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There is no shortage of options in the world of nonstick cookware. Since its advent in the 1930s with Teflon-coated pans, it has become abundantly clear that home cooks in particular desire pans that clean up easily and release food without a lot of added fat. In that time, this type of cookware has changed dramatically.

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These days, it seems like you can barely turn around without hearing about some new nonstick technology that will somehow redefine nonstick cooking as we have known it. The latest of this type of pan is the Copper Chef Titan Pan which has been getting some attention for its unique design.

What I really wanted to know about the Copper Chef Titan Pan is this.

  • How different is this cookware?
  • Does it live up to the hype?
  • How durable is it?

My research uncovered some interesting claims made by the company, some of which seemed to be too good to be true. In a number of videos, it is suggested that this is the only pan you will ever need in your kitchen to be successful in a great many tasks. I felt it was worth looking a little deeper, and the best way to get down to the facts about how this pan function is to delve into the reviews of users who actually put it to use in their home kitchens.

Beyond that, I have taken the time to compare the Copper Chef Titan Pan with some other pans. In these comparisons, I will summarize my findings, so that you can make a decision for yourself. My goal is to help you find the pan that will suit your needs so that you don’t find yourself with another subpar piece of kitchen equipment that has you regretting your purchase.

What’s So Good about the Copper Chef Titan Pan?

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What’s in the Box?

9.5″ Frying Pan with Tempered Glass Lid
8″ Fry Pan with extra durable stainless steel construction
Steam/Crisper Tray
Recipe Book

Chef Knife

If you’ve had a chance to check out the Copper Chef Titan Pan videos, you may have been dazzled by the number of ways this cookware will solve all of your kitchen needs. These claims include the triple layers, starting with aluminum at its core and two stainless steel layers which are bonded together for fast heat transfer, even heat retention, and excellent durability.

The true magic, however, seems to lie in its unique laser etched surface that incorporates stainless steel and nonstick together. This in itself if somewhat unique, but the people at Copper Chef have taken that to a new level with a supposed diamond-infused coating, which sets it apart from its competition.

Important Feature #1: Excellent Heat Retention and Conduction

At the core of the Copper Chef Titan Pan is an aluminum core that offers fast heat conduction. This responsiveness to heat is an asset as it gives you more control over your cooking. With aluminum, however, that same heat transfer means that it also suffers heat loss. Copper Chef took this into consideration with the added layers of stainless steel that surround the aluminum layer.

With the added heat retention, stainless also delivers good looks and durability, making the exterior of the Copper Chef Titan line strong enough to stand up to a bit of kitchen abuse. Overall, this triple design has a good deal to offer. This is the type of bonding that we have seen in higher end cookware over the years.

Important Feature #2: Multipurpose Design

The design of this pan makes it a tool you will reach for often. The 11-inch pan offers an ample surface for searing steaks or fish. With this size, you can cook for a family of four. Alternatively, it is suitable for cooking eggs, stir frying noodles, or making other stovetop dishes.

Because this pan has 3 inch deep sides, you can also use it as a saucepan. This works well for sauces that you can simmer with or without the glass lid. Making soup or even chili is definitely suitable for this pan.

The Titan pan is also completely oven safe, which means you can use this as a roasting pan for things like whole chickens or prime rib. The depth of the pan will collect the drippings that can be turned into delicious pan sauces or gravy. Beyond that, it is perfect for braising, with the glass lid that creates a perfect environment for slow and low cooking methods.

Important Feature #3: Comfortable, Ergonomic Handles

The comfort of handling a large pan is certainly not something to be overlooked. If you have ever tried to lift a heavy pan with a poorly placed or insubstantial handle, you can attest to how this can impact the practicality and the safety of your cookware.

The designers at Copper Chef have done a nice job with creating a pan that handles well with one long stainless steel handle that is curved for comfort, as well as an additional handle on the opposite side that allows you to grip the pan for stability. Users who may have found pans to be awkward due to weakness or pain will find this to be a much better design. Overall, this will be helpful if you plan to use the Titan Pan for large roasts that require lifting from the oven. It shows that a good deal of consideration went into this pan.

What the Copper Chef Pan Can Do/Can’t Do

While Copper Chef Titan cookware claims to be a perfect pan for a lot of uses, there are some areas in which it falls short.

The Copper Chef Titan Pan is great for roasting large cuts of meat, but I wouldn’t use it specifically for scrambled eggs which tend to stick.

The Copper Chef Titan Pan is perfect for braising, but I would caution against high heat searing, due to its inability to withstand high temperatures.

The Copper Chef Titan Pan is best for nonstick utensils, but I would avoid using metal utensils.

How Do You Use the Titan Pan?

The Copper Chef Titan is very straightforward when it comes to using. It is recommended that you wash your cookware in warm water with a mild soap before using it for the first time, to remove any factory residue.

Although seasoning is not required with this pan, it is recommended that you heat the pan gently for a minute or two before adding a small amount of fat – either butter or oil. Once your pan has reached the desired level of heat, you can begin adding your food.

It is not recommended that you add food to a cold pan. Medium heat is typically best. If you are cooking protein like chicken or pork, it is recommended that you use some oil to prevent sticking and cook over medium heat. When cooking steak, you can go with a slightly higher temperature. If you are looking for a good sear on your steak, it is best to use a very small amount of oil, as it will hinder caramelization.

Using nonstick utensils is your best bet, despite the claims by Copper Chef that this cookware can withstand the abuse of metal tools. As far as I’m concerned, there is no sense in risking any damage to the nonstick surface which will possibly shorten the life span of your cookware.

Finally, when it is time to clean up, hand washing is your best bet. Hot water, mild dishwashing detergent, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or bristle brush should do the trick. The company does claim that you can put these pans in the dishwasher, though I feel that this may be a bit of a risk to the nonstick coating.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Reviews of any line of cookware give us some insight into how these pans work in real life. When all of the shiny newnesses are stripped away and things get real, we can get a sense of whether or not this cookware is a good fit for you.

There are a lot of users who really love this pan, reporting that it performed well and lived up to the expectations of many consumers. Most people felt it was a worthwhile purchase and that the nonstick surface did its job in releasing the food, allowing for easy cleanup.

At the other end of the spectrum are reviewers who were completely dissatisfied. Interestingly, many of these reviews indicated that cooking eggs presented a big problem when it came to sticking. This seems to be the biggest dividing line among users.

Another common complaint has to do with the tempered glass lid that comes with the Titan Pan. A number of users indicated a problem with water that gets trapped in the lid. This raised some questions about the safety of this lid. I could overlook this issue if it was just one review, but it did seem to be a problem that a number of reviewers commented on.

How Does the Titan Compare?

It is always worthwhile to see how kitchen equipment stacks up against other brands. In this next section, I will show you how it fares when we look at a few other brands so that you can make a decision based on these comparisons.

Copper Chef Titan Pan vs All Clad Hard Anodized Pan

My first comparison called upon the Hard Anodized Nonstick line from All-Clad, which is a giant in the world of cookware. With many different shapes and sizes to choose from, I settled on the chefs pan because it was similar in design to the Copper Chef Titan pan with its wide base, high sides, and opposing handles. Both pans also come with a tempered glass lid.

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The All-Clad nonstick pan offers a more traditional nonstick surface that has been developed and improved for many years by this company that has a long history of high-quality cookware in both commercial and home kitchens. The longevity of this brand tells me that I can call upon a great deal more experience and reviews to gain some insight into how this pan performs over repeated use. Because the Copper Chef Titan pan is so new, it lacks that type of history.

With a hard anodized exterior that gives a dark, matte finish, this All-Clad pan is different from the stainless steel shine of the Titan Pan. For those who are looking for the ease and shine of stainless, this may be a deal breaker.

Beyond the exterior, the All-Clad pan offers a stainless steel base which makes it a fit for all cooktops including induction, like the Titan Pan. What it doesn’t offer is the same three-layered construction that delivers heat transfer and conductivity throughout the entire pan. This is where the Copper Chef Titan Pan may edge out the competitor. Of course, All-Clad does have other cookware lines that offer multiple layered cookware, but you can expect to pay considerably more for that level of kitchen equipment.

The price of these pans differs significantly, with the All-Clad version priced significantly higher, though you have to take into consideration that it does come with a lid. The Copper Chef Titan is available as a bundle (through their website) which includes the 11″ Copper Chef Titan Pan,  8″ Copper Chef Titan fry pan, a stainless steel steaming basket, 5.5″ Santoku Knife, and Chef Jet Tila’s accompanying book of recipes. This abundance of accessories may be worth it to you if you are looking for more than just a nonstick pan. You will need to decide for yourself between something new (and a little gimicky) and a more tried-and-true kitchen tool with a long history of quality.

Copper Chef Titan Pan vs HexClad Hybrid Cookware 12 Inch Non Stick Stainless Steel Frying Pan

My next comparison pits the Copper Chef Titan Pan against the HexClad Hybrid Cookware 12-inch Nonstick Frying Pan. This is a pan that is rather new in the world of nonstick cookware. It is similar to the Copper Chef Titan in that it is made of three layers that combine to deliver fast heat conduction and good retention with the combination of aluminum and stainless steel.

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The nonstick surfaces of these two pans is also similar in that it is a combination that claims to deliver the searing ability of stainless steel with the food release properties of nonstick cookware. The HexClad pan takes it one step further by carrying that hybrid surface over to the exterior of the pan so that it cleans up well on the outside. Both pans claim to stand up to metal utensils, which is a claim that I question over time, as the nonstick surface is sure to withstand substantial damage with careless use.

When it comes to cost, these pans are priced drastically differently. For similar sized pans, you can expect to pay twice as much for the HexClad pan. I would have to question whether that cost is justified. In the end, both of these are rather young products without a lot of history to back them up.

I am cautious to recommend either one over the other because, quite honestly, there isn’t enough evidence to support that either one will stand the test of time. I do know that there is not a nonstick coated pan out there that truly lasts forever, so with that in mind, you have to decide for yourself if it is worth it to buy something with a high sticker price or stick with mid-range nonstick cookware that may give you similar results.

What Is the Copper Chef Titan Cookware Made Of?

The Copper Chef Titan Pan is made of three layers. At its core is a layer of aluminum for fast heating. This is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel that deliver even cooking and heat retention as well as durability. Finally, the pan is lined with a PFOA-free nonstick coating that is laser etched with stainless to deliver a more durable surface.

What Utensils Should I Use with My Copper Chef Titan Pan?

If you have seen the videos of Chef Jet Tila using the Copper Chef Titan pan, then you may recall his use of metal tongs and even a knife directly on the pan’s surface. After all, according to the company, this nonstick coating is durable, right?

The truth is that no nonstick pans are indestructible. Over time, with a bit of wear, those nonstick properties will begin to diminish. For that reason alone I urge you to use nonstick-safe utensils. With so many options out there, you are sure to find one that works for you. It is worth trying to keep your cookware working as well as possible for as long as you can.

Why Are My Copper Chef Titan Pans Sticking?

Even the best nonstick pans may have their flaws. In the case of the Copper Chef Titan pan, it seems like a number of users ran into trouble when cooking eggs. Based on my findings, it is likely that food is sticking to these pans because of one of two reasons – either the pan is not warm enough, or there is not enough oil in the pan to prevent sticking.

These pans work best when they are warm before adding oil. Adding food to a pan that is not heated sufficiently will more than likely lead to problems with sticking. It is best to heat the pan to medium, add oil, and continue heating slightly before adding food. Once you have started cooking, you can then lower the heat and carry on.

Another reason people may have problems with food sticking to their Titan Pans is that they didn’t add enough oil. Nonstick pans still need some sort of fat in order to lubricate the pan and serve as a barrier between the pan and the food. Omitting oil will result in a pan that sticks to your food.

Is Copper Chef Oven Safe?

Coffer Chef Titan cookware is oven safe up to 450 degrees. This is a nice feature that gives this pan a lot more kitchen flexibility. It is ideal for braising, roasting, and baking, making it a kitchen multitasker – something I look for in my own kitchen.

Verdict about the Copper Chef Titan Pan

There are a lot of options out there if you are looking to add a nonstick pan to your kitchen arsenal. My goal is to help you decide on the one that is right for you.

If you want to try a newer product that comes with a number of positive claims and that is reasonably priced, go with the Copper Chef Titan Pan.

If you are looking for something that has a long history of quality cookware and craftsmanship, go with the All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware.

Shopping for the perfect nonstick pan can be quite confusing. Because the surface is prone to damage that can hinder its best qualities if not properly cared for, my best advice is to do your best to protect it. So no matter what pan you choose, I urge you to care for it properly. In the end, the goal is to bring something home that meets your needs for as long as possible so you can enjoy the process of cooking at home with easy cleanup and less frustration.

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