With so many kitchen tools and accessories available, it’s easy to accumulate a whole bunch of stuff that rarely gets used. And the more pieces you gather, the more difficult it can be to keep your kitchen organized and uncluttered. In fact these gadgets may be taking up a lot more space than you realize. And what if you don’t have a lot of space to begin with? One solution is to pick up a set of stackable pots and pans – and get rid of all those odds and ends.

If you are in a hurry, see our top pick the Ninja set of stackable pans, or for a caravan or RV, the Magma set of nesting pans

For our review of the Gotham Stackmaster pots and pans go here.

When you do so – it just feels better. You free up space you didn’t know you had. What’s particularly rewarding about purging your cookware and replacing it with stacking pans and pots is that you can easily retain – and even gain – functionality in the kitchen. And it’s all possible from a single bundle of cookware that occupies a lot less cabinet space. You’ll be making a huge difference while saving space and staying organized – without compromise.

Reevaluate Your Space

Go ahead and look at your kitchen cabinets and take note of how all your pots, pans, skillets, and lids are stored. If you haven’t done this in a while it could be an eye-opening experience – as it was for me. Chances are you will find cookware that you haven’t used in months – maybe even years

Now you have an opportunity to get rid of all that clutter and start fresh with a new set of stackable pots and pans that will save you an enormous amount of space and tidy up your kitchen storage area too.

Search Less – Enjoy More

With a well organized kitchen, you’ll be much more inclined to spend more time creating delicious meals, desserts and snacks for you and your family. You won’t waste precious time searching for one pot or pan or another. With stackable space saving pans and pots, your kitchen will feel well organized and you will discover that you have more space to work with a lot less clutter.

The beauty of stackable pans is that they can be stored efficiently in a single place – often in a single stack. There’s no need for multiple storage drawers, racks or cabinets. And you won’t have to hang up your cookware on hooks where dust will inevitably find them

You’ll have everything in a single place so you won’t have to go searching the next time you need the right size pan for a specific dish you want to prepare. It’s all right there in front of you and it’s easy to see.

Painless Downsizing

Stackable space saving pots and pans make it easy to downsize without losing functionality. You’ll fit it all into much less space. A stack of pots and pans looks orderly and tidy. Some stackable sets even come with detachable handles – making it possible to store a variety of cookware in the smallest of spaces.

An additional space-saving feature that may not be immediately noticeable is that lids can often be used interchangeably among the pots and pans of a collection. This means that you can store both pots and lids are in a more confined area. This makes them perfect for RVs, trailers, tiny houses, and small apartments and condos. But they’re also just as effective in larger homes because you won’t be wasting access storage space. This gives you more room for useful accessories like a quality air fryer.

Designed To Stack

Using space saving cookware makes a lot of sense in many different home kitchens. Some people incorrectly assume that they can simply stack any set of cookware. But that’s not the case and can easily lead to unexpected consequences when their nonstick coating gets scratched or chipped – or their pots and pans get dented.

When you pick up a set that’s designed to be space saving and stackable – you can safely stack them without worry. They are designed around the idea of being able to stack and remain in perfect condition.

What follows is a brief review of the top 8 stackable pots and pans on the market today.

#1: T-fal All-in-One Hard Anodized 12 Piece Set of Stackable Cookware

What’s In The Box?

11 inch frying pan
12 inch frying pan
10 inch deep sauté pan
4.2 quart stew pot with lid
2 quart stock pot with lid plus fridge lid
1 quart stewpot
3 utensils – including a slotted turner (or flipper) flat turner and spoon
Also included card warranty card and user manual


Pros & Cons

  • Cooks fast and evenly
  • Stackable set fits nicely into cupboard
  • Omelets slide out of the pan with very little or no oil
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean and maintain (proper cleaning the pan helps it last longer)
  • Handles are comfortable to grip
  • Heat ring is a nice added feature (you don’t have to guess when your pan is ready – you will know with certainty)
  • Seem to be heavier duty pots and pans
  • Stable heat distribution
  • Feels like a set worth more money (best value out there)
  • Nesting cookware at a budget price
  • Easy to use and can be used in the oven
  • Lid for the fridge storage is an excellent feature
  • Good balance of quality and value
  • Food does not stick (at low or medium heat) and cooks evenly across the pan
  • Lids for frying pans are not included
  • Nonstick coating can come off despite users claim to have only used a sponge and soap
  • Pans may be smaller than expected
  • There’s an almost fine grit to the surface – so if you let food dry – it’s harder to get spotless
  • Pot lids are not covered by the warranty
  • Utensils are small and feel cheap
  • Pots and pans are thin

T-fal has been around since the beginning of nonstick cookware and chances are you’ve seen at least one T-fal product before. One thing we can tell you is that T-Fal has come along way with their cookware and today’s product is far different from those earlier versions.

With this 12 piece set – you’re getting a complete package. All pots and pans are made from hard anodized aluminum which heats up quickly and retains that heat too. They also come equipped with oven safe silicone handles that can withstand oven temperatures up to about 400°.

According to T-fal, this set of stackable cookware has a stronger protective layer and is corrosion resistant too. The base is stable and not prone to warping. T-Fal deploys their proprietary Thermospot technology with a built-in ring that turns solid red indicating when the pan is perfectly preheated and ready for cooking.

As for the nonstick coating – it’s a durable combination that includes titanium for reinforcement and is relatively scratch resistant. No it is not scratch proof and we don’t think any nonstick surface could make that claim. With T-fal, food slides out easily so cooking is fun and easy and clean up simple and quick.

The fact that this set is entirely stackable is the main feature. You can go from stovetop to oven and then even store leftovers in the fridge – with a specially designed lid to fit right over the pan. How cool is that?
All in all, you will save about 45% more space with these stacking pans from T-fal.

T-fal has been producing nonstick cookware for more than 60 years that helped revolutionize cooking for many people around the world. You get fast results with less oil and fat. And cleanup is quick and easy – thanks to the nonstick interior.

To sum it up, this set from T-fal supplies a hard anodized aluminum construction with a titanium nonstick coating inside. It’s oven safe up to 400° and the surfaces PFOA, lead and cadmium-free. Included are heat resistant handles and vented tempered glass lids. These pots and pans are stackable, scratch resistant they retain heat perfectly well they’re also corrosion resistant.

#2: Calphalon Premier Space Saving Nonstick 10 Piece Set of Stackable Pots and Pans

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauté pan with lid
6 quart stock pot with lid



Pros & Cons

  • Good choice for a medium size family
  • Quite durable and nonstick works well
  • Stacking pans nest perfectly (excellent design means you won’t be scraping the pan below)
  • Really good quality
  • Convenient sizes for preparing a variety of meals (allows for plenty of versatility)
  • Heat evenly disperses better than other brands
  • Pots are large enough to cook plenty of food
  • Strong and durable with thicker material (a definite upgrade from most brands)
  • Reputable company with good customer service
  • Makes an excellent choice for people with little kitchen storage space (these are awesome space saving pans and pots)
  • Food can get stuck around the rivets/bolts inside the pan
  • Handles can actually collect water inside and then release while it on the stove while cooking
  • 1/3 of the handle gets too hot to touch while cooking, the next third is warm to the touch, but the last 1/3 stays cool

This is one of the most popular sets of nonstick stackable’s we found. And Calphalon buyers – by and large – are very happy with their purchase. This particular set scores an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars from nearly 600 customer reviews.

Calphalon provides what they claim is an extra durable three-layer nonstick coating that lasts. It’s reinforced for added stability and their pans are made with a heavy gauge construction. Stainless steel handles stay cool to the touch – but you should always use caution.

With Calphalon you get an easy food release and the hard anodized exterior seems to hold up better than several other competing brands. It’s the thickness of material that determines how sturdy a pot is. Calphalon uses a thicker gauge that seems more resistant to denting and warping. This cookware is safe up to 450° in the oven and it comes with flat tempered glass lids and long handles on their pans that remain cool.

Cooking surfaces heat quickly and evenly. Calphalon claims to be the first name brand cookware to adopt a hard anodized aluminum base for its pots and pans – borrowing from the aerospace industry back in the 1960s. Since then virtually every other manufacturer has followed suit because anodized aluminum is much tougher and more durable.

This set is designed to easily stack and nest one pot into the next – saving you at least 30% storage space. It allows you to easily organize your cabinets and the flat lids allow for smaller stacks.

#3: Greenpan Essential Stackable Ceramic Nonstick 10 Piece Set

What’s In The Box?

Included in this 10 piece that is the following:

1.5 quart sauce pan with straining lid
2.7 quart sauce pan with straining lid
6.2 quart stock pot with straining lid
10 inch frying pan
12.5 inch fry pan with lid
11 inch round grill pan
Three bonus pan protectors


Pros & Cons

  • This is a beautiful set of stackable pans and pots
  • Versatile set with a good selection of cookware
  • Excellent lid designed to allow for draining (no need to buy a colander because these are easy to drain)
  • Compact set (stacks beautifully making it perfect for an RV or trailer – since it save a lot of space)
  • Easy to cook with and easy to clean
  • Pots are good and thick with a solid feel to them
  • Good value here and an excellent option for daily use
  • Nothing seems to stick to these
  • Even though there is rubber or silicone on the handles- they are oven safe
  • Worthwhile for somebody who wants to have everything to meet their cooking needs from one bundle of cookware
  • Although these are stacked nicely, it is a little inconvenient to pull out the entire stack to find the one pan you need
  • Lids are not up to the quality of the pans (they can be sharp on the edges)
  • Handles on lids can get extremely hot
  • Some say it’s over priced

This set offers Greenpan’s most advanced ceramic nonstick coating. That means it’s infused with diamonds for better durability, fast heating, easy food removal and effortless cleaning. It’s all this – and stackable too. And according to the manufacturer, their ceramic coating comes from sand and is completely safe. No toxic fumes are ever emitted – even if the pan is overheated.

With a base constructed from heavy duty steel, these pans deliver excellent heat conduction. It’s a solid bundle of cookware and yet, the entire set can be stacked in only 13 ½ inches of vertical space – freeing up about 30% more space inside your kitchen cabinet.

Greenpan states that this set is oven safe to 400°F – and the lids up to 350°F. They also claim that it is dishwasher safe – but we recommend that you never put nonstick pans in a dishwasher. Always wash by hand. They tend to last longer for you that way.

The lids nest nicely to making stacking that much easier.

In short what you’re getting is a stackable set of pots and pans with a healthy ceramic nonstick coating that’s easy to cook on safe to use PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium-free.

#4: Granitestone Stackmaster 10 Piece Cookware Set

What’s In The Box?

This 10 piece stackable set includes:

8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan skillet
Two points 2.75 quart sauce pan with lid
3.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3.75 quart sauté pan with lid
5.35 quart stock pot with lid


Pros & Cons

  • Heavy gauge pans (due to the steel induction plate built-in)
  • Heats evenly and does not warp or lose shape
  • Long handles make these easy to grasp
  • Ships with a stacking guide so you know exactly how to stack your pots and pans properly
  • Lids can stack too – a big plus
  • Perfect for a large family
  • Easy to clean up
  • Space saving design feature is superb
  • Handles on lids get quite hot (after all, they are directly over top of the heat)
  • Some rims are not perfectly rounded – so the lid may not properly seal.
  • Difficult to clean the lid around the rim

Another stellar choice is offered by Granitestone. This line is one of the more popular stackable’s on the market today. And this particular 10 piece set has achieved a positive 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) from just under 2700 customer reviews. That’s a lot of happy buyers.

That’s a lot of functionality from a single set of stackable pots and pans – that actually takes up very little space. With interchangeable lids, there’s even more space to be saved – and fewer pieces to mysteriously go missing when you need them most. You can stack them without worrying about a single scratch.

These space saving pans and pots are rated as oven safe up to 550°F. But that’s not all. It’s a rare set that is compatible with all stovetops – including gas, electric, ceramic – and induction. This is terrific news and a huge plus for those who happen to have an induction stove.

Granitestone features their PFOA and PFOS-free nonstick coating and solid stainless steel, cool touch handles on each piece in this kit.

You can bake with these in the oven. Imagine the perfect deep pan pizza – finished off with a little broiling at the end – to give the cheese on top that perfect golden color and crispness.

Number 5: Gotham Steel Stack Master Set of Pots and Pans -15 Pieces

Stackmaster review.

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan skillet
2.75 quart sauce pan with lid
3.5 quart sauce pan with lid
3.75 quart sauté pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
5- piece set of utensils



Pros & Cons

  • Compact stacking pans and pots
  • Capable nonstick surfaces that deliver a positive experience
  • Heats well (evenly distributed heat) and food does not stick or burn
  • Cleans up quickly and easily
  • Excellent solution for a smaller apartment or condo
  • They don’t scratch with nylon, bamboo, or silicone cooking utensils
  • Good quality construction
  • Heavier than other pots and pans (these give you a feeling that it’s well-made and reinforced)
  • Works well on induction stove tops – and others too
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Can require extra washing and rinsing to get them completely clean (this is necessary though to maintain the nonstick properties)
  • May not work on some induction stoves
  • Lid handles can get extremely hot
  • Food and water can get trapped in the lid

Gotham Steel’s set of stacking pans allows you to nest all your cookware together – and save about 30% of your cabinet space. This brand uses a quality ceramic and titanium nonstick surface – for quick food release and easy cleaning. Interchangeable lids allow you to always have a cover handy for any cooking task.

These pans are oven safe up to 550° and the stay cool handles provide a soft and stable grip. It’s always a good idea to have an oven mitt or extra tea towel handy just in case. Sometimes handles can get hotter than expected.

What makes this a worthy stackable set of pots and pans? The clever design that allows them to be stacked together in such a way to prevent the non-stick coating from coming into contact with any other surface. Since they’re stackable – they can help you organize your cookware easily. You can stack everything in into one pile or two shorter stacks – whatever suits you and your available space.

#6: Ninja 10 Piece Set of Nesting Cookware

What’s In The Box?

8 inch frying pan
10 1/4 inch frying pan
1 1/2 quart sauce pan with glass lid
2 1/2 quart sauce pan with glass lid
3 quart sauté pan with glass lid
6 1/2 quart stock pot with glass lid


Pros & Cons

  • Stock pot is the perfect size (it’s ideal for soups, stews, sauces – even popcorn)
  • Sauté pan is perfect for browning marinated tofu and making perfect stir fry’s
  • Food does not stick
  • Offers good value overall
  • Convenient pot and pan sizes
  • It’s truly nonstick – even when browning foods
  • Clean up as easy (just wipe it with a damp cloth give it a good rinse and it’s ready to go)
  • Flexible enough to be used on gas, electric, ceramic, glass and induction stove tops
  • Lids fit perfectly and form a good seal on pots
  • Handles are a nice comfortable and don’t get hot
  • Package offers a good variety of sizes
  • Lids do not have a vent hole (although this is a plus when cooking brown rice)
  • Finish on the outside can be a little rough in places
  • 8 inch frying pan does not have a compatible lid

Ninja has a unique design that protects the nonstick surfaces as you stack them – so they don’t chip or flake. Nearly 2000 customers have rated these Ninja Stackable pots and pans a solid 4.8 out of 5 possible stars – which is about as good as it gets.

Ninja features an anti-scratch nesting design that protects your pots and pans by suspending the cooking surface. This way – nothing ever comes in contact with them while being stored.

It’s got everything you need in one. You can griddle, sauté, pan fry, shallow fry, deep fry, boil, steam, braise, bake, roast and broil with this Ninja set. It features stainless steel, ergonomic handles and oven-safe operations – up to 500°. The manufacturer claims that you don’t need any oil or butter, but we recommend using a little bit of either and wiping out the residue when you’re finished cooking.

#7: All Clad Essential 10-Piece Nonstick Stackable Cookware Set

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10.5 inch frying pan
2.5 quart sauce pan with lid
4 quart sauce sauté pan with lid
7 quart multi pot with lid and insert
13 inch square pan
Two bonus silicone trivets


Pros & Cons

  • Lots of pieces in the set allows for greater kitchen capability (the square pan is a brilliant addition)
  • Lids are interchangeable
  • Food rinses off fairly easily
  • Makes a good investment for serious foodies
  • Stacks into a compact pile that saves space
  • Easy to add to the oven and broil the top of dishes
  • Well balanced cookware that’s a pleasure to use
  • Food does not stick yet cooks evenly with less oil
  • Pans can scratch easily
  • Lids can shatter
  • Handles can get a little hot
  • Can be pricey

Here’s another set of stackable pots and pans that delivers a high degree of customer satisfaction. This particular bundle scores 4.8 out of 5 stars – which is outstanding and rare. But it should be noted that ranking comes from notably fewer customers (about 650 to date) than the Ninja product just above.

This set offers just about everything one would need to cook any delicious dish. For a well-rounded bundle – it’s tough to beat this All-Clad Essential Stackable Set. Since it’s made from anodized aluminum – it’s quite durable yet lightweight and easy to move around. The stacking feature allows for minimalist storage and you never have to worry about any wear and tear on the surface of your pots and pans.

#8: Magma Products – 10 piece Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set

What’s In The Box?

10 inch frying pan/sauté pan
1 ½ quart sauce pan
2 quart sauce pan
3 quart sauce pan
Lid that fits all sauce pans in set
5 quart stock pot with lid
Two removable handles
Bungee storage cord to keep it all together


Pros & Cons

  • Well designed to stack together
  • Handy for straining and steaming
  • As compact as nesting pots can be (ideal for saving space)
  • Works perfectly for small apartment kitchens or trailers and RVs
  • Food tastes great prepared in these pots and pans
  • Removable handles work well
  • Set should last a lifetime
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Good versatility from a compact set
  • Removable handles hold pans securely in place
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • Heats up well
  • Small pot sizes
  • Doesn’t cleanup as easily as nonstick
  • Works the same as any other stainless steel cookware

This is the only set in our “Top 8” stackable pots and pans that is made from stainless steel. All of the others have nonstick coated surfaces. Fact is, you just can’t beat the durability of quality stainless steel cookware and this package from Magma is certainly a well made set.

This nesting cookware is designed specifically for RV, trailer and boat owners – because it’s made for induction stoves. But that’s not to say anybody can’t use it. Fact is, this robust set will work equally well on any stove. Heat distribution is excellent and the 18-10 mirror polish, marine grade stainless steel Magma uses means these pans are built to last a long time.

This set is the most compact nesting set available on our list of the best stackable cookware. This is due to the removable handles. With handles you can take off, it’s easy to fit all the pots and pans into a single stack. And with this one stack (containing the entire set) takes up less than half a cubic foot of storage space.

The Verdict

Owning a reliable set of stackable pots and pans can make a lot of sense in a number of situations. You will definitely save space in your cabinets – space that can be better utilized in another way. Or, if you haven’t got a large kitchen to start with – space saving pans can be the perfect answer. They allow you the flexibility to cook whatever you want in the limited space available.

Our top pick overall was a toss-up between two marketplace favorites – this Ninja set of stackable pots and pans and the All-Clad Essential space saving pans.

But if you’re purchasing a set for your RV or mobile home (where kitchen space is at an all-time low) you just can’t beat this Magma set of stackable pots and pans.

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