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If you’re looking for a healthier non-stick finish that’s also better for the environment, GreenPan cookware may be just the answer you’re looking for. Their pots and pans are solidly constructed and finished inside with GreenPan’s own layered nonstick finish made from ceramic, making its cookware safer than many others in the marketplace.

This Belgian-based company began in 2007 with the idea that they could enhance the nonstick cooking experience without using harmful chemicals. The result is that GreenPan has indeed succeeded in the process of making safe and reliable nonstick kitchen appliances.

The complete set we most recommend is:

GreenPan Reserve Healthy Nonstick Ceramic Five Piece Set.

What’s In The Box?
10 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
2.8 quart sauce pan with lid




Pros & Cons

  • Visually stunning cookware
  • Sturdy hard-anodized aluminum bodies that are stable on any stove top
  • Greenpan invented healthy ceramic nonstick cookware
  • Easy to clean (stuck on messes can be cleaned up effortlessly after soaking in warm water for a few minutes – even cheese sauce is easy to remove)
  • Well-made cookware set
  • A reliable set of every day cookware
  • Can cook just about anything on these things (even eggs slide out effortlessly)
  • It’s nonstick and therefore won’t last as long as stainless steel
  • Does not work on induction stove tops
  • Some consider these a little on the expensive side
  • It’s a small set with limited capability

Aesthetically, this set is stunning. It features a beautiful black speckled finish on the pots and pans with a gold tone handles that set this cookware apart from any other.

Previous buyers (though relatively few in number to date) have given this GreenPan Reserve Cookware Set a remarkable 4.9 out of 5 possible stars.

What you’re getting with GreenPan Reserve is a set of reliable cookware, with each body constructed from a single piece of hard-anodized aluminum – a material that is remarkably sturdy and durable. That means you can easily get years of service out of your GreenPan cookware set – as long as you take good care of it.

The interior on this GreenPan Reserve bundle is coated with this manufacturer’s diamond reinforced Thermalon ceramic finish – a nonstick finish that is surprisingly durable.

With the Reserve line you get even cooking without losing heat. And you can safely use your pans in the oven under the broiler – up to 600°F – without worrying about the finish breaking down. The key to broiling with quality nonstick cookware is to not leave your pans in the oven for too long. All you want is to crisp up your food or create that perfectly golden-brown finish on a casserole or deep pan pizza.

This set also features heavy duty glass lids that are oven safe up to 425°F. Glass covers make it easy to keep an eye on what you’ve got cooking on the stove – without letting any steam escape and slowing the cooking process. Not only do the gold-toned, stainless steel handles look beautiful – they also provide a comfortable and solid grip on each piece.

As long as you follow directions and avoid extreme heat, these pans should never warp or become distorted in shape and scratches should be kept to a minimum. The advantage of well cared for GreenPan cookware is that you’ll get much more use out of your set.

Not For Induction Stoves

If you outfit your kitchen with a set of GreenPan Reserve cookware, you’ll find them to be versatile pots and pans that can be used for virtually anything in the kitchen. You can use green pan cookware on most stove tops, including: electric, gas, halogen, ceramic, and glass. Unfortunately they won’t work on induction stovetops, since they are made out of anodized aluminum rather than stainless steel.

Avoiding the dishwasher is your best protection against the breakdown of the anodized aluminum exterior. Simply get in the habit of hand-washing all your pots and pans. That’s the best way to ensure a long and healthy life from your investment – whatever the brand you ultimately buy.

Another bundle we heartily recommend is:

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Cookware Set

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
9.5 inch frying pan
11 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quarts stock pot with lid
3 quart sauté pan with lid
Three pan protectors for stacking pans


Pros & Cons

  • Excellent quality nonstick cookware
  • Substantial, robust pots and pans in a good mix of sizes for various kitchen functions
  • Using pads in between means you can safely stack these without scratching them
  • Easy to clean with a soft sponge and hot water (Even acidic foods like tomato sauce or soup clean up easily)
  • Nonstick coating seems to hold up really well
  • Beautiful looking set of nonstick cookware
  • Handles remain cool despite being all metal
  • Reliable every day cookware set that’s convenient to use
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Heat gets evenly distributed so food cooks at the same time
  • Easy to maintain (nonstick coating seems very resilient and has not scratched through daily use)
  • Induction compatible cookware
  • Felt protectors to place between the pans or a nice bonus
  • You don’t have to worry about harmful Teflon flaking off into your pots or pans
  • Seems to be heavy duty cookware with a nice weight to them
  • You don’t need much heat to cook with these (and cooking doesn’t get any easier)
  • Easily handles sautéed veggies, scrambled and poached eggs, sausages, steaks, lamb chops, pork chops and more
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lids work really well and fit perfectly
  • Quality cookware at a good price point
  • Useful for every home cook – whether a professional chef or a complete beginner
  • It’s nonstick cookware, so eventually the interior coating will wear off (and once the nonstick coating is gone as it is with any nonstick set the pans are no longer useful)
  • The bottom of the pan can discolor when used on gas stoves or when placed in the dishwasher
  • An 8 quart stock pot would make a useful addition in this set
  • It gradually begins to lose its nonstick attributes
  • Pan skin chip on the edge (avoid banging utensils on the edge of your pan)
  • Need to avoid using extra virgin olive oil (even though that’s what most people are likely to have on hand)
  • Handles on the sides can get quite hot
  • Advertised as dishwasher-safe like all non-stick (but it is not)

With nearly 1100 previous customers chiming in, the GreenPan Valencia Pro set scores a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The biggest difference with this set is that it is induction-friendly. That means you can use it on any stove top including gas, electric, halogen glass, ceramic and induction.

We’re going to focus on the 11 piece set, although it’s also available in a 4-piece and 16-piece set.

The finish GreenPan deploys is made of ceramic infused with diamonds. This finish is completely free of PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium – so it will never release toxic fumes – even if you overheat your pans by mistake.

Since there’s a built-in magnetic base – you can use these on an induction stove top too. These pans produce beautiful searing and browning results – like you’d expect to get from your favorite restaurant. With its hard-anodized aluminum construction – these pans can withstand the rigors of daily kitchen use.

Although GreenPan (like virtually every manufacturer) says that their pans are dishwasher-safe, we strongly recommend that you avoid using the dishwasher for your pots and pans. Ultimately it will break down the nonstick coating. It can also destroy the anodized finish on the exterior, leaving a powdery chalk all over the surface.

Stable Pans That Have A Quality Feel To Them

One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up any item from the GreenPan line is the quality solid build that’s gone into each piece. It’s clear straight away that these are robust pots and pans with a slightly different look and finish to them. The major difference lies in GreenPan’s exclusive “Thermalon” ceramic nonstick coating. It’s a nonstick finish GreenPan developed and it comes in two distinct colors – a blue/gray finish as well as creamy white.

Take any piece from a set of GreenPan cookware and you’ll immediately notice how solid and stable this cookware appears to be. It’s not some cheap nonstick pan you’ll find in discount stores. That’s not the case at all. GreenPan pots and pans feel substantial and well-balanced in your hand. Handles are comfortable to hold and double riveted to each pan.

Reliable and Continuous Performance

GreenPan has grown to offer numerous pieces in their cookware line including frying pans, pots of various sizes and griddles. We’ve had the opportunity to use both the small frying pan as well as the griddle and have been pleased with not just the cooking performance but the quick and easy cleanup tasks too. That’s something you don’t see covered in a lot of GreenPan reviews.

GreenPan’s Thermalon coating has definitely proven to be up to the task of consistently providing a slick, nonstick finish that functions well. After cooking, a quick wipe up with paper towel takes care of any residue. After allowing it to cool, you can then wash these pots and pans in hot water with mild liquid soap and a soft brush or microfiber cloth.

Handle With Care

But as with any nonstick cookware, you’ve got to use it in a specific way and treat these pans with extra care. That is, if you want them to last so you get maximum value from your purchase. This means cooking on low to medium temperatures (never high), hand-washing only with hot water and soft bristle brushes, sponges or cloths, and never using a dishwasher, and using only silicone or smooth wood and nylon utensils.

Every type of nonstick coating is delicate and could be damaged easily. The trick to a satisfying experience is to use these pans properly to extend their lifespan. Following the basic guidelines above can go a long way towards getting maximum use value from your GreenPan cookware.

A Safer Nonstick Alternative

You just can’t argue how helpful a good set of nonstick pots and pans can be in any busy home. They save time and can help cut back on the use of oils or butter. But there’s a downside with a lot of nonstick cookware that’s out there. Some of the chemicals used to create these culinary treasures that make life easier can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. They can also be quite harmful to the environment.

Thankfully, GreenPan cookware is a safer alternative. Their nonstick coating is made from ceramic and is made completely free of lead, cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS. Most nonstick cookware could begin to emit harmful chemicals at 400°F and above. But Green Pan’s ceramic nonstick coating doesn’t begin to break down until it reaches a temperature of 850°F – far higher than most home ovens can reach by setting the dials.

GreenPan oven safe cookware is made completely free of lead, cadmium, PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS. So if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy a nonstick cooking experience, you may want to steer towards GreenPan nonstick. These pots and pans are attractive and functional. They’re easy to handle and not difficult at all to clean.

Since the Thermalon coating is heat resistant at higher temperatures than most nonstick surfaces, even if you end up overheating your pan by mistake – you won’t have to worry about toxic fumes escaping into the air that you breathe.

You Can Choose

It used to be that if you wanted nonstick cookware – you didn’t have a choice. You had to opt for whatever was available. Thankfully, with the GreenPan line of cookware – those days of limited choices are over. You can now choose a healthier option – one that’s better for you and those you cook for as well as the environment. Plus – you’ll likely be thrilled as thrilled as we’ve been with how GreenPan pots and pans perform in the kitchen.

GreenPan skillets have easily handled French toast, pancakes, pot-stickers, eggs, sausage, non-breaded chicken breasts, stir-fry’s, a variety of fish fillets – and more. Another advantage of ceramic nonstick cookware is that salt seems to have no negative effect. That means these pans can easily handle acidic sauces – or even clams in salty water.

But as with all nonstick coated cookware – it’s important to use your pots and pans at lower temperatures. Fact is – you don’t need to cook at high temperatures and since any temperature above medium creates stress on the nonstick coating – this will ultimately accelerate its breakdown.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Don’t expect these pans to last forever – like stainless steel and cast iron cookware can. It just doesn’t happen with nonstick pots and pans – no matter what the brand. It’s simply the nature of the product. To assume otherwise will ultimately lead to disappointment.

More About GreenPan Cookware

Green pan pots and pans provide even heating – and they retain heat quite well too. That’s important when you’re cooking more than one item and time is of the essence.

While not super lightweight, they’re not exceedingly heavy either (because they’re crafted from anodized aluminum) and are therefore easy to maneuver in the kitchen.

GreenPan cookware offers good value overall. They’re not the cheapest nonstick pans on the market – nor are they among the pricier lines. And while no nonstick finish lasts endlessly, GreenPan cookware has certainly held up and proven to be one of the more durable nonstick coating’s we’ve ever used at home. It doesn’t easily flake off like some brands do. But it will accumulate scratches over time.

Silicone Is Your Best Bet

The best utensils to use with GreenPan cookware are steel reinforced silicone utensils. Check the surface to make sure they are smooth before using. What you’ll find is that silicone is generally more delicate than wooden or nylon utensils. The latter two can have edges that may be slightly harmful to nonstick coatings.

As with any nonstick it’s important to allow the pans to cool before cleaning. Let them reach room temperature and then you can wash thoroughly by hand – with hot water, a soft cloth and regular dishwashing soap.

Another way to get maximum use out of your green pan cook cookware is to avoid aerosol sprays. The chemicals in those sprays can damage any nonstick surface – including GreenPan’s Thermalon ceramic coating.

How To Get the Most From Your Greenpan Cookware

It’s important to use fats that the manufacturer recommends – including pure olive oil, peanut oil, or Ghee exclusively and avoid using extra-virgin olive oil. Follow the directions and you’ll get maximum use value from your pots and pans. Don’t overheat them and take your time. Start with the lowest heat setting and gradually work your way up to medium. You’ll find that food cooks easily and you’ll protect your pans in the process.

The Verdict

Considering their advancement is safety, GreenPan cookware is a good choice for virtually any kitchen – and they’re affordable too.

With either set from GreenPan, you’re getting healthy non-stick finish that’s been reinforced with diamonds – so it’s got added toughness and durability. These nonstick pans are as safe as you can get and completely Teflon-free and free of any other harmful chemicals too. With a body made of scratch resistant hard anodized aluminum – this cookware is up to the task of daily use for most homes.

It feels good cooking with safe, nonstick cookware and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals potentially leaking into your food or the air you breathe. We can confidently recommend both of these sets of GreenPan cookware.

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