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If you’re shopping around for a quality ceramic-coated nonstick cookware online – you will definitely want to check out the stellar lineup of Greenlife Cookware. It’s a safe way to enjoy the benefits a quality nonstick cooking surface provides, while doing your part for the environment too.

While this brand offers numerous sets of nonstick cookware, in this brief guide, we will share what we’ve discovered about the brand and feature the top 4 sets of Greenlife pots and pans that are available today.

Greenlife is one of several brands marketed by The Cookware Company – a market leader over the past couple of decades in the nonstick cookware niche.

It Begins With A Different Nonstick Surface

Naturally, Greenlife cookware features a nonstick coating. After all, nonstick kitchen tools are the most commonly used and they continue to grow in popularity. Every brand claims to have a proprietary formula. In the case of Greenlife, the inside finish is known as “Thermalon”.

Thermalon is essentially a safe PFOA and PTFE-free ceramic-based nonstick surface. They also contain no lead or cadmium either. This nonstick coating is baked onto the aluminum base at extreme heat, creating a durable cooking finish. It’s the same nonstick coating that is applied to all their pots and pans.

Greenlife Does Their Part For The Environment

Another important advantage Greenlife provides is that they choose to use only recycled aluminum in the manufacturing of their products. Deploying recycled aluminum reduces the amount of trash destined for our landfills. That’s notable – particularly in this throwaway world we live in. Buying from a brand like this makes a statement about you. It says that you care about this precious earth we share – and those who will inhabit it in the future.

As for their ceramic coating – it produces 60% less CO2 emissions – than is typical in the industry during manufacturing – according to the company. Clearly a primary focus of Greenlife is in supplying products that are less harmful to the environment.

Sure But How Good Is It?

One of the big advantages of choosing Greenlife products is that their pans are lightweight and easy to handle – yet quite stable at the same time. With a base made of hard anodized aluminum, hence it’s lighter weight. But anodized aluminum is stronger and it seems like Greenlife cookware sets are a little sturdier than some of the other competing brands we checked out. Handles are soft to the touch and ergonomically designed – so it’s very comfortable to use – and easy to gain a solid grip.

As far as nonstick surfaces go, Greenlife pots and pans hold their own. Despite being nonstick – they remain reasonably durable. Since the base is made of aluminum, they heat up quickly and that heat is evenly dispersed across the bottom of the pan. Cooking is fun and easy and cleaning is a breeze with any Greenlife healthy ceramic non stick pot or pan.

Another plus is that you will find that Greenlife cookware sets are reasonably priced, yet offer a higher level of quality in the nonstick cookware space.

A Rainbow of Colors To Suit

Interestingly, Greenlife cooking sets are offered in a variety of stylish colors, including: black, red, pink, lavender, blue, and the remarkably popular – turquoise. These color options are one of the things customers obviously love and we’re willing to bet that the top bestsellers do not include black or white or anything remotely close.

Frankly, you just can’t beat the color selection Greenlife offers. Most competing brands are yet to provide any interesting color options. If the aesthetics of your kitchenware is important to you – you won’t find a more diverse range of colors that what you’ll find here. It’s an opportunity to pick up a stellar set of nonstick pots and pans to suit the decor of your kitchen.

If the aesthetics of your kitchenware is important to you – you won’t find a more diverse range of colors that what you’ll find here. It’s an opportunity to pick up a stellar set of nonstick pots and pans to suit the decor of your kitchen.

Reliable Kitchenware With Slight Nuances

Greenlife features several different product packages of ceramic coated cookware. And while each is slightly different in some way, they are all feature a similar design, construction and performance. This means that whatever set you opt for, chances are, you’ll be happy. Differences are primarily cosmetic to appeal to a variety of visual preferences.

Greenlife pots and pans are designed in Belgium and manufactured in China – where a huge percentage of the worlds cookware seems to come from today.

It’s safe to use these pans in the oven up to 350°F. All lids in the line are made of tempered glass – so you can monitor your cooking as you go. The handles on both pans and lids are made from Bakelite, a material that is a lot more heat resistant than many of the handles used by competing brands.

Care Is Required

As with all non-stick software, one of the worst things you can do is drop a hot skillet into cold water. Allow the pan to cool before cleaning. And even though these pots and pans are rated as “dishwasher safe” we recommend washing by hand with a soft cloth and very little (if any) soap. In many cases cleaning is best accomplished with a damp paper towel following the cooking process. This method takes care of most residue left in the pan and then when followed up with a quick cleaning, helps keep your Greenlife cookware in top shape.

Avoid using metal utensils to. It’s best to stick to silicone, bamboo or nylon utensils only. This helps protect the delicate nonstick coating.

Not For Induction Stoves

One thing to keep in mind is that green life pans are not designed to be used on induction stove. They work on pretty much everything else – including gas, electric, ceramic and glass topped ranges. If you’re looking for a quality set of nonstick pots and pans for an induction stove – consider this highly rated option.

Below are the top 4 Greenlife Cookware Sets.

#1: Greenlife Soft Grip Ceramic Nonstick – 16 piece Set

If you’re interested in one of the most popular of all nonstick cookware sets, you would be doing yourself (and your family) a favor to consider this 16 piece kit. With nearly 27,000 customers chiming in – this complete package enjoys a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 available stars. That’s huge and not an easy accomplishment by any means. With such a large number of buyers voicing their approval, it’s usually a sure sign of a stellar product.

At first glance, what must be a major point of interest is the value this set offers. You get 16 pieces – in a beautiful blue finish – at a price that is probably affordable for the majority of people. This set of nonstick cookware is another one that’s available in a variety of colors. In this case the colors offered include blue, black and cream, bright pink, pink, hibiscus, lavender, red, turquoise, and yellow.

Although this is a 16 piece set – it includes a 4 inch mini frying pan. We’re not entirely sure what anyone would use this pan for, other than possibly cooking a single egg. In other words – it’s not all that useful. But the remainder of the set certainly is.

One sure thing about this Greenlife set is that it’s finished with a healthy ceramic nonstick coating – one that’s also easy to clean. The coating itself is derived from particles of sand that make it a non-stick surface that is completely free of PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium making it a safer kitchen option.

Intelligently designed with Bakelite handles that stay cool – this set is a pleasure to cook with. It’s made from recycled aluminum so it’s definitely a greener, more environmentally-friendly option to consider.

The aluminum base is reinforced to create a stable, wobble free base. But this is something that you can only fully appreciate after using a pan that has become warped or otherwise badly damaged.

Another great advantage this Greenlife offers is that there are no rivets or bolts on the interior. The reason this is important is that this area tends to accumulate food particles and is the most difficult to clean. That’s not the case here with Greenlife. Cleanup seems much easier.

Not only is the body of green life cookware built tough, it’s also stunningly attractive with those vibrant colour options. Comfortable handles that fit beautifully in your hand are a joy to hold.

Glass lids make it a breeze to keep an eye on your food, without lifting the cover and losing that heat which only interrupts the cooking process.

– After several months these are still going strong and cleaning just as easily as they did when new
– Stunningly attractive – you just can’t beat the gorgeous colors offered
– Beautiful set at a reasonable price equals great value
– Quality nontoxic nonstick cookware
– Cooks perfectly (steamed veggies, grilled cheese, eggs and rice)
– Light weight despite its strength (If you’re tired of lifting heavy pots, this lightweight set is ideal)
– Resistant to sticking food
– quick and even heat distribution across the pans
– No rivets is a huge plus
– Surface seems durable
– Lids work well and enable you to see inside
– Great for making delicate dishes such as eggs, pancakes and crêpes
– Included utensils are useful – although cheap looking
– Ergonomic handles have a nice feel to them
– It’s a ton of fun owning cookware that’s different from the standard boring gray or black colors

– Nonstick seems to be equivalent to other brands not (it can scratch easily if you’re not careful)
– Can show plenty of wear and tear after a year or two
– Marketed as dishwasher-safe but clearly it is not
The brims of these pots are flat and can be sharp (if you’re not careful, you could easily cut a finger)
– Built-in handles can change color due to exposure to the heat
– You can’t grab the handle close to the pan because it does heat up
– Easy to overheat your food because the material is thin
– Some pieces in this collection are too small to be useful


#2: Greenlife Soft Grip Induction – 15 Piece Ceramic Set

This bundle is designed for induction stove tops. But since induction is used by less than 10% of the population, there are far fewer buyers for this set versus the previous set by Greenlife. And that is to be expected. Still, this one posts a positive 4.6 star rating, albeit from a (relatively small (by comparison) number of customers speaking out – less than 400 in total.

Color variations are offered are on this set although not nearly to the same extent as the previous package. These Greenlife pots and pans are available in blue, pink and turquoise. It’s clear that color is a big factor in pulling buyers towards the Greenlife brand.

What’s In The Box?

7 inch frying pan
9.5 inch frying pan
1 quart sauce pan with lid
2 quart sauce pan with lid
2.5 quart sauté pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
7 inch stainless steel steamer basket insert
4 kitchen utensils

As is the case with the previous set, this one features Greenlife’s proprietary nonstick ceramic coating made from sand. It is PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium free and features soft grip Bakelite handles that are designed to stay cool.

This set also includes a heavier induction base. This added weight also means they are more stable since the aluminum is reinforced. Its rivet-less interior ensures that food particles don’t get trapped there.

– Handles are soft and provide a firm grip without heating up
– Ceramic nonstick coating really works (with a splash of oil egg slide right out of the pan effortlessly)
– Nothing sticks or stains
– Great value – does the job at an affordable price
– Very good quality
– Heats evenly and consistently
– Aesthetically pleasing designs
– Easy to handle
– Cleanup is (mostly) quick and easy (hand-washing is recommended
– Capable cookware set for every day use
– Available in several attractive colors

– Can scratch easily if touched with metal utensils
– Pans can get really hot really fast
– Exercise caution when using on a gas stove because the flame can come up the side and burn part of the handle
– Stockpot would be more useful if it was a larger size
– Exterior paint can scratch off relatively easily


#3: Greenlife Soft Grip Diamond Ceramic Nonstick 13 Piece Set

This set is yet another quality offering from the Greenlife Cookware line. It’s their 13-piece diamond coated ceramic nonstick. Again, this one scores high marks from actual buyers, pulling off a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars – with about 3000 customers reporting.

The most notable difference with this cookware set from Greenlife is the diamond-reinforced ceramic nonstick coating. According to Greenlife, this is a significant upgrade as far as nonstick cookware goes designed for serious home chefs. Diamonds – the hardest of materials – supply extra strength to the nonstick coating. These are also PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium free. This means that no toxic fumes are ever emitted from these pans – even if they are overheated.

As is customary from Greenlife, all of the pots and pans in this collection are made from recycled aluminum. Each comes complete with the soft grip handles and solid tempered glass lids. And every element in the set is also oven safe up to 350°.

What’s In The Box?

7 inch frying pan
9.5 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3.8 quart sauté pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
7 inch stainless steel steamer basket
Nylon ladle
Nylon slotted turner
Two nylon spatulas

These Greenlife pots and pans seem to hold up quite well. Of course, it’s important to clean these after cooking to remove all residues. However, you should avoid harsh cleaning – including the dishwasher – and never use metal utensils. If you follow these basic guidelines, chances are you will be happy with the value you get from this Greenlife cookware set.

– Pans perform well at an affordable price
– Pleasing to the eye designs and colors
– Adds a lot of charm and a designer touch to the modern kitchen
– Cleanup is simple and quick (hand washing is the safest way to go)
– Quality nonstick surface helps minimize the use and consumption of fattening butter or oils
– Cooks evenly across the pans
– Handles are -made and comfortable
– Lightweight pots and pans (easy to handle)
– Can cook anything in these including melted cheese (without having to fuss with a difficult cleanup)

– Utensils provided feel light and are cheap looking (though they are safe to use in these pans)
– Pans can lose their nonstick coating after several months
– Handles can become loose overtime
– Finish can chip and scratch easily if pots and pans are stacked
– Sauce pans do not have a built-in spout


#4: Greenlife Artisan Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 12 Piece Set

Here is the latest release from Greenlife – it’s their Artisan collection of ceramic coated cookware. This set is currently available in 3 fun colors – soft pink, turquoise, and yellow. The base of the Artisan line is made from recycled aluminum and is slightly more heavy duty in quality – so it’s likely targeted more towards serious home chefs, rather that those folks simply trying to prepare a quick meal.

What’s In The Box?

7 inch frying pan
9 inch frying pan
2.5 quart sauté pan with lid
2 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
4 bamboo utensils

This Artisan collection features Greenlife’s diamond-reinforced ceramic nonstick coating which is actually quite durable. You can place any of these pots or pans in the oven up to 600°F – and glass lids are safe in the oven up to 425°F. The base is thick forged and durable to prevent pans from warping and wobbling over time. This package features an upgraded build quality – one that’s more durable than the standard.

Stainless steel handles are comfortably contoured to create a relaxed, yet firm grip. This set is suitable for all stove tops – with the exception of induction stoves.

With the higher heat capacity in the oven, you can easily go from stove top the oven and back – with less worry. And according to Greenlife, no toxic fumes are ever emitted from these pans – even when accidentally overheated.

Clean up is simple. Just rinse and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel and you should be good to go. Avoid harsh brushes and soap and never put your nonstick cookware in the dishwasher.

– Clear glass lids give you a view of your cooking food without having to lift the lid and lose heat
– Includes the most popular sizes of pots and pans
– Solid and stable build quality
– Easily go from stove top to oven to finish cooking such dishes as omelets or casseroles without the need to flip them over
– Diamond reinforced coating seems to hold up well

– Only available in three colors (as of this writing)
– Not made for induction stovetops
– Four pieces out of 12 pieces are only utensils

The Verdict

Truth be told, no nonstick coated pots and pans from any brand will last forever. That’s a given. They all have a finite lifespan and it’s nothing like cast-iron or even stainless steel. But when you know that in advance and you want non-stick cookware for the convenience factor of quick cooking with less cleanup time, than Greenlife is a good option.

If you’re looking for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly package of pots and pans – Greenlife Cookware is the way to go. If we had to choose our favorite of all from the Greenlife lineup – it’s this set of Greenlife Pots and Pans. But all 4 packages reviewed are solid choices. Simply pick the package that best meets your needs now and in the immediate future.

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