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If you’re searching for affordable nonstick cookware – you’ve undoubtedly come across numerous brands simply because they’re everywhere it seems. But there’s one brand that is surprisingly affordable and reliable – and that’s what will share in Starfrit the rock review.

Starfrit the rock cookware is unique in the marketplace. Frankly, we weren’t expecting much – given its competitive price point. But the more we investigated, the more intriguing Starfrit cookware became. We knew we had to test it out ourselves. And after using it for several months – we can tell you with absolute confidence – this is a solid brand of nonstick cookware.

Our Recommendation: Starfrit The Rock 8-Piece Cookware Set

8 Piece Set – What’s In The Box?
1.5 quart sauce pan
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan with lid

10 Piece Set – What’s In The Box?
1 quart sauce pan with lid
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quart stock pot with lid
10 inch frying pan with lid

Pros & Cons

  • A joy to cook with and well worth every penny
  • Solid performance to price ratio (and quite affordable too)
  • Seem to last longer than run-of-the-mill nonstick cookware
  • They don’t warp and the finished does not scratch off like it often does on Teflon-finished pans
  • Pans are nonstick without being extra slippery inside (so food moves when you want it to but will not just slip and slide all over the place)
  • Handles are strong and remain permanently attached
  • Doesn’t tend to stain much
  • Cooks nicely at lower temperatures than other nonstick pans
  • Handles don’t get hot when used on the stove (obviously if you place these in the oven they will warm up and therefore – you need to take the necessary precautions)
  • Makes a wonderful addition to most kitchens
  • Affordable (yet it’s as good as cookware that costs more)
  • Set includes a good variety (pretty much everything you’re going to need on a weekly basis)
  • Still looks and functions like new (more than a year later)
  • Stuck on food can be lifted by soaking it for a couple of hours in hot water and a little soap after doing so stuck on food should come out pretty easily
  • Well packaged product
  • Some buyers report having used the cookware for as much as six years before requiring replacements (that’s better than the average lifetime of most non-stick pans)
  • Provides a healthy nonstick coating to cook on
  • Nonstick finish feels thicker and more durable than most
  • Pans are reasonably lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Lower price point makes these pans among the best buys currently available
  • It is nonstick cookware and therefore eventually the finish will fail and breakdown
  • Warranty does not cover the outside material (since it does not affect the performance of the pan)
  • Cannot go above medium heat (The same limitation applies to every brand of nonstick cookware)
  • Handles can get really hot (be sure to keep and pair of oven mitts or pot holder handy)
  • In the eight piece set – the smaller size pan does not come with a lid

This selection from Starfrit features a 3 mm thick aluminum base – creating a solid foundation for every day cookware. According to Starfrit their finish is 50% harder and 40% more resistant to abrasions.

But it’s the interior coating that sets Starfrit apart from many in the field. The interior finish on each piece in the set is a reinforced nonstick coating that is textured and durable. Tempered glass lids allow you to peer inside as your food cooks without disrupting the flow.

Another recommended bundle is this Starfrit The Rock 10 piece set complete with lids.

Both sets are similar. So it’s ultimately a matter of choosing which package is likely to serve you better.

So essentially, there’s no 8 inch frying pan in the second set – something that’s probably not a huge loss for most people. But what’s been added is the 2 quart sauce pan with lid, as well as a lid being added to the 1.5 quart sauce pan. From our perspective, the 10 piece set is a slightly better buy.

With both sets you’re getting cookware that’s guaranteed to never warp. Its extra thick forged aluminum base tends to be more stable and the finish is made to resist scratches. Quality Bakelite handles (with stainless steel inserts) are durable and functional. With aluminum as the foundational material – heat distribution and retention is top notch. And the nonstick coating is generally easy to clean up after the cooking is all said and done.

This cookware is compatible with all gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and halogen cook-tops. But since there’s no stainless steel involved – neither set is suitable for induction stove tops.

Either set is an excellent way to outfit your kitchen with quality cookware. It doesn’t matter what the task is – whether you’re making homemade sauce or stew, frying fish fillets, or boiling potatoes – these cookware sets from Starfrit will serve you well.

Remember to always cook at a low to medium temperature and avoid higher settings. You do not need high heat to boil water. It just takes a little longer at a lower temperature.

The coating on Starfrit The Rock cookware feels like a pebbled rocks surface. Nothing seems to peel or chip off.

It’s stable cookware yet it’s lightweight enough so that even folks suffering from mild arthritis should be able to manage these pots and pans with relative ease.

Built From A Stable Base

Starfrit The Rock pots and pans are made from a base of anodized aluminum. This creates a strong, stable and yet remarkably light weight frame for any cookware. But what this manufacturer does next seems to make all the difference.

Unique Nonstick Coating

This brand of reasonably-priced cookware features an exclusive nonstick coating that feels remarkably rugged to the touch. It almost has a pebble-like or orange peel feel to it. And it’s this texture that (at least in part) results in a surprisingly effective nonstick finish. It doesn’t feel flimsy or “painted-on” in the least. Instead, this coating feels rock-solid to the touch and creates the impression of rugged, longer lasting cookware.

According to Starfrit, this nonstick coating is applied in two separate layers for greater durability. They refer to their finish as “rock.tec” – an unusual name – to say the least. But it’s what happens in the manufacturing process that helps make this finish surprisingly durable and effective.

At some point on the factory line, small metal pellets are fired at force towards the surface coating in rapid succession – creating small indentations which establish the textured coating. This surface treatment actually produces a whole bunch of tiny dimples on the surface of all Starfrit The Rock aluminum pots and pans. Tiny air pockets are created by this process that enables the food to slide out easily. It’s a noticeably different finish – with a remarkably nonstick effect.

Functionality and Value

Starfrit offers a variety of products, though not the vast array that some of the larger manufacturers do. You can buy single items if you want to. But you’ll get the best value and versatility when you pick up one of the Starfrit the Rock nonstick sets.

Handles are riveted and for a durable and long-lasting connection to each pot and pan. Accompanying lids are made of tempered glass (which is common in the industry) and useful for monitoring your dishes as you go, without breaking the cooking cycle. And these lids all have a steam release that’s built-in.

Through every day use in the kitchen, what stood out to us was the durability of the original Starfrit nonstick coating. It remains just effective as it was when it was fresh out of the box. This coating does not seem to get sticky – nor does it chip off easily – like most low-cost nonstick pans do. It’s obvious after using these for a while that whatever materials and processes Starfrit deploys, certainly work – and work well. After more than a couple of years of use, it continues to perform as it did when it was new.

Budget-Friendly Choice

If you are on a budget and shopping for effective nonstick cookware – you really do need to check out what this brand and in particular – the cookware set we cover in this Starfrit the Rock review.

When you compare the value you get at such an economical price, you’ll find that Starfrit The Rock is a tough nonstick option to beat.

Handle With Care

According to Starfrit, their nonstick cookware is 100% PFOA and PTFE-free. So you can use this cookware freely as long as you follow the basic directions of cooking with nonstick kitchenware.

Although it seems rock-like on the outside – don’t go crazy with Starfrit nonstick. Respect it as nonstick cookware and use it accordingly. Like other nonstick pots and pans, you should never use Starfrit the Rock at high temperatures. That’s one sure-fire way to destroy the nonstick coating. Even if it doesn’t show evidence of breaking down right away, don’t tempt fate.

According to Starfrit, their pots and pans can be used in the oven, but only up to a temperature of 365°F – or lower with the lid on. But you can increase this temperature up to 450°F without a lid – which is comparable to other nonstick lines.

As with other non-stick cookware, it is best to completely avoid the dishwasher and only wash your Starfrit The Rock pots and pans by hand. Dishwashing detergent can easily discolor the exterior surface of your cookware and it will damage the nonstick interior too. Another thing to remember is to avoid using metal utensils. Choose only silicone (by far the best option), nylon or wooden spoons and spatulas.

Nonstick As It Should Be

When used properly, you’ll find that nothing really sticks to the surface. After you’re done cooking, you can simply wipe out your Starfrit pans with paper towel or a soft, dry towel. Then wash thoroughly, using hot water with a little liquid soap and a soft sponge, brush or microfiber cloth.

These are excellent, versatile pots that are great for making soups, chowders, stews, chilies and curries. Starfrit the Rock pans are also well-suite for frying delicate foods like fish and eggs.

Solid As A Rock?

You’ll find that with Starfrit you’re getting strong yet lightweight flat-bottom pans that cook evenly. The surface treatment creates a rock solid, nonstick coating with extended durability, thanks to the enhanced properties. Many other brands of nonstick cookware simply spray on an ultra thin finish that goes on like spray paint. But the coating incorporated into Starfrit the Rock cookware seems a lot more permanent. It is “nonstick” cookware however – all of which has a finite lifespan by its very nature.

According to the manufacturer, their finish is 50% harder and more capable of withstanding higher heat (though we do not recommend putting this to the test). Starfrit also claims that this coating is 40% more abrasion resistant.

It’s scratch resistant as long as you avoid metal utensils. The finish will longer lasting than competing brands and usually cleans up with a quick wipe. For anything that is burned on – you can soak it in warm water – and it should come out easily afterwards. If not, try making a paste out of vinegar and baking soda and rub it in real good to any stuck-on residue.

Starfrit’s heavy gauge aluminum forged aluminum construction provides efficient and even heat distribution. And it’s oven safe too – up to 375°F with the lid or 450 without. Rugged construction likely means you are not likely to experience any hotspots or warping – problems that can often occur with inferior nonstick pans.

You’ll find that Starfrit is a fairly solid brand of nonstick cookware. Its thick forged aluminum base provides even heat distribution. And the nonstick coating is applied in three separate layers for added strength. It’s really the unique surface treatment that separates this brand from other cookware. It seems better able to resist scratches and abrasions.

Everyday Cookware

Although these are not the more expensive pots and pans you’ll find by All Clad or Calphalon – what you’re getting with Starfrit The Rock is reasonably good quality at a bargain. You’ll find that the nonstick coating is better than many out there.

Once your pots and pans arrive, wash them thoroughly in hot soapy water before using. Dry them off thoroughly. When you’re ready to get cooking, apply a teaspoon of oil or butter before adding your food to the pan. The surface has a real heavy duty feel to it.

The Verdict

Hopefully this Starfrit the Rock review has shed some sought after light on this affordable brand of nonstick cookware. If you want to be able to cook like a professional chef – but you don’t want to invest in professional quality cookware – know that you can get very good results with either of these sets. If we had to choose one – we would opt for the 10 Piece Set of Starfrit the Rock cookware. We’re confident that you will be as pleasantly surprised as we are at how reasonably-priced pots and pans perform.

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