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Looking for a top quality cookware set that you can use for virtually any dish – from special occasion feasts to everyday meals? Viking professional cookware is among the best you’ll find as you’ll see in this brief Viking pots and pans review. There are a variety of well-made and bundled cookware sets and one of them might be just right for you.

Virtually the entire line from Viking is excellent for those home chefs who are serious about their culinary creations. After all, when you have the chance to work with quality cookware – it naturally elevates your game to the next level.

Viking Pots and Pans Review

Now let’s jump right in to our honest assessment of the best Viking cookware sets on the market today. If you’re looking to outfit your kitchen with quality cookware that will serve you well for years to come – you won’t want to miss this.

#1: Viking Contemporary Three-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set (10 Piece Set)

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2.4 quart sauce pan with Lid
3.4 quart sauce pan
5.2 quart Dutch oven with Lid
3.6 quart sauté pan with Lid


Pros & Cons

  • Heavy- duty quality nonstick cookware with high heat absorption
  • Easy to use and very stable
  • Cooks food faster
  • Professional grade pans at a reasonable price for consumers
  • Consistently performs well
  • Remarkably easy to clean after using (despite the fact that it’s not nonstick cookware) and for any stuck-on particles or stains, use Barkeepers Friend or vinegar and baking soda to make it look new again
  • Beautiful looking set
  • Glass covers are made from good quality heavy duty tempered glass
  • Terrific value (high quality cookware that won’t break the bank)
  • Makes cooking much more enjoyable
  • Skillets are superb and give you chef-quality results (even inexperienced cooks can flip eggs like a pro)
  • Safety use on all types of cook-tops
  • Durable and comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Pans feel substantial in your hands and retain heat exceptionally well
  • Small frying pan is not very useful (the handle is long and heavy so the pan can easily tip)
  • A little too heavy for some to use on a daily basis
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Food can burn easily if you don’t watch it

This bundle from Viking features triple- layered construction for superior results in the kitchen. The exterior is made of durable stainless steel, with a solid aluminum for high-performing heat transfer that is quick and convenient.

This set is inspired by the Windsor Pan design. With its conical shape, these pans provide more surface area – for more efficient evaporation and quicker cooking times. As much as we like to spend time in our kitchens, it’s not much fun waiting around for a pan to heat up, or to cook all the food inside evenly. And it can be particularly frustrating to experience such delays after you’ve had the opportunity to cook with better quality cookware that fires up rapidly.

This set from Viking Cookware has a stylish and modern look to it that’s pretty cool and original.
Tempered glass lids let you to monitor whatever it is you’re cooking easily – without disrupting the process.

What’s different about Viking is that they use sealed rims to completely surround the aluminum layer inside of stainless steel. This means that no aluminum will come in to contact with your food. You also won’t have to worry about unsightly aluminum strips changing color when exposed to water – or the dishwasher.

Also included with this cookware set from Viking are internal volume markings (on the sauté and sauce pans) in both imperial measurements and metric. This seems like such a simple thing, but it makes a big difference to efficiency in the kitchen. For one thing, it saves you from dragging out additional measuring cups. You can simply fill to the desired level in the pot.

Handles are ergonomically designed to feel great and provide a secure grip that’s comfortable and well balanced. They also remain cool to the touch.

While the Viking contemporary cookware set is said to be dishwasher safe, that’s more of a marketing ploy (something most cookware makers do) because the manufacturer also recommends hand-washing. It’s a good idea anyway to get in the habit of washing any pot or pan by hand if you want to retain its beauty and functionality for as long as possible.

If you’re going buy a quality brand of cookware such as Viking, it makes sense to realize that you’re going to have to spend a little more time to care for it.

These pots and pans are remarkably durable and safe for all cook-tops, including: electric, gas, ceramic, glass, halogen and induction. These quality pans can even be used on an outdoor grill.
Viking pots and pans are oven safe up to 600°F. But with the glass lid, you need to keep the temperature down to a maximum of 450°F.

#2: Viking Culinary Hard Anodized Nonstick 10 Piece Set

What’s In The Box?
10 inch frying pan
12 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan
3 quart sauce pan
5 quart Dutch oven
4.5 quart sauté pan with helper handle


Pros & Cons

  • Well-made cookware that makes you feel like a professional chef in the kitchen
  • Truly nonstick inside surface
  • An excellent nonstick option for induction stove tops
  • Terrific customer service (and this company stands behind their products)
  • Feels like these are commercial-quality pots and pans
  • Even heat distribution means no hot spots
  • Cleans up beautifully – and easily
  • Long handles mean it can be grabbed at the end furthest from the pan without fear of burning yourself
  • Heavy cookware that’s solid and substantial
  • Very well-made pans
  • Lids are constructed of top quality material and fit well
  • Compatible with all types of stoves – including induction
  • Comes with three layers of nonstick coating
  • Excellent option for those who prefer nonstick over stainless steel
  • Easy to use (even for a novice in the kitchen)
  • Questionable quality control (at least one customer complained about getting two shipments of an identical component and both shipped with the same defect)
  • The handle on the sauté pan can get really hot over time (wear hand protection)
  • Probably not the best set to gift grandma due to the heavier weight of these pots and pans
  • Since it’s nonstick, you need to wash these pots and pans by hand (and use only silicone, nylon, or wooden utensils that are super smooth)
  • Due to the greater than average weight, these pans can take slightly longer to heat up
  • -Glass lids are only safe in the oven up to 350° (so you have to be aware of its limitations when using your pots or pans this way)

This Viking Culinary set is made from durable, hard anodized aluminum to provide exterior strength and durability. It’s this material that is also largely responsible for the efficient transfer of heat (something aluminum is well known for in the industry).

On the inside, this Viking culinary line features a triple layer of nonstick coating that is PFOA-free. This finish gives you superb food release and a worry-free way to enjoy nonstick cooking with a lot less fat.

With well over 200 previous customers reporting, this Viking culinary cookware set scores an impressive 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. So it’s among the highest rated cookware we’ve found yet.

Glass lids are dome-shaped and made of tempered glass so you can monitor what’s your cooking in the overall shape gives it optimal heat circulation inside. Ergonomic handles remain cool to the touch, comfortable to handle and well balanced on the stove.

You can also place these in the oven to finish off a dish to your liking – or to keep a family meal warm until everybody’s ready to eat. Convenient markings on the inside make it easy to fill accurately without the need for secondary measuring cups. We’ve found thins to be a handy feature, yet it’s not always available on other brands.

Heavy gauge anodized aluminum (which makes it more durable) is used on all sides and the bottom of every pan in the set. In fact, each pot and pan in the set is crafted from a single piece of aluminum. As for the interiors, each is coated with a layered nonstick finish. Flared rims on the frying pans make it easy to toss the food and pour out without spilling.

Hand-washing is recommended though it is said to be dishwasher-safe. It is definitely oven safe up to the 500°F mark – but the glass lids are oven safe only up to 350°F. Built-in handles are resistant to heat, however you should always play it safe by using a pot holder, tea towel or oven mitt when picking up any pot or pan that’s been on the stove or in the oven.

Another great feature of the unique Viking handles is that they feature a finger-stop that more or less guides your hand into the perfect position for a solid and comfortable grip. This gives you superb balance and greater control of the pot – something that is particularly useful when it’s filled. And although this set is manufactured in China, it is among the best nonstick hard anodized cookware sets in its class.

#3: Viking Culinary Three-Ply Stainless Steel/Hammered Copper Clad 10 Piece Cookware Set

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2.25 Quart sauce pan
3 quart sauce pan
5.2 quart sauté pan
8 quart stock pot
4 separate lids


Pros & Cons

  • Absolutely beautiful set of cookware with a stunning copper exterior
  • Delivers even and consistent heat across the pans
  • Very well-made cookware that should last for many years to come
  • Substantial weight and thickness that can take significant heat
  • Volume markings on the inside of the pots (in both imperial and metric) are helpful
  • Vented tempered glass lids are a plus for many dishes and being able to observe as you go
  • Has a colander insert for the stockpot
  • Set features a nice mix of pots and pans (should be a good fit for most homes)
  • Handles are double riveted to the pans for extra strength
  • Cooking with copper can be a wonderful and tasty experience
  • Handle is so well-balanced that it can reduce any stress placed on the wrist
  • Copper heats up remarkably quick and then cools down just as fast
  • Some stains on the copper seem difficult to remove
  • Not a wise purchase for lazy people (since some maintenance is required from time to time)
  • It’s a little expensive

OK, this bundle is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve ever cooked with copper pots before -you’re going to love this one. If you’re new to using copper, there’s a little bit of a learning curve. But the added control it gives you enables you to cook even the most delicate dishes to perfection – so it’s worth learning how to use it properly.

The Culinary line from Viking features an elegant design that is crafted from beautiful stainless steel that will not give off any metallic taste to the food inside – even when making acidic sauces like marinara.

You can use this set on the stove top and in the oven up to 400°F – or even on your outdoor grill. Vented glass lids help you observe your cooking progress without interrupting the process.

With just over 50 previous buyers reporting, this set currently rates a 4.4 star rating (out of 5 available stars) – a little lower than we would expect. But some of the negative reviews have nothing to do with the product itself, which can skew the results.

With this set, you get excellent heat transfer – thanks to the aluminum core. At the same time, the copper exterior provides even heat distribution and precision control of temperatures. And the beautiful appearance is second to none. To maintain that gorgeous sheen on the exterior copper finish, it’s always a good idea to routinely apply Barkeepers Friend. You can also use a combination of sea salt and lemon juice applied to the copper to help maintain its original look after each use.

This set is compatible with most stoves – with the exception of induction. That means it’s ideal for electric, gas, ceramic, glass and halogen cook-tops. And you can place these pots and pans in the oven with lids at up to 400°F – or as high as 500°F without a lid.

Be sure to wash this quality cookware by hand only, using hot water and a soft cloth, brush, or sponge. Use only gentle dishwashing liquid and keep these fine pots and pans away from the dishwasher.

#4: Viking Five-Ply Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set with Hard Anodized Exterior

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
5 quart Dutch oven with lid
4 quart sauté pan with lid

Pros & Cons

  • Pots and pans hold up really well without showing signs of breaking down
  • Versatile cookware can be used on any stove top, outdoor grill, and the oven
  • Well-made cookware from a top manufacturer
  • Amazing cookware set for soups, chilies and chowders
  • Sturdy and durable pans that hold up well (you can feel the quality by simply picking up any one of these pots or pans)
  • Multiple layers contribute to that even heat distribution and retention
  • Clean up is quick and easy
  • An absolute pleasure to use (you’ll probably want to use them everyday)
  • Can handle hotter temperatures (when properly used) and nothing seems to stick
  • Not exactly the easiest cookware to care for (every time you use them it looks like you need to clean them again to restore to their original aesthetic and cleanup can be time consuming)
  • If you’re not a professional and you don’t season your pans, you may find your food sticking
  • Handles can burn your hands
  • Made in China
  • Expensive set of pots and pans
  • Cookware set would be more helpful with a 12 inch skillet
  • With a little more attention to detail, this set would be outstanding

This set comes with many other things Viking cookware is known for, including the interior markings for easy measuring on the pots and the signature Viking ergonomically-designed, stay cool handles. Try these out and I’m sure you’ll agree that the comfort grip is unbeatable and the balance and control feel second to none.

This quality cookware bundle is a little bit different in that it features a hard anodized aluminum exterior – with 18/8 surgical quality stainless steel on the interior of each pot and pan. By the way – it’s best to season your stainless pans and keep them seasoned for maximum results. In between those two layers are three layers of aluminum alloy bonded together. The result is five separate layers of material providing superb heat transfer and outstanding kitchen performance. With this set, you can cook like a professional chef in your own home.

This hard anodized stainless series can be safely used on any kind of stove top including gas, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen and induction. You can also cook with these in the oven – or on an outdoor grill.

Like the other Viking pots and pans we’ve looked at, this one features Viking’s signature stay cool ergonomic handles – something that is unmatched in our view. These handles are securely attached to every pot and pan in the set with solid stainless steel rivets. This means that there’s only one material on the inside the pans – making cleanup that much easier.

#5: Viking Professional Five-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set (10 Piece Set)

What’s In The Box?
8 inch frying pan
10 inch frying pan
2 quart sauce pan with lid
3 quart sauce pan with lid
8 quart stock pot with lid
3.4 quart sauté pan with lid

Pros & Cons

  • Cookware is thick and stable well-made
  • Stainless steel lids are a plus (they’re lightweight yet durable)
  • Sturdy heavy duty cookware that sits flat on any type of element
  • Cooks food perfectly and evenly – even on low heat
  • Surprisingly easy to clean most of the time with a soft sponge or cloth and hot water (if you do experience burned or stuck-on food you can either let it soak in water – apply a combination of vinegar and baking soda and it should come right off)
  • Made in America
  • May be the last set of pots and pans you ever need to buy in your lifetime
  • Handles are well designed and quality-built
  • Fitted covers are an ideal match to the pans
  • Oven safe up to 600° (this is higher than most cookware)
  • Fast heat transfer
  • Interior markings make cooking even easier
  • These stainless steel cooking surfaces cannot be beat
  • It’s not nonstick cookware
  • Even at low to moderate heat, pots and pans can become discolored easily and lids can lose their stainless steel sheen
  • Can take more time overall because of the added time required to properly clean after use

Viking professional five-ply cookware could essentially be considered commercial-grade quality that is designed for residential use. It features five-ply construction for maximum strength and heat transfer. It also retains heat exceptionally well. This means that it also reduces the use of energy and can therefore save you some money on your utilities bill.

If you want to enjoy a superior cooking experience – you’ve got to try this five-ply set, with both the inside and outside made of stainless steel. With the stainless steel exterior – it’s perfect for induction stove tops – as well as every other kind of stove too.

The three milled layers are made of aluminum. Aluminum alloy bonds to the middle core of pure aluminum on both sides. The interior is made of 18/10 high-grade stainless steel – perfect for cooking virtually any dish. It may be the ultimate combination of metals – a demonstration of engineering brilliance – used in quality cookware. In combination, these five layers work to provide a solid, stable pan with quick and even heat transfer.

This set comes finished in an elegant satin look, which would fit well in almost any kitchen.

You can safely use these in the oven up to 600°F. Although the manufacturer claims they are dishwasher-safe, we recommend always hand washing your pots and pans – particularly when you’ve invested a fair amount of your hard-earned money to acquire excellent cookware.

With less than 100 actual customers reporting, this Viking professional five- ply set currently rates a 4.6 star score (out of five stars).

What you’re getting here with the Viking professional line is three layers of aluminum alloy sandwiched between an inside and outside made of quality stainless steel. Of course you get the signature Viking stay cool handles that provide the ultimate in balance and comfort, as well as control.

One thing that’s a little bit different about this set is that the lids are made of stainless steel. Some prefer stainless as opposed to tempered glass because stainless steel is virtually indestructible. On the other hand, tempered glass can shatter. Helper handles (a clever addition) on the lids are designed to be easily gripped with a towel or oven mitt.

You can also use the 8 quart stock pot lid to fit over the 10 inch frying pan – so essentially the lids are interchangeable.

With The Right Tools – Anything Is Possible

Ask any accomplished chef and they’ll tell you that tools have a direct effect on results. Sure, the most competent pros can often whip up a delicious dish using less than the best cookware. But for the average home cook, having a set of quality pots and pans makes it easier to cook fabulous meals on a daily basis.

What Viking stainless steel cookware offers is a high standard of quality and performance. This is a brand favored by many by professional chefs and serious foodies alike. If you want to up your kitchen game, you’ll probably want to take a closer look at the best Viking cookware sets available today.

Quality Cookware Begins At The Design Stage

Vikings excellent quality starts with the design and engineering of their cookware. All their pots and pans features bonded metals to create superb strength, consistent and even heat conduction and distribution, as well as heat retention.

Similar to other popular brands like All Clad and Calphalon, Viking cookware has multiple lines of products. Some are made mostly in the USA – while the production of other models is outsourced to China.

Viking cookware is available in various finishes and made from a variety of materials. You can find this brand of pots and pans that are made from stainless steel, copper, and even high-performance nonstick finishes. This allows you to choose the Viking brand – whatever you are favored type of cooking happens to be.

Had Enough of Cheap Department Store Cookware?

Many people ultimately shop for a durable, well-made brand of cookware like Viking only after spending frustrating years using cheap discount store pots and pans. You know the type. They look okay when they’re brand new. But and seemingly acceptable first impressions rapidly change. Not only are those bargain-basement pans difficult to work with – they have a remarkably short lifespan. But when you choose Viking professional cookware – you’re choosing something that can last indefinitely.

Choosing The Right Set For You

But which package of pots and pans you settle on depends on several factors, including; your preferred type of materials, cooking needs, desired cookware functionality, personal preferences and budget. All of these can play a role to varying degrees. And it boils down to personal preference. Essentially, it’s a matter of choosing cookware that you feel will provide versatility, durability and delicious meals your family and friends will love.

Available Variations

Viking provides three-ply stainless steel cookware as well as professional, five-ply stainless pots and pans. These versions are made in the United States, whereas some of the other Viking lines are produced in China.

Vikings triple layer pots and pans are made from durable stainless steel on the inside and outside of each pan – with a middle layer of top-quality, hard anodized aluminum as the core. It’s the aluminum which facilitates the rapid and even heat transfer and distribution across the span of these pots and pans. It’s a design concept that’s been proven to work really well.

Five-Ply Construction Takes Cookware To Another Level

Viking’s five-ply cookware sets take the concept of the three-ply and make it even better. In this case, there are three separate layers of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between an inside and outside made of durable and beautiful stainless steel. With a single layer of aluminum, quick, evenly spread heating is notable. But with a triple layered aluminum core – it’s even better.

Another feature that sets the Viking brand apart from the competition is their handle design. It’s something that many people overlook when choosing new cookware. But the truth is how those handles feel as you grip them can make all the difference. Handles on Viking cookware are particularly well designed. They provide a solid and secure grip – without any slipping. And they are comfortable and well balanced too, giving you complete control of your pot or pan. If you like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing all types of delicious foods – from appetizers to main courses and desserts too – you’ll come to treasure the handles built into your Viking cookware.

The Verdict

In this Viking pots and pans review, we’ve covered what we consider to be the best sets available today. Shop around all you like. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better in its price range than one of these fine Viking stainless steel cookware sets. If you take pride in the meals you serve – any one of these bundles can significantly improve your cooking game – and make it even more fun to spend time in the kitchen.

It’s really a matter of personal choice. If you prefer to cook with nonstick cookware – the hard anodized non-stick set is an excellent option. And if your preference is stainless steel all the way – we recommend either the 3ply Contemporary cookware set – or the 5ply Stainless Steel set. Either way – you can’t go wrong.

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