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So you’re looking for a new set of kitchen pots and pans. Well that’s a start. But you want a set that is as stunning as it is useful for everyday use. Well that’s exactly what you can get with the Rachael Ray Cookware Cucina Range. It’s a beautiful set of pots and pans that is truly unlike any other.

We recommend the Rachael Ray Cookware 12 piece set from the Cucina line. It’s safe for use on all types of cooking appliances – with the exception of induction stoves.

Buy the Rachael Ray 12 pc Cucina cookware set from Amazon now (all the colors are available here)

What’s In The Box?
1 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
6 quart stock pot with lid
8.5 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
3 quart sauté pan with lid
Slotted turner (or flipper)
Slotted spoon


Pros & Cons

  • Uniquely beautiful with designer colors you simply can’t find anywhere else
  • Fully functional porcelain enamel cookware (It’s good for every day cooking, or when you want to make a statement at a dinner party or get together)
  • Handles provide a sturdy, comfortable (and safe) grip
  • The built-in flared rim makes it easier to pour liquids out of the sauce pans with less mess
  • Nonstick coating seems to be more durable and longer lasting than many competing brands
  • Color has not faded after a couple of years and the nonstick coating remains intact
  • Good variety of sizes in this set for day-to-day cooking versatility
  • Nothing seems to stick to the nonstick coating – even sticky candy and cheesy sauces
  • Diameter of the pots and pans are the same so the lids are easily interchangeable (a real plus that spares you from rifling through cabinets or drawers trying to find the correct lid)
  • Fits beautifully with any compatible décor and adds a designer’s touch
  • Tight fitting lids ensure a proper seal for more efficient cooking
  • Comes complete with great packaging that protects the contents well
  • Clear lids make it easy to see inside while cooking
  • Pans get nice and hot making cooking a snap
  • Easy to clean by hand-washing (even burned-on tomato sauce comes off quickly with hot water and a soft sponge)
  • Beautiful earth-tone shades create a rustic feel
  • Strong and durable
  • Distributes heat evenly and efficiently
  • Good value for the price
  • Beautiful color added to the handles
  • Dual rivets secure the handles providing strength and stability
  • Stylish and vibrant
  • Some say the color is slightly duller than that shown in online images
  • Provided utensils are of a cheaper quality and could actually damage the nonstick coating
  • Rivets on the inside of the pans are not coated and can rust (they are also difficult to clean around)
  • Nonstick finish looks like it could be made of Teflon
  • Not safe to put in a dishwasher – these pots and pans need to be washed by hand only
  • Aluminum is not the most durable material for pots (if you drop one on the floor – it can get dented and lose its perfect shape)
  • Color can fade off onto your hands (it’s not clear whether this could be from a dishwasher or extreme heat on a stove top)
  • Aluminum is thin and can easily warp
  • Not compatible with induction stove tops
  • Surface finishes can stain easily

Visually Stunning Cookware

This package features a quality build that delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from the product endorsed by Rachael Ray herself. But the most appealing advantage has got to be the stunning range of designer colors that this bundle of Rachael Ray cookware (Cucina range) is available in. For anyone who likes to openly display their kitchen cookware – there isn’t a better set you can find anywhere.

You may, as I often do, feel inspired to cook spectacular dishes because of the tools, equipment, or new gadgets you suddenly have at your disposal. You’ll tend to want to perform to a higher standard where the dishes you prepare taste like they are fresh from your favorite restaurant. When you’ve got quality cookware to work with – it’s easy to get fired up. It’s as though you are now prepared to elevate your kitchen game and cook dishes that are absolutely delicious.

Choose The Color That Resonates

rachael ray cucina cookware
Rachael Ray Cucina Cookware (Lemongrass Green)

Get inspired by the vibrant colors of the Rachael Ray Cucina line of cookware offers. It’s designed for everyday use – but it also feels special. It’s beautiful on the interior and is absolutely gorgeous on the exterior. It’s something that will make your kitchen come alive and pop with vibrant color. All exterior surfaces are covered with a sturdy enamel porcelain coating in the glorious earthly tone of your choosing.

Beauty and Function Combined

This set cooks perfectly on low heat – without any hotspots. Handles on these pots and pans – as well as their lids – remain cool on the stove top. And speaking of lids – these ones are made from shatter-proof tempered glass.

You can also place any piece from this line in the oven – up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Just but be sure to use oven mitts whenever you do.

For trendy, designer-style cookware you can’t beat Rachael Ray cookware. Choose from a varied line of unique colors including: agave blue (most popular), lavender, lemongrass green, pumpkin orange, sea salt gray and cranberry red.

Nonstick Convenience

Not only is it colorful and vibrant this cookware also features a nonstick finish inside, for quick easy food release no matter what you toss inside. This nonstick coating is POFA free and true to the designer form of Rachael Ray cookware – is provided in a fashionable espresso-colored finish.

Solid Build Quality

All Cucina pots and pans are made from heavy-duty, hard-anodized aluminum. It’s this base material that contributes to the quick and even heat distribution and general light weight and easy handling of these pots and pans. This is important when cooking – especially when you’re preparing those larger feasts that involve multiple dishes that demand plenty of time spent in the kitchen.

Handles are made of stainless steel and are double-riveted to every pot and skillet in the set for reliable strength and durability. For added comfort, all handles are also coated with a silicone rubber – with the exact color match to the body of the pot or pan. This adds a designer flair to an area of cookware that is all too often overlooked.

Another thing that stands out on this set is that the top edges of the pots flare outward, making it less likely to spill the contents.

Added Protection

Rachael Ray Cucina Cookware (Agave Blue)

Silicone rubber added to the handles is helpful and may eliminate the need for a potholders or oven mitts. But it’s never a bad idea to have a good set of silicone mitts just in case. In fact, you should err on the side of caution – rather than risk getting burned. Before you reach for a handle that’s been in use – test the temperature of that handle – or take the time to put on a protective glove before you do.

Not surprisingly, this set of quality pots and pans the Rachael Ray nonstick cookware Cucina Range set is among the more popular cookware sets we’ve seen. Collectively, nearly 22,000 actual buyers have rated this set a 4.6 out of 5 available stars. That’s remarkable from such a large number of previous buyers and more importantly – is a strong indication of a product worth buying.

Proper Use Extends Lifespan

What you can expect from this Rachael Ray set is a long-lasting and easy to clean nonstick surface. Just be sure to wash them by hand – with hot water and a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and firm brushes or sponges.

Another way you can manage the cleaning is simply wipe the pan out with a paper towel immediately after cooking – as long as it’s cool enough to do so safely. For stubborn stains, use a solution of vinegar or lemon juice and baking soda. Let the mixture sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, before lightly rubbing with your finger over any baked on food. Repeat the washing process, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

It’s important that you only use silicone, nylon or wooden utensils. Of those three options – we found that silicone is the safest and least likely to damage any nonstick coating. All you need is a small drizzle of oil applied to these nonstick pans and you should be able to panfry anything you want with ease.

It’s also a good idea to not stack these pots and pans when storing them – or you could easily damage the nonstick coating. If you need to stack them due to space constraints – be sure to provide a cushion between each layer – whether it’s a tea towel or some other kind of padding, like bubble wrap.  If you are short of space and looking for stackable pots see our reviews here.

Avoid placing nonstick cookware in an oven above 400° Fahrenheit. Anything hotter could seriously damage the coating as the chemicals could begin to break down when it gets too hot. This could be not only damaging to your pan – but to your health as well. Once the finish gets damaged – it’s time to replace your cookware.

Attractive Cookware That Performs

For reliable, high-performance and reasonable durability this beautiful Rachael Ray Cookware set gets good grades. You can count on fast and even heating (thanks to the hard anodized aluminum build) and easy to use functionality from the nonstick interior.

It seems that this cookware lasts too. Numerous buyers report having used this Rachael Ray line of cookware for several months with it retaining its original look and beauty. A few others -particularly those using gas stoves – have reported damage done to the beautiful exterior by flames shooting up the side of the pans.

That’s why it’s important (if using a gas stove in particular) to only use the size of pot that’s a good fit for the burner. Naturally, with flames shooting up the side – eventually you’re going to damage the finish.

Show Them Off

If you like to display your cookware by hanging these pots and pans prominently in your kitchen, than you will want to take extra care when using them to protect their appearance. Only use low to medium heat. That fundamental rule applies to all nonstick coated cookware. But it often gets overlooked.

These pots are a little bit taller and wider than many other sets. So if you’re used to using other cookware, it can be a bit of an adjustment. But the beauty and functionality help make it a seamless transition.


The Verdict

For sheer beauty – it’s difficult to beat the Rachael Ray cookware Cucina range of pots and pans. Featuring designer colors that pop plus a quality nonstick coating on the inside – this set is both beautiful and functional. Like all nonstick coated cookware – you will need to take care of these pots and pans and use them properly in order to get maximum use and value. If you like to cook, you’ll enjoy cooking with this set. Any way you look at it – this is stunning set that will be a joy to use and show off to your friends.


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