find an abundance of information online – specifically with a Google or YouTube search)
  • It’s a larger model so you may need to find dedicated counter space for it
  • Can sometimes leak grease when cooking fatty foods like bacon
  • Some report the handle loosening from the tray

[amazon box=”B07BJ21VS9″ template=”horizontal” title=”Chefman 6.5 liter Air Fryer” description=”X-large family size with a flat basket that increases space by 40% so you can cook for the whole family.  Digital design with a 60 minute timer and auto switch off.”]

With a 6.5 liter flat basket – this air fryer gives you about 40% more interior space. It’s another large capacity Chefman fryer that enables you to cook anything you want to get that delicious air fried flavor. This includes fries, chicken, vegetables, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, pizza, frozen foods and leftovers.

Bake, roast, toast, or warm anything – and do so efficiently. With its rapidly circulating hot air, the air fryer cooks all of your favorites in less time than a conventional oven – while saving energy.

One thing we really like is that you can reheat soggy leftovers and restore them to their original texture. It’s so much tastier this way than warming your lunch in a microwave. That’s just an added benefit of a quality air fryer. The biggest advantage is that you get to enjoy a delicious deep-fried texture and flavor – in a much healthier way.

While there is plenty of plastic used in these air fryers, all surfaces that come into contact with the food are BPA free. And even if you use a little bit of oil when air frying, your home won’t be left with that fried oil smell that lingers after deep frying.

Yes, the nonstick basket is promoted as being “dishwasher safe”. But for best results, you should hand wash only using a soft cloth or sponge. It’s best to avoid any abrasives, since the coating is nonstick.

#3: Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer – 3.6 Quart Air Fryer


– 3.6 Quart (15 cup) capacity
– Compact size (8 inches x 8 inches x 9.5 inches)
– Comes with a rotisserie and 2 air flow racks
– Cooking Guide included
– 60 minute timer and auto shutoff


Pros & Cons

  • Perfect size for one to three people (reliable and affordable starter air fryer)
  • Oven shuts off when you remove the basket
  • Cooks food faster
  • Timer seems to be accurate
  • Easy to clean and dry with a towel
  • Great for preparing crispy delicious vegetables including broccoli, brussels sprouts and homemade fries (it’s also excellent for making grilled cheese sandwiches and heating up leftover fried chicken or pizza)
  • Provides a healthier way to cook that’s also less messy
  • Makes good use of space by combining a rack and a basket
  • Once the timer set it can’t be changed
  • Nonstick coating can wear off pretty easily
  • Inside the unit is difficult to clean (due to size and accessibility)
  • No way to easily drain accumulated grease

[amazon box=”B07R6TZMZL” template=”horizontal” title=”Chefman 3.6 Quart Turbofry Air Fryer” description=”Perfect size for a small family or couple, this 3.6 quart turbofry Chefman  comes with a rotisserie and 2 air flow racks for easier cooking.”]

Here’s another super- popular air fryer by Chefman. It’s the 15 cup capacity turbo fry model. With this one has well over 8000 actual customer reviews and it scores they’ve given it an impressive 4.6 out of 5 possible stars. That’s a sure-fire indication of a solid product.

If you’re a new user – this model would make an excellent choice. It’s compact size (8 inches x 8 inches x 9.5 inches) means it could make a nice addition to even the smallest kitchen. This smaller size also makes it handy to move from the cupboard to the countertop when needed. On the other hand, you may find yourself using this air fryer so frequently that you want to leave it out. And its small footprint makes that easy to do, in many cases. It’s also an excellent choice for the small office, dorm room or RV. Go ahead and air fry your favorite foods – and enjoy!

Although small in size, this air fryer allows you to do many things including – cooking, baking, roasting, frying, and toasting. You can even reheat soggy leftovers and restore them to their original crispy texture.

The basket is about 3 inches deep and 8 1/4 inches in diameter. You don’t have to use any oil at all, although many people prefer to add a small amount of oil to improve the taste. You can look up the chart for cooking with an air fryer to get approximate times. But chances are there will be some trial and error involved. But it’s no biggie. In fact, it actually allows you to discover how to cook foods exactly the way you prefer.

Whatever foods you like can be cooked easily in this air fryer. That includes: fries, chicken nuggets, salmon fillets, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and cauliflower bites. To give you a better idea on size, you can cook about 15 medium-size wings at once in this compact air fryer.

To flip your food halfway, simply remove the basket. Cooking will stop (of course) but the timer will tick on. Flip your food over and put the basket back in place and immediately the cooking begins again.

Included are 2 air flow racks, rotating basket/ retrieval tool, removable drip trap and rotisserie spit. Temperature and time controls are easy to use.

This air fryer comes with a small cooking guide that is easy-to-follow and gives you tips to help whatever you’re cooking turn out perfect. But you can find a ton of information online too – including countless recipes. It’s great for getting ideas and discovering new dishes to try.

#4: Chefman 2- Quart TurboFry Air Fryer


– Ideal size for one person
– 60 minute timer
– Adjustable temperature control
– Great for small spaces



Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and compact unit size that’s perfect for singles
  • It’s inexpensive and represents good value for the money
  • Simple to operate
  • Cooks food crisply and evenly
  • Can make an inexperienced cook look like a wizard in the kitchen
  • Easy to fit just about anywhere
  • Cooks meals fast
  • Great starter air fryer
  • Can have a strong plastic smell right out of the box (best to air it out for a few days, then thoroughly clean with vinegar or lemon before using)
  • Only holds enough food for one or maybe two people
  • Temperature dial can be difficult to read for elderly folks
  • Maximum temperature is 400°F (some recipes call for looking at higher temperatures so you’ll need to adjust cooking times accordingly)

[amazon box=”B07NBQX8HS” template=”horizontal” title=”Chefman 2- Quart TurboFry Air Fryer” description=”This small turbofry air fryer is great for cooking for one, and with it’s 60 minute timer and adjustable temperature control it can cook you the perfect meal.  Great for small spaces.”]

Here’s another highly popular air fryer from Chefman. It’s the second TurboFry model to make it on our “Top 5” list. From an astounding number of actual customer reviews (nearly 12,000 as of this writing) – this 2-Quart Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer maintains a remarkable 4.6 out of 5 possible stars. That’s one thing that caught our attention right away and compelled us to dig deeper.

A Chefman air fryer like this cooks food much faster than in a standard oven. You can make all kinds of things and savor that deep-fried taste of foods like fries, seasoned cauliflower bites, sweet potato fries, popcorn chicken, or wings. But you can also use it for simple things like toasting bagels or warming frozen tater tots. You can even use it to bake potatoes. You might even start to wonder why you even need a full a traditional oven.

This Turbofry has a little more than half the capacity of the previous Turbo model reviewed above. Overall, this space-saving design measures 9.75 inches x 9.75 inches x 12.5 inches high. Despite its small size, this air fryer can hold a fair amount of food thanks to the flat basket design which – according to Chefman – adds 40% more capacity without adding to the footprint.

It can hold enough fries for two people – or a couple of large, bone-in chicken thighs. Or it can accommodate a serving of shrimp for two – no problem at all.

With a 2 Quart fryer basket capacity, it’s ideal for a single person – or a couple who doesn’t mind slightly limited portions. Of course, you could always double the output by completing two cooking cycles. Since this “personal size” air fryer doesn’t take up a lot of space – it can be a perfect fit for a small apartment or condo kitchen, dorm, RV, or any room inside an assisted living facility.

It’s small – yet mighty. Running on 1000 Watts of power, it plugs into any standard 120 Volt outlet. You can enjoy all your favorites in this compact fryer basket and get that healthy and crispy fried finish on a wide variety of foods. Just remember this: the key to crispy food is to resist the temptation overload the basket. When food is adequately spaced – you’ll get a uniformly crisp texture.

With a manual temperature control and a 60 minute timer (complete with automatic shut-off function when the food is cooked properly) – cooking delicious meals couldn’t be any easier. Pull out the tray anytime to check on your food. Sure, the timer will keep taking away. But it won’t take you long to determine if it’s time to flip the food inside. Push the tray back into place and the cooking resumes immediately.

Cleanup is easy too. The removable basket is dishwasher safe and features a cool touch exterior, so you don’t have to worry about touching a hot basket when you remove the tray.

#5: Chefman Digital Air Fryer With 4.6 Quart Capacity


– Suitable for families of 3-5
– 4 Easy presets
– Automatic shut off
– 60 minute timer



Pros & Cons

  • Good value for the money
  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Powerful small family size air fryer (perfect size for three to five people)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks very fast
  • Can cook virtually any food
  • Not excessively big (so it’s easy to find a spot for it in most kitchens and it fits nicely under standard height upper cabinets)
  • Cooks food to a deliciously crispy finish
  • Works even better (meaning there’s very little cleanup) if you also purchase the silicone inserts
  • Can have that factory-like plastic smell (air it out for a few days and then thoroughly clean with lemon juice or vinegar before cooking anything)
  • Not particularly easy to clean (and it can get grungy if you don’t clean it regularly)
  • Bumpers on the cooking basket can fall off
  • No recipes are provided so you need to look them up for yourself (tons of recipes are freely available online)
  • May be a bit large for a tiny kitchen

[amazon box=”B08GY96RL7″ template=”horizontal” title=”Chefman Air Fryer With 4.6 Quart Capacity” description=”This Chefman digital air fryer is great for families of 3-5, where the 6.3 quart is just too big.  It comes with 4 presets making it easy to cook at the push of a button.”]

If you’re looking for a Chefman digital air fryer, but the large, 6.3 quart model listed above is more than you need – this 4.6 quart air fryer might be the perfect solution for you.

It comes with four presets to make air frying even easier. In fact – it is push button easy with built-in presets designed to give you perfect results with fries, meats fish and chicken. And if that’s not enough – there’s also an automatic shut off that kicks in when your food is thoroughly cooked – so you don’t have to worry about serving that’s undercooked and soggy – or overcooked and dried out.

With the onboard 60 minute timer and clear LED “shake” reminder, it’s impossible to mess up. In fact, even a complete kitchen novice could prepare perfectly cooked, deliciously crispy meals and snacks because this air fryer takes all the guesswork out of it.

With the built-in digital display, it’s an effortless process to monitor cooking times. And the result is a deliciously-wonderful crispy texture – evenly applied on every golden bite inside. It’s the one thing quality air fryers like Chefman are known for.

This is a mid-size air fryer. It’s larger than the more compact models, but not as big as the full-size air fryers like the 10.4 Liter Chefman Auto- Stir Air Fryer. It’s likely an ideal size of air fryer for many families whose numbers range from three to about five in total. That’s the sweet spot, although anybody could get plenty of use from this 4.6 Quart model.

You can cook virtually anything in this. It uses 1500 Watts of power and plugs into any standard household outlet. You’ll find air fryer is super-convenient for cooking and reheating. It’s a faster method for cooking complete dinners, or reheating leftovers, so it’s perfect for busy families on the go.
It’s a tasty way to seriously limit – or even eliminate oil – when you cook. And therefore, it’s a much healthier method of cooking for you and your family. Oh and… once you reheat leftovers in this air fryer – you’ll never want to go back to using an ordinary microwave again. Imagine crispy pizza, crunchy onion rings, and fries that are the perfect texture – and not dripping in oil.

This 4.6 quart Chefman air fryer fit’s easily on any countertop. And it looks great too with its stylish, contemporary design. Since it’s fairly light in weight, you can easily store it in the pantry and only take it out when you’re ready to use your air fryer. Simply place it on any counter or tabletop, making sure there’s plenty of space all around, plug it in, load your food and your air fryer will start cooking straight away. You likely find yourself going to this air fryer again and again cooking more often than you used to. So you may want to assign a special place on your counter for your air fryer.

There’s no real learning curve involved. Once you get used to using it, you’ll probably want to air fry something every day. It cooks food faster than a standard oven and it cleans up with ease.

The Verdict

A reliable air fryer can change your life. That’s a bold statement – but absolutely true in our experience. We know that any of these Chefman air fryer models are top notch. – All offer the same delicious air fried food and all are affordable. Which one is best for you will depend on how much food you’ll be preparing on a regular basis.

For single people, or a couple, we recommend the Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer (3.6 quart) model or this Chefman 2- Quart TurboFry Air Fryer.

If you’re looking for something that is a little larger, we heartily recommend the best mid-size air fryer we found – the Chefman Air Fryer With 4.6 Quart Capacity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better – or more economical – for a small family

For larger capacity cooking, we suggest the Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer. Any way you choose – when you select one of these Chefman air fryers – you can’t really go wrong.

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